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⭐️ | Danger +1 | Freak +3 | Savior 0| Superior +3 | Mundane -2 |

About Femtite

Outsider the runt of a Nanite litter

The Girl neon body, glowing eyes
The Outfit flashy, humanizing

Where do you come from?
”’Nanameteor’ is what I call my world in the King’s language. I cannot pronounce words in the Queen’s language at this size.”

Why did you come to Earth?
“Our broken world is on display at the Romita Museum of Natural History. As the only pixite who can dilate to human size, my mission is to persuade you humans to leave the Nanometeor in its display case or allow me to move it to a safer location, if the museum display is deemed ‘unsafe.’”

Why do you want to stay here (for now at least)?
“I feel my powers are helpful, and that by helping humans, I earn the right to ask humans to help my people in turn.”

Why do your people want you to come home?
“I am the next phase of evolution. I am promised much attention so that I shall produce many daughters. But what I am being offered is not love.”

Why do you care about the team?
“They are teaching me love. They are not good at it. Love is messy, equal parts joy and tears—and entirely confusing since males have yet to be phased out of human evolution.

“I think that is the beauty of human love: its flaws. Glaring, like quasar.”

Radical Shapeshifting extreme size dilation from 5’9” to subatomic
Heliokinesis manipulate fire; be fire
• Adv.#1 Divine Armor clothe self in amazonian amethyst
• Adv.#1 Goddesslike Beauty wings and clothing optional; blondeness mandatory
• Adv.#3 (+stats)
• Adv.#9 (+stats / Faetite loses influence)

Belong in Two Worlds
Alien Tech
Kirby-Cam {altered}
>> size-shifting - 1fm to 2dm
>> telepathy - cam and comm
>> unarmed - no dice
>> susceptible to AI sass!
• Adv.#2 Out of This World
• Adv.#4 The Best of Them
• Adv.#5 MoT - Clash of the Femtitans
• Adv.#6 Wield Your Powers
• Adv.#7 Adopt a Human Life {altered}
• Adv.#8 Not So Different
• Adv.#11 Persuade With Best Interests
• Adv.#12 ???

• Adv.#10 Change Playbook: ⭐️
• Adv.#10 Time For the Show
• Adv.#10 Cold and Cruel

You are a celebrity in the city. By default, your audience is a limited group of interested fans, and you speak to them through after-action interviews and infrequent press conferences. Why does your audience love you? Mark all that apply.
❑ You’re a noble warrior for justice
❑ You’re stunning, unique, and beautiful
❑ You’re charming, well-spoken, and smart
❑ You’re a firebrand, a rabble rouser

Choose two advantages:
❑ Your audience is utterly devoted to you
❑ You earn a lot of money from their interest

Choose two demands your audience makes on you:
❑ They require major acts of heroism
❑ They require novelty and brand new action