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hp 55/55 | AC 21/17/16 | Fort +4 Ref +8 Will +10 | Improved Evasion, Shadow Blend | CMD 19 | Initiative +5 | Per +15; Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision |



About Fellian

CE Tiny dragon (cold)
Init +5; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +15


AC 21, touch 17, flat-footed 16 (+5 Dex, +4 natural, +2 size)
hp 55 (3d12+3, half of masters. count as 11 HD)
Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +10
Defensive Abilities improved evasion; shadow blend; Immune cold, paralysis, and sleep
Weaknesses light sensitivity, vulnerable to fire


Speed 20 ft., fly 90 ft. (perfect)
Melee bite +14 (1d3–1), tail slap +9 (1d3–1)
Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft. (5 ft. with tail)
Special Attacks stygian breath


Str 9, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 16
Base Atk +7; CMB +10; CMD 19
Feats Flyby Attack, Shadow Dodge
Skills Acrobatics (3/9*) +16 (+12 when jumping), Climb (9*) +17, Disable Device (3) +8, Fly (3) +23, Heal (11*) +15, Intimidate (11*) +17, Knowledge (Arcana, Dungeoneering 6*) +9, Knowledge (Nature 3*) +6, Perception (3/11*) +15, Sleight of Hand (3) +8, Spellcraft (11*) +14, Stealth (3/11*) +27 Use Magic Device (11*) +17; Racial Modifiers –4 Acrobatics when jumping, * ranks from master
Languages Undercommon, Draconic
SQ speed surge, Alertness, improved evasion, share spells, empathic link, Deliver touch spells


Shadow Blend (Su)

In conditions of illumination other than bright light, a shadow drake disappears into the shadows, giving it concealment (20% miss chance). It can resume or suspend this ability as a free action.
Speed Surge (Ex)

Three times per day as a swift action, a shadow drake may draw on its draconic heritage for a boost of strength and speed to take an additional move action in that round.
Stygian Breath (Su)

As a standard action, a shadow drake can exhale a ball of black liquid that explodes into a cloud of frigid black mist. This attack has a range of 60 feet and deals 2d6 points of cold damage (Reflex DC 12 half) to all creatures within a 5-foot-radius spread. The mist snuffs out light sources in the area effect, extinguishing non-magical light sources and dispelling light spells of 1st level or lower. Once a shadow drake has used its stygian breath, it cannot do so again for 1d6 rounds. The save DC is Constitution-based.