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6 player game: no deaths.

Character Name: Feiya
Role Card: Sea Witch
Skill Feats: intelligence +4, wisdom +3 (extra from the loot ally)
Power Feats: handsize +2 (8), difficulty reduction 2 (also for barriers), Recharge animals for spells, recharge for 2D4 for fortitude checks, blessing of Hshurha recharges

Weapons: -
Spells (9): Animate Water, World Wave, Wall of Fire, Resist Energy, 2x Tsunami, Blazing Servent, Control Weather, Quickened Ray
Armors: -
Items (4): Wizards hook, pearl of magic, staff of the weather, ring of sea strider
Allies (4): baby triceratops, albatross, pteranodon, master of the gales
Blessings (4): Hshurha

Ship: the one that let you burn blessing decks for extra explores and the one that added 1D12 to combat.

Not sure why our whole group only had 21 card decks when everyone else is posting 23.