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HP 66 (-0) | AC 24 | F/R/W +12/+14/+11 | Perc +11 (Low-Light & Keen Eyes) |


Alchemist Fires: 4/6, Acid Flasks 2/3, Frost Vials 5/6, L. Elixirs of Life 2/2, Reagents 4/10 Remain


Active Conditions: NA | Exploration Mode: Search | LN Male Halfling (Tinker) Alchemist 6 | Halfling Luck 0/1 (day 2) | Hero Points 1/3| Speed 25 (bracelets?) |

About Farryn Sarjyre

Bot Instructions:

In combat: If not in range, move up and either Kazapp with Electric Arc (if 2 actions remain) or toss a Flask (Fire, Acid or Frost if 1 action remains). Bomber Research Field allows me to exclude all except the primary target if they would be hit by splash, so use if an ally would be splashed. Round two toss another bomb and then Kazapp again.

Most of those attacks are pre-formatted in the Offense section.

Out of Combat: Use relevant trained skills.

All rolls are pre-formatted in the Skills section. U = untrained, T = trained, E = expert and so on.

To Buy/Do: NA
Next Chronicle: #20, 34.32g currently, 61 XP.

Boons Slotted:

☐ - cut/paste to use for boon boxes

Envoy’s Alliance Champion (Faction)

Advanced Slot (1x) None

Ally Slot (1x) Expert Hireling: Athletics & Pathfinder Society Lore

All Others
☐ ☐ ☐ Big Game Hunter (General): Your struggles against the fearsome wildlife of Katapesh and the being manipulating the creatures has made you particularly good at dealing with dangerous animals. Whenever you roll a critical failure on a check to Track an animal, you can check a box next to this boon to get a failure instead.

☐ ☐ ☐ Sand Slide (--): As a Reaction
Trigger: You would fail (but don’t critically fail) a Reflex save to avoid a trap’s effects.
Effect: You Step and the Drop Prone in your new location. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your triggering Reflex save. If this would have been enough to resist the trap’s effects initially, you succeed at the save instead.

Doom Averted (General): In defeating a growing cult of Groetus in Cassomir, your spirit is filled with a renewed resistance against the same prophecies of doom that his priests shout from the rooftops. When your dying value is increased to exactly the amount that would kill you, this boon automatically activates. Check the box that precedes this boon and decrease your dying value by one.

☐ ☐ ☐ Team Player (Fortune): As a Reaction
Trigger: An ally fails a check on which you Aided.
Effect: The ally can reroll the check and use the better result.

Light in the Dark (Envoy’s Alliance, General): You sought out people with the potential to become assets and agents for the Pathfinder Society, despite the risks involved. While adventuring in Razmiran, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks to Request Assistance or Make and Impression. Inform your GM of the function of this boon at the beginning of the adventure.

Narsen’s Web (General): For good or ill, you have been swept up in the schemes of the masked priest Narsen. Whether the cunning cultist’s aims are for good or ill remains to be seen. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus to Perception checks to Sense Motive when dealing with anyone hiding their features behind a mask or disguise (including magical disguises and polymorph effects that change the person’s appearance to something unrecognizable).

☐ ☐ Amateur Genealogist (General): Your efforts assisting Venture-Captain Quaradi have given you some insights into family trees. Immediately after the venture-captain briefing in a scenario, you can check a box next to this boon to increase your proficiency in either Genealogy Lore or Heraldry Lore by 1 step until the end of the scenario: untrained becomes trained, trained becomes expert, and expert becomes master. You can’t increase your proficiency to legendary using this boon, and the effects of this boon aren’t cumulative with any other temporary proficiency increases to the associated skills.

Perception Calculation 11 = wis 3 + prof 8 + item 0 (trained)
Special Senses: Low-Light (I have an everburning torch if necessary)

AC Calculation +1 Leather Armor: 24 = 10 + dex 4 + prof 8 + item 2 (trained)
AC Calculation Padded Armor (sleeping): 22 = 10 + dex 4 (capped at 3) + prof 8 + item 1 (trained, comfort)

HP Calculation: 1) 16 = race 6 + class 8 + con 2; 2) 10 = class 8 + con 2; 3) 10 = class 8 + con 2; 4) 10 = class 8 + con 2; 5) 10 = class 8 + con 2, 6) 10 = class 8 + con 2

Fortitude Calculation: 12 = con 2 + prof 10 + item 0 (expert)
Reflex Calculation: 14 = dex 4 + prof 10 + item 0 (expert, boon?)
Will Calculation: 11 = wis 3 + prof 8 + item 0 (trained)

Melee Strikes
Unarmed +12 (dex, t) for 1d4 - 1 (bludgeoning, agile, finesse, non-lethal, unarmed)
[dice=Unarmed]1d20+12[/dice] for [dice=Bludgeoning NL]1d4-1[/dice]

Sickle +12 (dex, t) for 1d4 - 1 (slashing, agile, finesse, trip)
[dice=Sickle]1d20+12[/dice] for [dice=Slashing]1d4-1[/dice]

Gauntlet +7 (str, t) for 1d4 - 1 (Bludgeoning, Agile, Free Hand)
[dice=Gauntlet]1d20+7[/dice] for [dice=Bludgeoning]1d4-1[/dice]

Spiked Gauntlet +7 (str, t) for 1d4 - 1 (Piercing, Agile, Free Hand)
[dice=Spiked Gauntlet]1d20+7[/dice] for [dice=Piercing]1d4-1[/dice]

Ranged Strikes
+1 Striking Hand Crossbow +13 (dex, t) for 2d6 (Piercing, Range 60 ft)
[dice=+1 Hand Crossbow]1d20+13[/dice] for [dice=Piercing]2d6[/dice]

Alchemical Bombs 20 ft range, Attack 12 + 1 item bonus for all moderate bombs
[dice=Moderate Acid Flask]1d20+13[/dice] if hits does 5 Acid and adds 2d6 Persistent Acid. Miss does 4 Acid Splash. Fumble does nothing.[/i
[i][dice=Moderate Alchemist’s Fire]1d20+13[/dice] if hits does [dice]2d8+4[/dice] Fire and adds 2 Persistent Fire. Miss does 4 Fire Splash. Fumble does nothing.

[dice=Moderate Frost Vial]1d20+13[/dice] if hits does [dice]2d6+4[/dice] Cold and slows speed by 10 for 1 round. Miss does 4 Cold Splash. Fumble does nothing.
[dice=Moderate Tanglefoot Bomb]1d20+13[/dice] if hits enemy speed slowed by 15, DC 21 to Escape or 3 actions to remove. Miss or Fumble does nothing.

Cast Electric Arc on X for [dice]3d4+4[/dice] electricity, basic reflex DC 22

Recall Knowledge to ID enemy, [dice]d20[/dice] Arcana +12, Crafting +15, Nature +11, Occultism +13, Religion +11.

Cast Guidance on X, +1 to their next skill check, save, attack or perception roll.
Alchemist Class DC: 22 = 10 + key stat 4 + prof 8 + item 0 (trained)

Formula Book
Level 1 Formulas Known: Lesser Acid Flask, Lesser Alchemist’s Fire, Minor Elixir of Life, Lesser Bottled Lightning, Sunrod, Lesser Antidote, Lesser Anti Plague, Quicksilver Mutagen
Level 2 Formulas Known: Silversheen, Comprehension Elixir
Level 3 Formulas Known: Moderate Acid Flask, Moderate Alchemist’s Fire, Moderate Tanglefoot Bag (bought), Moderate Frost Vial (bought)
Level 4 Formulas Known: Moderate Darkvision Elixir, Lesser Bomber’s Eye Elixir, Lesser Salamander Elixir (bought), Lesser Winter Wolf Elixir (bought), Lesser Mistform Elixir (bought)
Level 5 Formulas Known: Lesser Sea Touch Elixir, Lesser Elixir of Life
Level 6 Formulas Known: Moderate Antidote, Moderate Anitplague

Quick Alchemy with Powerful Alchemy (free at lvl 5 per errata) to craft needed items on the fly!

Wizard Class DC: 22 = 10 + key stat 4 + prof 8 + item 0 (trained)

Spell Book
Level 1 Arcane Spells Known: Electric Arc (prepped), Detect Magic (prepped), Daze, Prestidigitation


[dice=Acrobatics (T) + Bracelets]1d20+12+1[/dice]
[dice=Arcana (T)]1d20+12[/dice]
[dice=Athletics (U)]1d20-1[/dice]
[dice=Athletics Hireling (E)]1d20+10[/dice]
[dice=Crafting (E) + Crafter’s Eyepiece]1d20+14+1[/dice]
[dice=Crafting Alchemy (E) + Specialty Crafting + Crafter’s Eyepiece]1d20+14+1+1[/dice]
[dice=Deception (U)]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Diplomacy (U)]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Intimidation (U)]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Lore - Engineering (T)]1d20+12[/dice] (Unmistakable Lore)
[dice=Lore - Halfling (T)]1d20+12[/dice] (From Ancestry Feat)
[dice=Lore - Legal (T)]1d20+12[/dice] (From Field Commision)
[dice=Medicine (T)]1d20+11[/dice] (assurance = 18, battle medicine = 2d8)
[dice=Nature (T)]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=Occultism (T) + Pendant]1d20+12+1[/dice]
[dice=Perception (T)]1d20+11[/dice] (+2 to Seek & Keen Eyes vs. Concealment)
[dice=Performance (U)]1d20[/dice]
[dice=Religion (T)]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=Society (T)]1d20+12[/dice]
[dice=Stealth (T)]1d20+12[/dice]
[dice=Survival (T)]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=Thievery (E)]1d20+14[/dice] (+1 to Disable Device or Pick Lock w/ Tools, +2 AC or Save vs. Trap when failing to Disarm)

Languages: Common, Halfling, Dwarven, Elven, Gnomish, Goblin

STR 8 (-1), DEX 18 (+4), CON 14 (+2), INT 19 (+4), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 10 (+0)

Heritage & Ancestry Abilities
Special: Low-Light
Heritage: Twilight Halfling
Ancestry Feats
1st: Halfling Luck
5th: Halfling Lore (Trained in Religion)

Background Tinker
1st: Specialty Crafting: Alchemy

Skill Feats
2nd: Courtly Graces
4th: Battle Medicine
5th: Unmistakable Lore: Engineering (Field Commision)
6th: Wary Disarmament

General Feats
3rd: Assurance (Medicine)

Class Feats and Abilities
1st: Alchemical Crafting (free) & Quick Bomber
2nd: Wizard Dedication
4th: Calculated Splash
6th: Directional Bombs

Combat Gear: +1 Leather Armor, Explorer’s Clothing, Padded Armor, Sickle, Spiked Gauntlet, Gauntlet, +1 Hand Crossbow w/ 10 bolts, 2 Caltrops, L. Antitoxin, L. Antiplague, 2x Silversheen, (Infused Reagent Items tracked in Header)
Items from Pathfinder Schools: Field Commission
Magic Items (3/10 Invested*): Everburning Torch, Crafter’s Eyepiece*, Bracelet of Dashing*, Pendant of the Occult*
Other Gear: Backpack storing Adventurer’s Kit & Alchemist’s Tools, Compass, Crowbar, Flint & Steel, Signal Whistle, Formula Book, Winter Clothing, Infiltrator Thieve’s Tools, Writing Set, Pup Tent, Grappling Hook (rope in adv. kit), Healer’s Tools in Bandolier, Lesser Comprehension Elixir, Spellbook, Holy Water
Left at Lodge: Alchemist’s Lab, Repair Kit, 10 crossbow bolts

Bulk: 2 + 19L = 1L < 4 total (Encumbered at: 4 = 5 - 1 str; Maximum at: 9 = 10 - 1 str)

Coins: 34.32g


Guide: # of scenario, name of scenario, Rep, XP, Fame, Gold Earned, Day Job

1-00 Origin of the Open Road: 4 GA, 4 xp, 4 fame, 14g, 6.4s dj
Quest #1 The Sandstone Secret: 1 GA, 1 xp 1 fame, 3.5g, 1.5s dj
1-03 Escaping the Grave: 1 GA, 2 EA, 4 xp, 4 fame, 14g, 24s dj
1-14 Lions of Katapesh: 4 EA, 4 xp, 4 fame, 14g, crafted + 5s dj
1-15 The Blooming Catastrophe: 4 EA, 1 VW, 4 xp, 4 fame, 22g, crafted
1-18 Lodge of the Living God: 4 EA, 4 xp, 4 fame, 22g, crafted
Quest #10 The Broken Scales: 1 EA, 1 xp, 1 fame, 5.5g, crafted
1-22 Doom of Cassomir: 4 EA, 4 xp, 4 fame, 22g, crafted
Quest #11 A Parchment Tree: 1 EA, 1 xp, 1 fame, 9.5g, crafted
1-23 Star-Crossed Court: 0 REP, 4 xp, 0 fame, 38g, 24s dj
Quest #12 Putrid Seeds: 1 EA, 1 xp, 1 fame, 10g, 6s dj
Quest #13 Falcon’s Descent: 1 EA, 1 xp, 1 fame, 9.5g, 6s dj
2-01 Citadel of Corruption: 4 EA, 4xp, 38g, 2.4g dj
2-02 Mountain of Sea and Sky: 6 EA, 4 xp, 57.6g, 6g dj
2-03 Catastrophe’s Spark: 2 EA, 2 VS, 4 xp, 64g, 2.4g dj
2-04 Path of Kings: 4 EA, 2 VS, 4 xp, 51.2g, 6g dj
2-06 The Crashing Wave: 4 EA, 4 xp, 64g, 3.6g dj
2.00 King in Thorns: 4 EA, 4xp, 100g, 6g dj
One-Shot: Sundered Waves: 4 EA 4xp, 100g, 0dj

Ethnicity: Taldan
Nationality: Taldan
Birthplace: Taldan
Age: Never ask a noble his age
Gender & Pronouns: Male & Him, His, He
Height: A low number
Weight: Not much
Physical Appearance: Bouncy wavy curly brown hair
Ancestry Halfling
Background Tinker
Size Small
Traits Humanoid Halfling
Alignment NG (believes he should be in charge because he will be able to make the best decisions for everyone because he is smarter than everyone else)
Deity Whatever suits him best at the moment

PFS Information:

PFS Number: 123584-2003
Experience: 61 (level 6)
Fame: 4
Gold: See Equipment Section

Major Factions 20 = liked, 60 = admired, 120 revered)
Envoy’s Alliance: 44 (liked)
Grand Archive: 9
Horizon Hunters: 2
Vigilant Seal: 2
Minor Factions
Radiant Oath: 0
Verdant Wheel: 1
Total Faction Reputation 58 (liked)

Purchased Boons/Other
Boon #1 (0* Fame) Grand Archive Champion (Faction) *the Champion boon for your first faction is free
Boon #2 (4 Fame) Envoy’s Alliance Champion (Faction): This faction boon represents your developing initial contacts with the Envoys’ Alliance faction, allowing you to gain Reputation with the faction. While you have this boon slotted, you gain Reputation with the faction after a successfully completed adventure, as detailed in its Primary and Secondary Objectives.
Boon #3 (4 Fame) HIreling: Athletics (Ally) (all fame purchases bought 11/2/20)
Boon #4 (4 Fame) HIreling: Deception (Ally)
Boon #5 (4 Fame) HIreling: Diplomacy (Ally)
Boon #6 (4 Fame) HIreling: Intimidate (Ally)
Boon #7 (4 Fame) HIreling: Performance (Ally)
Boon #8 (Free) Expert HIreling: Athletics (Ally)