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"At least we won't be enemies. As for the Nightslink we can talk if that happens." He looks around the gundeck and then the hold. [b]"I'll have the coin sent to the Baron within an hour.

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:

Reread Baldwin's post, thought I was waiting. Sorry.

Sorrin meets the man on the upper deck. When they're alone... Was there something you wished to discuss in private, Captain Drango?

I am not one to kick a man when he's down... Take her, she's yours. Give me your word that... You know what? Let's not go through that, either. Just take her, 1 silver so it's official.

Sorrin looks concerned, a man about to take a big gamble.

I'm going to get a lot of grief... So, put her to good use, Captain Falken Drango. The Dawnflower watch over you, wherever you may roam. He offers his arm, for a warrior's embrace.

He chuckles. "I've gold. A good Capt keeps coin in most ports or at the very least, arrange to access his funds from any notable money mongers." He embraces the his counterparts arm. "Let's not nickle and dime...she's a good ship." He runs his hands over the wood feeling her beneath his tips. "I'll give you 11,500, if you don't mind me picking up some of those extra crew you came in with. Those that didn't want to join up with you, or get their passage on your ship."

I want you all to get some capital to pay your crew. It also takes the load off you feeling responsible for all those extra souls you've picked up.{/ooc]

[ooc]The gundeck was the deck where the 6 ballista are located. Where Norb and his crew held out before moving further below deck.

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:

Sorrin nods at the disassembled ballista comment. That... crud's not an accident, it's reserve in case we run out of food. Cookie can do wonders.

Your're free to move about the ship as you wish. You're our guest! Sorrin smiles genuinely.

Though we've not been formally introduced, it's a pleasure meeting a man of your renown.

Sorrin ibn Sabbah of Port Shaw, by way of Qadira.

He actually laughs loudly at Sorrin's comment about the barnacles. "I've eaten worse."

"Well Captain Sorrin ibn Sabbah, I'm Captain Falken Drango. I hail from the sea and call no port my true home, but my feet have been at Sharkjaw for a few days now, so that will do." It gets real quite on the ship when he introduces himself. You would have heard some vague rumors about him, but the crew out any port along Razor Coast know his reputation.

"So, I was told you just came to own her in fair battle and valiant act of bravery and best of all she is for sale. Luck shall have it I'm in need for ship. This one will do fine." He climbs the mast and looks over the rigging for about 20 minutes. When he comes down. "Astrianna Sparacello mentioned you were the person to strike the price with...lets walk the gun deck and hold and discuss this matter."

Falken quickly scurries up the ladder, like a rat running a line. He sheaths his dagger and his barnacle scrapper. "Aye Captain, your ship only has some minor damage below the water line but her haul is covered with this crud." He opens the mess bag and pulls out some barnacles. "That's slowing her down, she should be tipped and cleaned." his piercing eyes taking in and cataloging the layout. "Is that were the fire hit? See you've disassemble the ballista and mount." He nods "You mind if have a look from the nest?"

Most of the crew is awestruck and stands with gaping mouth.

Meanwhile, Capt Drango reemerges a few times at various points around the ship. He has a bit of barnacle and other gunk hanging form a mess sea bag. He swims to the boarding ladder. 'Permission to come aboard, Capt?"

"Six working ballista? It looks like it took some fire damage on the foredeck but I don't see and damage to the riggings, sails or mast." He runs his hands over the wooden prow as the jolly gets near. "Rammed you, did he."It was more of statement than question. He pulls a dagger from his belt and grips it in his teeth then suddenly dives into the water, he disappears below the water line you can follow his hands as he examines the ship below the waterline.

He wouldn't mind if you shared!

"She had all her sails when she came in this morning, does she still? How about ballista, rowboats?" As the group in the jolly near the Baron, his eyes move to that ship and he smirks. The docks are buzzing as the group walks by, the harbormaster glares at everyone but Capt. Falken.

Remember she had an extra rigging's worth of sail.

"So you've a price in mind?" Not bad, some damage to the prow, 7500 gold maybe more, getting a crew shouldn't be an issue.

The Captain nods to Astri's offer to come and see the Rabid Weasel, "Once I acquire a proper ship, and crew, I have some investigation to do. I need confirmation that those at the lighthouse outside Port Shaw are my former crew. I need to see if I can help them recover. Hence my meeting with our mutual friend here." He means the half-elf. "I'll help you if I can, unless you're working with the dragoons."

He looks up to Ptahh speaking directly to him for the first time. "If a hit was put on you, check with the Old Fish, it would have passed through him or he'd know about it. B'ware he's deadlier me. He also purveys interesting goods, if you get my meaning. 'Tricks of the Trade' should get you in." He starts to laugh, "Don't get Old Fish and Old Craw confused at least for Old Craw's sake, Old Craw missin' a few limbs but can be helpful with news if you listen to his tales."

He stands up. "So lets look at a ship." Wide berth is given to Capt Drango when he moves through the crowd.

"As far as how I ended up here...I sailed of course." He gives a roguish grin.

I was sort of rushed at the end of my post and didn't get everything in so add what follows.

"So, I acquired sloop and made my way back to the Nightslink but I had a damn dragoon frigate on me arse. But my crew seasoned and that frigate would be no match for my crew, if I lead the frigate in proper. But when I got there the Nightslink's decks were washed in blood but the cargo holds were full. That caught me as strange...seasoned crew that could defeat most, gone. But leave the goods...makes no sense."

He fills his tankard again and drinks it back in one long gulp. "Now word reaches me that there's a group of thugs running around calling themselves the Nightslinks. Putting two and two together and I started to think they were attacked by this chosen one of Dajobas and maybe they have that fel lycanthrope affliction." He drinks more wine. "My sources tell me they form a company called the '5th column' but they somehow retained some independence." He makes sure they are following his story. "Now, my former crew are stockpiling goods near another lighthouse...the one that's near Port Shaw."

Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

She chuckles at the flattery, and gladly accepts it. "Yes, we purchased the ship from Boneduece. We've done some work for him, but we have no loyalty to the Dragoons. I've heard some particularly unfortunate things about the man, but I can't deny he's probably my only equal in fiddling here in the Razor."

She waves a hand over her glass, using Prestidigitation to cool the wine. "As for the Baron, it's a fine vessel. We've got some work planned for it. Flynn the Mouse, the fool that attacked us outside of Port as you heard, was put down by us and our crew. He deserved it, the dog, put a hit on Ptahh here back in Shaw that got one of our crew killed. Captain Dre was breathing down our necks the entire battle, ready to pick our freshly won carcass of the Weasel from our weary grasp. Our Captain, Donovan Montogmery- yes, that one, he's...

"I don't trust Boneduece or the dragoons, working for the man can be hazardous to your health. If you ever out fiddle the bastard you'll wind up floating in the sewers or rotting in a cell." He sneers, then spits on the floor.

"You interested in selling that extra ship you've got? Your run-in this morning could prove helpful. Ol' shakes is fine Capt, till his nerve breaks. Sell the ship for a fair price and earn a favor. Those who know me, know I don't forget the rare favor that I do."

He eyes a few people in the pub, they each turn form his steely gaze quickly. "I'm dangerous and I'm a pirate, but I kill when given no choice. I can't steal from you twice if I've killed you." He makes sure that has sunk in. "I did not kill my crew. My troubles began over a month ago when a damnable witch-breath fog rose-up, and an evil wind carried my ship NIghtslink into a reef down the coast from Port Shaw. I left my crew to defend the ship's full hold, then I took a longboat to Port Shaw. I figured I could get some help there or worst case scenario steal vessel and return to the Nightslink to rescue the crew. When I got back they were gone but the cargo remained."

Falken shrugs when Alyi'ensi looks towards him. "Tell 'em I don't care. It's their necks if they go."

He tops off Bri's tankard. "To memorable ports." His pays Bri and Astri equal attention. My day is looking better.

Spoiler alert: If you want to read a little history on how Astri and Bri know Drango.:

I figured this was good spot to connect Falken Drango back into the storyline. Astri and Bri met him once before when they first docked at Port Shaw. He is the most famous pirate captain on the seas and he had a dazzling display he escaped. It was humorous several party members helped while others tried to prevent the escape.

I;ll let Bri and Astri fill you in on some of the rumors that surround him.

Taking the lead for the free wine, the other man reaches out and pours the wine for everyone. With his other hand he motions to you sit down and join them. "Ah, yes, that little escapade was an adventure." He raises his tankard to toast his good fortune. "Belon and Quell choose not to claim me that day."

"So the The Baron of the tides is under new ownership." he nods approvingly, "I must say you're prettier lot than last owner Baron Desmond Shade, although it's a damn shame how quick the prick Boneduece executed him while still at sea." there is obviously no good feelings between Drango and Boneduece. "Tell me is it true what I've heard today that you were in a scuffle outside the harbor with both Capt Dre and some other fool?" This clearly has his interest. "You need to be careful with engagements so close to a cargo pit....that'll get you banned."

perception: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (9) + 21 = 30

As Falken dart to his left well out of the way of Darius' glaive he snatches a small leather coin purse from Dirk's hand right before he dives into the water.

Darious clearly gets several merchants, sailors, dock workers, and others attention with his dazzling display of his polearm, but the pirate simply scoffs and dashes towards the water. He did not look affected by your dance Darius. He's quite high level. Just before he dives he takes on long intense look at Darius. There is splash in the water.

The book gives a new feat: Dreadful Gaze but I can't find in in the book or pdf. It states to look in the appendix but that's sort of hodge-podge since they have four of them piecemeal information together.

The lively music abruptly stops when a contingent of Dragoons hustles down the gangplank and clears a path through the curious onlookers. Astri is bit closer then the others due to her proximity to the fiddler and his crowd.

A Dragoon escorts a tall wiry man, his hair in long black braids adorned with gold and silver bands. The prisoner sports an unkempt beard crusted with blood, most likely from the numerous cuts about his face. Though badly beaten, his eyes retain a sharpness and fierce intensity. Another Dragoon appears behind him, prodding the prisoner with the shaft of his short spear. The man flashes his captor a feral grin, earning himself a sharp jab from the spear’s haft to his teeth. The captive stumbles and spits a mouthful of blood out onto the crowd below, which withdraws with yelps, as if the man rained acid upon them. Heavy iron manacles clapped about his wrists jangle with every step he takes down the gangplank.

Falken Drango

A lieutenant greets the Dragoons as they descend to the docks, and they salute sharply. “At ease.” The lieutenant regards the prisoner coldly, “Well, the infamous Falken Drango. Now we can add the murder of your own crew to your ample list of crimes. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” The lieutenant obviously enjoys the eyes of the crowd on him as he confronts Falken Drango.

“Just one thing you ought to know, ye lordship… these manacles are a bit loose.” The pirate’s manacles clatter to the deck at the dumbfounded Dragoons’ feet, and the pirate’s fist cannons into the lieutenant’s head. The officer drops like stone in water and the pirate bolts through the crowd and towards your group.

they could use some more pirate avatars.