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Spell focus is not a metamagic feat. This feat doesn't double metamagic values, it doubles the static effects that other feats apply to your spells.

Spell focus for example gives +1 bonus to a given spell school. The effect is set (static), it's not a metamagic feat, you can never cast from this school without it, thus it's effect is doubled.

You choose if or if not to apply a metamagic feat to something, so it wouldn't be considered a set numerical bonus, because it's not set.

The feat only says it effects feats, so Eldritch Heritage, traits and such shouldn't apply.

You do however still get the free metamagic feat.

As a side note, It's impossible to double quicken anything, since you can only make one swift action per round.

There are some fun tricks with this feat however.

Greater Spell focus can be combined with Greater Elemental Focus for a total of +8 to the spell DC. You can even use "Elemental Spell" as your free metamagic feat and make your Finger of Death super evil.

This feat, alongside, Spell Specialization, Varisian Tattoo, and Bloatmage Initiate can raise your caster level in necromancy to +8. Then with the spells Deathwine, Death knell, and the Drug Aether you can actually have a caster level of at least +13!

The polymorph subschool seems to remove extraordinary abilities of previous form. So in a way, Feces changed might no longer function as feces.

Furthermore, if inanimate objects are capable of disguise checks, and this rule applies to them, would it still be biologically absorbed as jerky if the check worked? We're stepping on the toes of the illusion school here when it comes to trying to balance this, just how far are we willing to go?

As for another fun trick, Change a massive boulder into a pebble, place in a room smaller then its initial form, when your enemies enter, dispel it.

The spell functions just fine and is actually pretty weak when it concerns living things. The delighful questions arise only when it comes to inanimate objects.

Old question, but an important one.

This spell is very powerful, it always has been, and even with the nerfs to polymorph, it still is. Clever players can do things with it that have very serious effects on the game.

In our games it's mostly decided that Animals mean anything that's alive, has and has hit-dice, usually including plant creatures, Undead, and constructs. Plants are all forms of living matter that lack hit-dice. Minerals are all non-living things, including dead things that were living.

It may be worth placeing plant creatures into the plant bracket. Or even createing a new bracket for undead and constructs.

Reguarding multiple polymorph effects on one target: The rules clearly state the target then chooses which one effects himself. This shows us that polymorphed objects are still target legal, the question is if the function as what they were, or what they are now.

The rules about polymorph also seem to assume players are working with living thinking things. What does a pebble choose when effected by multiple polymorph effects?

Fun with this spell!

Turn a dead human into a live one. It's not the same person, but is it still target legal for raise dead, or create undead? If so, would you have two people in the same body?

Dragons who polymorph into humans can mate and produce half dragons, can you create your own absurd half breeds with this spell?

Spells with durations longer than instantaneous last forever on the astral plane. Bring a few pebbles and you can play God. There are other worse tricks on this plane, but that's another story.

The spell can clearly imbue heat where there is none, such as pebble to person. Can I turn the ground under my enemies into lava?

If I polymorph human feces into beef jerky and feed it to a human subject over a prolonged period of time, the atomic structure of the jerky should eventually be absorbed as nutrients and come to compose the persons physical structure at least partially. In theory I could then cast dispel magic and turn the subject directly into feces, no save.