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15 posts. Organized Play character for SanityAWOL.


HP 53/53 | AC 20 | F +10 R +12 W +11 | Perc +9 | Stealth +10 |


speed 25ft | focus 1/1 |Hero Points 1/3 | Active Conditions: ---

About Ezren, Wizard of the open road.


Memorized Spells

Cantrips: acid splash, detect magic, electric arc, light, mage hand, ray of frost, read aura, shield, telekinetic projectile
Level 1: burning hands, magic missile, true strike
Level 2: acid arrow, dispel magic, mirror image
Level 3: fireball, haste

Arcane Bond: [ ] [ ] [ ] Your staff also serves as your arcane bond, which you can drain once per day per spell level as a free action at the start of your turn. During your turn, you gain the ability to cast one spell you prepared today and already cast, without spending a spell slot. You must still Cast the Spell and meet the spell’s other requirements.

Note: Ezren’s spellbook also contains color spray, glitterdust, grease,mage armor, message, ray of frost, shocking grasp, and study aura.