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Wizard (Universalist) 12 / Cataclysm Mage 1


HPs: 96 / 96, APs: 11/8 Effects:


Detect Scrying, Mage Armor

About Ezreal Farlowe

Mage Armor: 11 hours

Ezreal Farlowe
Male human
LN Wizard (universalist) 11, xp: yep.

Action points 11

Init +3; Senses Perception + (+2 when Kadesh is near)
Languages Common, Elven, Giant, Draconic, Mabran, Infernal, Quori
HEADBAND LANGUAGES: Abyssal, Kythric, Celestial, Syranian, Aquan, Auran, Terran, Ignan, Daelkyr, Daan, Risian, Sylvan

AC 19 (23), touch 15, flat footed 15

Dex +4
Armor +4 (mage armor)
Deflection +1 Ring
Dodge +0
Shield 4
Cover 0
Size 0

Ability Damage:
Fort +10 (+4 Base, +3 Con, +3 cloak), Ref +11 (+4 Base, +4 Dex, +3 cloak), Will +12 (+9 Base, +3 cloak)

Spd 30 ft
Melee dagger +6/+1 (1d4, 19-20/x2)
Ranged dagger +10, (1d4, 19-20/x2) Rng 10 ft, or lt crossbow +10 (1d8 19-20/x2) Rng 80 ft, or wand +10 20/x2, or Storm Bolt 20' line (6d6)
Base Atk +6/+1; CMB +6; CMD: 21
Atk Options point blank shot, precise shot, hand of the apprentice
Spells Prepared CL 11 (12 with Electricity), +10 ranged touch

4+0, 4+2, 4+2, 4+2, 4+2 ,3+1, 2+1, 1+1
7th - Greater Teleport [ ], Greater Teleport [ ]
6th - Chain Lightning [ ], Summon Monster VI [ ], [ ]
5th - Wall of Force [ ], Secret Chest [ ], Mage's Private Sanctum [ ], Overland Flight [ ]
4th - Black Tentacles [ ], Empowered Scorching Ray [ ], Dimension Door [ ], Scrying [x] Greater Invisibility [ ], Detect Scrying [x]
3rd - Fly [ ], Fireball [ ], [ ], Dispel Magic [ ], Magic Circle Against Evil [ ], Arcane Sight [ ]
2nd - See Invisible [ ], Glitterdust [ ], Mirror Image [ ], Scorching Ray [ ], [ ], Repair Moderate Damage [ ], Pearl of Power [ ]
1st - Mage Armor [x], Magic Missile [ ], [ ], [ ], Shield [ ], Unseen Servant [ ]
0 - Detect Magic, Light, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Ghost Sound

All Spells in Various Books:
Spelltrapped: Bonefiddle CL 5, DC 16

0 -
Resistance V,S,M (miniature cloak)
Acid Splash V,S
Detect Poison V,S
Detect Magic V,S
Read Magic V,S,F (crystal prism)
Daze V,S,M (pinch of wool of similar)
Dancing Lights V,S
Flare V
Light V,M (firefly. or phosphorescent moss)
Ray of Frost V,S
Ghost Sound V,S,M (bit of wool, lump of wax)
Disrupt Undead V,S
Tough of Fatigue V,S,M (drop of sweat)
Mage Hand V,S
Mending V,S
Message V,S,F (copper wire)
Open/Close V,S,F (brass key)
Arcane Mark V,S
Prestidigation V,S

1st -
Repair Light Damage V,S
Mage Armor V,S,F (Focus: Cured leather bracelet)
Magic Missile V,S
Lesser Orb of Electricity V,S
Summon Undead I
Color Spray V,S,M (Red, Yellow, Blue Sand)
Ray of Enfeeblement V,S
Identify V,S,M (100 gp pearl dust, Owl Feather, Wine)
Greater Mage Hand V, S
Shield V,S
Unseen Servant

2nd -
Command Undead V,S,M (Shred of raw meat and splinter of bone)
Bonefiddle V,S,F(miniature silver fiddle worth 30gp)
Glitterdust V,S,M(ground mica)
False Life
See Invisible
Mirror Image
Repair Moderate Damage
Scorching Ray V,S
Invisibility V,S,M (eyelash in arabic gum)
Web V,S,M (bit of spider web)
Locate Object V,S,F (forked twig)
Chain of Eyes V,S
Resist Energy
Blood Transcription

Fireball V,S,M (Tiny ball of bat guano & sulfur)
Dispel Magic V,S
Fly V,S,F (bird feather)
Keen Edge
Lesser Telepathic Bond V,S
Ray of Exhaustion V,S,M (drop of sweat)
Halt Undead V,S,M (pinch of Sulfur and powdered garlic)
Protection from Energy V,S
Magic Circle Against Evil V,S,M (circle of powdered silver)
Arcane Sight

Black Tentacles V,S,M (piece of giant tentacle)
Dimension Door V
Scrying V,S,M,F (eye of a hawk, plus nitric acid, copper, and zinc)
Detect Scrying
Animate Dead V,S,M (onyx gem worth 25 gp/HD)
Enervation V,S
Dimensional Anchor V,S
Water Breathing
Greater Invisibility
Arcane Eye

Magic Jar
Wall of Force
Dismissal V,S
Suffocation V,S,M (vial of caster's breath)
Overland Flight
Mage's Sanctum
Secret Chest

Chain Lightning
Summon Monster VI
True Seeing

Greater Teleport

Specific Spell Books:
Rekkenmark Academy Manual: 100 pages filled


0 level (19 pages)
Resistance, Acid Splash, Detect Poison, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Daze, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ray of Frost, Ghost Sound, Disrupt Undead, Touch of Fatigue, Mage Hand Mending, Message, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Prestidigation

1st Level (11 Pages)
Repair Light Damage, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Lesser Orb of Electricity, Summon Undead I, Color Spray, Ray of Enfeeblement, Identify, Greater Mage Hand, Shield, Unseen Servant

2nd Level (26 pages)
Command Undead, Bonefiddle, Glitterdust, False Life, See Invisible, Mirror Image, Repair Moderate Damage, Scorching Ray, Invisibility, Web, Locate Object, Chain of Eyes, Resist Energy

3rd Level (36)
Fireball, Dispel Magic, Fly, Haste, Keen Edge, Lesser Telepathic Bond, Ray of Exhaustion, Halt Undead,
Protection from Energy, Magic Circle Against Evil, Arcane Sight, Displacement

4th Level (8)
Black Tentacles, Dimension Door

Farlowe's Field Manual: 88 pages filled


2nd Level (2 pages)
Blood Transcription

4th Level (32 pages)
Scrying, Detect Scrying, Animate Dead, Enervation, Dimensional Anchor, Water Breathing, Greater Invisibility, Arcane Eye

5th Level (30 pages)
Magic Jar, Wall of Force, Dismissal, Suffocation, Teleport, Overland Flight

6th Level (24 pages)
Chain Lightning, Summon Monster VI, Contingency, True Seeing

Acquired Warforged Spellbook:


0th: all standard except Evocation and Necromancy
1st: Shield, Detect Undead, Sureshot, Magic Missile, Identify, Sleep, Comprehend Languages, Alarm
2nd: See Invisibility, Web, Invisibility, Locate Object, Detect Thoughts
3rd: Arcane Sight, Haste, Dispel Magic, Displacement, Suggestion
4th: Arcane Eye, Black Tentacles, Lesser Globe of Invulnerability, Confusion, Dimension Door
5th: Telepathic Bond, Feeblemind, Break Enchantment

AbilitiesStr 10, Dex 16(18), Con 14(16), Int 20(26), Wis 10, Cha 10
SQ Kadesh

Hand of the Apprentice (Su): Ranged attack with a melee weapon, 11/day +14 to hit, 30' range

Metamagic Mastery (Su): 3/day apply metamagic instantly at no cost. Cannot exceed max spell level. [x],[ ],[ ]

Dhakaani Secret (Ex):


By studying the ways of Dhakanni metalsmiths, you are able to add any of the following weapon, armor or shield special qualities without any increase in crafting time. You are also assumed to know the prerequisite spells for determining the Spellcraft DC, even if you do not. The price of the item creation remains the same.

Armor Special Qualities: Defiant (aberration), Grinding, Impervious, Light Fortification or Shadow
Shield Special Qualities: Arrow Catching, Bashing, Blinding, Defiant (aberration), Grinding or Impervious
Weapon Special Qualities: Bane (aberration), Cruel, Furious, Keen, Mighty Cleaving, Ominous, Thundering or Vicious

Feats Scribe scroll (class), Point Blank Shot (L1), Precise Shot (Racial), Fell Weaken (L3), Alertness (familiar), Elemental Spell (electricity) (class L5), Storm Bolt (L5), Spell Focus: Necromancy (L7), Empower Spell (L9), Spell Penetration (class L10), Greater Spell Penetration (L11), Craft Magic Arms and Armor (L13)


Appraise +22 (8r +3 class +8 int +3 kadesh)
Fly +15 (9r +3 class +3 dex)
Kn Arcana +24 (13r +3 class +8 int)
Kn History +22 (11r +3 class +8 int)
Kn Local (Karrnath) +21 (10r +3 class +8 int)
Kn Local (Breland) +14 (3r + 3 class +8 int)
Kn Local (Thrane) +12 (1r + 3 class + 8 int)
Kn Nobility +22 (11r +3 class +8 int)
Kn Planes +24 (13r +3 class +8 int)
Kn Religion +17 (6r +3 class +8 int)
Perception +10 (10r +0 class, +0 wis)
Spellcraft +22 (11r +3 class +8 int)
Linguistics +13 (2r +3 class +8 int)
HEADBAND: Acrobatics +17 (13r, +0 class, +4 dex)
HEADBAND: Kn Local Sharn +24 (13r +3 class +8 int)
HEADBAND: Linguistics +24 (13r +3 class +8 int)

Equipment Carried: Explorer's Outfit, Club, Dagger, Backpack, Spell Component Pouch, Id Papers with Portrait, Traveling Papers, Light Crossbow, 19 Bolts, Bedroll, Waterskin

Head: Headband of Vast Intelligence +6
Throat: Eberron Spellshard (Empower a Fireball 3/day) faint red glow
Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +3
Rings: Ring of Protection +1, Ring of Feather Falling
Waist: Belt of Physical Might (+2 Dex, +2 Con)

Inside Backpack: Parchment (10), Ink Pen, Spell Book, Scroll Case, Climbing Kit, Scrying Shard, Eberron Spellshard - Empower a Lightning bolt 3/day (amulet slot) faint red glow
Analects of Mortality (primary text for the faith of the keeper), The Seven Stations: A Dialogue (text on theology in the Keeper's religion)

Eye Ointment (True Seeing): 2
100 gp Gems (Scrying): 3
25 gp Onyx Gems (Animate Undead): 3
100 gp of Pearl Dust (Identify): 3

Infinite Scrollcase: (retrieve as part of a move, +4 conc when casting defensively)

- See Invisible, Mirror Image x2, Arcane Sight, Repair Light Damage

- Bonefiddle (CL 3)
- Fleshworm Infestation
- Boneshatter
- Horrid Wilting (CL 15, DC 22)
- Phantasmal Killer

- Protection fr Evil (CL 1)
- Dispel Magic (CL 4)
- Magic Circle against Evil
- Globe of Invulnerability
- Ethereal Jaunt
- Displacement (CL 10)

- Glitterdust x1 (CL 3)
- Locate Object (CL 3)
- Spectral Hand
- Darkvision
- Scroll of Dispel Magic CL10

CLW x1
CSW x1

Lesser Orb of Electricity: 26
Dispel Magic: 10

2nd Level Pearl of Power

Total Weight: 25.5lb Money: 48 gp, 1sp, 4 cp

Load--- Light 0-33, Med 34-66, Hvy 67-100, Lift 100, Push 500

Ezreal is a thin man in loose fitting black pants tucked into knee-high polished leather boots and a black jacket with wide sleeves trimmed in white. His expression is a bit sour, eyes cold and observant, thin lips smirking more often than not. Marks of his arcane training are present in all of his accessories like the wide leather bracelet on one arm, copper wire bracelet on the other, a crystal prism necklace with short pieces of bone on either side, and of course the bandoleer of small pouches holding various arcane reagents. The mage wears a wand holster bound to his left forearm and the butt of two thin wands jut out of the loose sleeve at the heel of his hand. A polished town-guard-style club hangs from his belt.

-Previously minor nobility in Karrnath, the Farlowe were stripped of title and estate by the King in the early days of the war when it was found the Ezreal's great-grandfather was a war profiteer, selling goods to enemy countries.
-Ezreal and his two brothers all work to restore the Farlowes' land and title. His younger sister will eventually be married as advantageously as can be arranged.
-Ezreal's hatred of Gusto Marrius is compounded by self-loathing for his family's own traitorous history and the idea that capturing the unpunished turncoat will outweigh his own family disgrace.
-Ez is wary about Malakar's ultimate goals in pursuing lost secrets of the Giant empire, but Malakar is a powerful ally who's word and commendations could go far towards restoring the Farlowes' claim to their title.

Gear Tally


Money: 2083 gp, 9sp

390 Wand: Lesser Orb of Electricity: 26
120 Wand: Repair Light Damage: 8
150 Wand: Dispel Magic: 10
50 Potion: CLW
75 - Magic Missle (CL 3)
150 - Bonefiddle (CL 3)
25 - Protection fr Evil (CL 1)
375 - Dispel Magic (CL 5)
375 - Protection from Energy
375 - Magic Circle against Evil
3,300 - Globe of Invulnerability x2
150 - Discern Shapechanger (CL 3)
150 - Glitterdust x1 (CL 3)
25 - Greater Mage Hand (CL 1)
150 - Locate Object (CL 3)
25 - Repair Light Damage (CL 1)
300 - 1 Repair Moderate Damage (CL 6)
2,800 Infinite Scrollcase
4.000 Bracers of Armor +2
2,000 Ring of Protection +1
6,000 Eberron Spellshard Empower Lightning Bolt
6,000 Eberron Spellshard Empower Fireball
1,100 Scrying Shard
1,000 Cloak of Resistance +1
4,000 Headband of Vast Intelligence +2
N/A Explorer's Outfit
N/A Club
2 Dagger
2 Backpack
5 Spell Component Pouch
5 Id Papers with Portrait
0.2 Traveling Papers
35 Light Crossbow
1.9 Bolts 19
0.1 Bedroll
1 Waterskin
2 Parchment (10)
0.1 Ink Pen
30 Spell Book x2
1 Scroll Case
Climbing Kit
Total Gear only: 46,430.30
Total with coin: 48,514.20

Warforged Spellbook: 11,120
5th level 4125
4th level 3440
3rd level 2325
2nd level 950
1st level 280

Necromancer's Apprentice Spellbooks ×2
0th All; 1st Cause Fear*, Chill Touch*, Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Identify, Mage Armour, Ray of Enfeeblement*, Shocking Grasp, Vanish; 2nd Blindness/Deafness*, Darkvision, Fox's Cunning, Invisibility, Marionette Possession*, Resist Energy, Spectral Hand*, Web; 3rd Excrutiating Deformation, Haste, Lightning Bolt, Ray of Exhaustion*, Summon Monster III, Vampiric Touch*

Necromancer Lecturer's Spellbook: 0th All; 1st Alarm, Cause Fear*, Chill Touch*, Detect Undead, Endure Elements, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Grease, Identify, Mage Armour, Magic Missile, Protection From Good,Ray of Enfeeblement*, Shield; 2nd Arcane Lock, Blindness/Deafness*, Command Undead*, Darkvision, False Life*, Fox's Cunning, Ghoul Touch*, Glitterdust, Scare*, Scorching Ray, See Invisibility, Spectral Hand*; 3rd Arcane Sight, Dispel Magic, Gaseous Form, Fireball, Haste, Magic Circle Against Good, Marionette Possession*, Protection From Energy, Ray of Exhaustion*, Vampiric Touch*; 4th Animate Dead*, Bestow Curse*, Enervation*, Fear*, Resilient Sphere, Scrying, Solid Fog, Wall of Fire; 5th Break Enchantment, Magic Jar*, Rapid Repair, Symbol of Pain*, Waves of Fatigue*; 6th Chain Lightning, Contingency, Create Undead*, Eyebite*, Unwilling Shield*