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I think it depends on how your players utalize the ship in your campaign. For my campaign I don't do alot of Ship vs Ship combat or I ad-lib alot of it with periotic rolls/decision points because my group is large enough that starship combat takes forever. Since its primarily a mobile base for them the modules they use are generally to support whatever is going on in the campagin rather than directly applicable to the party.

For example:
- Medical Bays: Maybe not needed for the party due to Mystic, it is a useful retreat point for the party to direct civilians, refuges and other NPCs to as a form of "mission support".
- Hanger Bays: Could use docked fighters & NPC Pilots to call in off map fire support against artillary thats shelling the parties position (also from off map)
- Escape Pods: Modified into boarding assault pods to be fired at other ships.

I also tend to give them mission specific bonuses if they have a Module & Cargo Hold with support supplies. Like having the Medbay and 10 tons of generic/trade good salvaged medical supplies from a previous mission. Really depends on what the players or DM can come up with if you have a creative bunch.

Direct use I think my players get the most use out of Guest Quarters on their ship. At 50-100cr per day per customer standard passanger fare its a pretty good way to make extra funds if your "going that way anyway". Especially if you travel alot. :)