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Ive looked through the boards and didnt see any posts that could help me on this.Ive GMed along time ago in D&D 1st Ed(bout 12 years ago)and havent done so sence.The gaming group Im in(S.O.G.G)has started doing PFS games and I said I would like to GM some.We have 4 GMs that take turns and my turn is coming up soon.I know I can handle running the game but have never done a permade game.I dont want to read through all the scenarios the guys have because I do play most of the time.Well heres the question sence Im sure the back story isnt that big of a deal.So what scenario do you all feel is good for a starter GM?We've played through 2-02 and 47 so those 2 are outa the running.The other GMs have all of the scenarios so I can use any of them.Your help is most welcome and needed.

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Im playing an Fighter/Archer and was wondering if could use my bow as a melee weapon?Ive seen bows with blades added on the shaft in fanticy art for years and if something like that is usable in Pathfinders?Even if its not usable as a melee weapon could the bow be used as a trip attack?With maybe a brake roll aginst matterial toughness.I know I could add this to a Home Brew but can it be used PFS games?