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Right, so I'm looking to have a medium construct, a teddy bear as an encounter in a game I'm running in...well...3 hours :P Any idea how the heck I go about that? I'm a little new to this whole animate objects deal

Steven T. Helt wrote:

The sentence about there never being any survivors leaving the ravine, then talks about those who have seen Hoarfrost's lair and lived. Maybe there's a difference here: previous visitors to the ravine never came back, and since the villain moved in, no one goes inside? But they get cose enough to see heads suspended from trees and the worgs or the superbeast himself don't track them down and kill them? I think the sentence is clunky at best and contradictory at worst.

I am not convinced the CRs are right. Maybe I can get some help with this. A CR 7 and a CR 6 don't amke a CR 9. The CR 1 traps offer no challenge to the party and shouldn't fit into the equation. Even then, 4 CR 1 is a CR 5. So a 7, a 6 and a 5? Maybe. Seems weak.

The second encounter also, an 11, a 7, and a 5? With the open air, low AC and meh hit points, four 11th level characters would cakewalk all the way to the treasure and back.

I think the ice could have used a CR, too, but no PC is going out on it.

I do dig the name. There's not much better iconic imagery that blood in the snow.

I know right? The whole idea of the scarlet blood on the pure snow, gives me the shivers.

By the way, the description says that no one has returned from the depths of the ravine, but they have from the entrance...that doesn't seem too hard to believe, does it?

Steel_Wind wrote:

In any event, we are now discussing a map that does not exist and a very different encounter, to be sure. But that was the context in which the comment was originally made.

Ok, point taken, sorry for getting out of context. I was talking about the context of the real map. I still think the ice is a really clever hazard and know many PCs that would get their asses handed to them by it :P

There is open water visible on the map. My players don't have to "metagame" to know that ice is thinner near open sections, and to know that more weight upon it will make it crack.


Fair enough, but I never said anything about players venturing near the water section where the ice is really thin. I was really talking about the fact that a big enough player will go through at the edge but they might not necessarily know this and the most direct route to Hoarfrost would take them across the thicker ice. In fact, from almost all positions, going anywhere near the thinner ice would waste valuable time that PCs could spend attacking.

Also, what makes you think Hoarfrost would go anywhere NEAR the ice so you could melt it and drown him...he lives there, and therefore knows his ice. He's not a dope

Steel_Wind wrote:

Not sure what kind of players you have, but mine would have used an Enlarge on a foe to increae his weight and make him drop through the ice and drown - or otherwise have melted the ice beneath a foe's feet.

Em...this sounds a little like meta-gaming if you ask me...You seem to be assuming that PCs will know how the ice works but in my experience they just charge into the fight and plough through environmental obstacles without a second thought. Unless you have just seen another member of your party or someone else fall through the ice, using knowledge about how ice works from other encounters or whatever....meta-gaming.

Venerax wrote:
Kinda reminds me of the true blood alchemist? from Fullmetal Alchemist.. i may be mistaken on the name because i haven't seen it in a while but yes...creating living dolls of his daughter...who by his own fault was dead. Creepy....

Oh yeah, the Sewing Life Alchemist! He WAS creepy!