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I alternately think one or the other version is true, so I just have to ask: do you take the whole cell of the table of school consumables or just one line of it? So, for 1-2 level Generalist do you take [holy water (CRB 571), lesser antiplague (CRB 546), lesser antidote (CRB 546), lesser bomb (CRB 544)] or default [minor healing potion (CRB 563)], or the other variant [holy water (CRB 571)] or [lesser antiplague (CRB 546)] or [lesser antidote (CRB 546)] or [lesser bomb (CRB 544)] or default [minor healing potion (CRB 563)]? Sometimes the former variant feels too good to be true, and sometimes not...

I thought as it's uncommon I just buy the Avid Collector boon. Went to see the items in the FAQ - no, this ring is not there.
Is there any other way?
If not, why have they even made this item for CRB and only uncommon? It it this bad?
It's just feels wrong to not be able to get a Ring of Wizardry for a wizard :)

All my printed boons from the site list this nickname ^^^ as a player name. But I put the real name in the system and the Organized Play ID card already has it. Why can't the player's name on boons be that one? Or make it a choice?

Ready action has Concentrate trait. Fascinated prevents Concentrate actions. Does it prevent a reaction from the Ready action if Fascinated was applied after Ready? Basically does the reaction from Ready get Concentrate?
As an example: an NPC says that she will kill downed PC if anyone makes hostile action and Readies Strike. Then another PC makes the NPC Fascinated (with himself or something else than downed PC). Can the NPC use reaction to Strike the first PC after that?

Let's assume players 7+ lvl. For example some social encounter is happening and a player says something great. Or, better, not that great, but good. Now it's time for a check! You tell the player that and it occurs that his character has Deception/Diplomacy/Intimidation untrained. Which means that for ~7 lvl it would be an already bad roll, and for 15+ lvl it would be a critical failure.
So what do you do? Ignore social skills and checks? What about PFS? Force players with unsocial characters to be silent unless they are forced to roll a guaranteed failure? Introduce DCs which not only un-levelled but also depend on who is rolling them?

Meaning without her having that spell at some level below maximal? Like prepared casters could do every day? Do you even know this rule, that you can take only heightened spells you already knew before?
This is such a terrible-terrible tedious game with swapping a base spell in, learning the heightened version, swapping the base spell out during two level-ups...

Or you have to either swap one of your old spells or select one of your new spells as Crossblooded at the moment you get this feat?

Horizontally, of course. Though, why not vertically too?
Mind that the bulk restriction of Mage Hand can't be fully applied because you don't grasp and carry anything.

Advanced Player's Guide pg. 184 wrote:
Once per day, you can use Battle Medicine on a creature that’s temporarily immune. If you’re a master in Medicine, you can do so once per hour.

So, how many uses that is?

You can use BM on each creature once plus one additional time on one of the creatures per day overall,
or you can use BM on each creature plus one additional time per day per creature (so basically you can use BM on a creature twice)?
An adjustment for changing cooldowns of this feat and BM (Forensic Medicine) to one hour is easy. The main question above is the same.