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gunslingeraz wrote:

If you are in 85737 I am about a 45 minute drive from you (I know because my wife did clinicals at Oro Valley Hospital.) We are finishing up one game now and then starting Rise of the Runelords. I am not sure if we have space or not yet. Also it is a mixed experience group. Take it or leave it I imagine. I can't and am not offering anything at this juncture though.

I would love to go through Rise of the Runelords. Just give me times and what you guys are gonna have in the group so i can plan accordingly. Let me know if a spot opens up.

hello my name is Tim i used to be DM'd by Ice Titan from these forums. Unfortunatly i had to move and now i am looking for a local group that runs Pathfinder APs on a regular bassis. I have completed Kingmaker, Carrion Crown and Jade Regent.

I am an experianced player looking for an experianced group. My real aim here is to find someone in the early books of Skulls and Shackles or just starting it. I am game for any other AP and have no issues replaying those i have played.

I am currently looking for a group that plays on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I am available any time after 6pm on friday and any time on Saturday or Sunday

Awww titan left out the lesson learned. Never charge a phalanx fighter in a doorway.