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This is a great book. maybe I am missing it, but I can't seem to find a description for how big Vathak is.

Does anyone have an idea of the size of the continent?


*LOVE* the site.

Your site is my first brush with the Kyngdoms, and I am loving what I read. Looks like I discovered you a bit to late as you removed your Fane Trilogy from here and RPGnow.

Any chance that you are going to make them available again for purchase?

Also do you have a timeline for the setting book? Ever consider a kickstarter?

Looking forward to more Kyngdoms!

Alrighty, we are all here because we love Paizo products, right? They make great stuff and that is why Pathfinder is our game of choice.

But amongst all of those jewels in the Paizo treasure chest, there is always one that stands out as your favorite.

Mine would have to be "Distant Worlds". This product supercharged my imagination and left me hungering for more. I would love to see a full hardcover expansion of this material. From the cover to the info contained within, it was tantalizing to say the least. This book rocked on toast!

So now that you have heard mine, what is your favorite and why?


Wolfgang Baur wrote:
EonTrinity, thank you for the vote of confidence. The Northlands level of quality definitely set the bar here, and I like to think we have cleared it. We'll see soon!

You bet. When I pre-ordered, I also just picked up the Imperial Gazeteer PDF, and it is really awesome.

Really looking forwards to CS in paper and PDF.

Good luck!


Well, I bit. Northlands was so good, that I pre-ordered the hardcover/PDF through the store.



Is there any word on when the PF Rappan Athuk will be available in brick and mortar or through the Paizo/FGG websites for those that missed the kickstarter)???