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First off; this scenario is amazing. Tons of prep to do ahead of time which is totally fine, but I can see it being an issue for walk ups. I'm running this in two days with a party in the danger zone. APL 8.6 with s 5 player party means they're playing up with a 4 player reduction. I warned them ahead of time that it was a toughie but they all seem confident. I'll let you know how it goes!

Emperor4Hire wrote:
HOWEVER I can't find any rules that state that a tongue counts as a natural attack.

My instinct is that it is a natural attack and normally I'd leave it at that but I'm really attached to this character concept so I'd like an official ruling.

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I'm building a grippli monk for PFS and I need some rules clarifications.

Ideally I want to take Agile Tongue and then Improved Disarm with the intent of using Flurry of Blows to be able to trip and disarm opponents (I already have Improved Trip). The idea being I can trip opponents who are adjacent and have a reach disarm.

My question is: Can I use my tongue as part of a Flurry of Blows?

The existence of the Feral Combat Training feat would imply that I can't (as that feat makes it possible to use a natural attack as part of a flurry) HOWEVER I can't find any rules that state that a tongue counts as a natural attack.

Some clarification would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I have a question about GMing this scenario multiple times. I've GMed this scenario twice. Both have been reported, but in my sessions list for the second session it says

"Player has already run scenario at session # 138 of event # 63471 A Muse N Games on November 08, 2016."

And the prestige for this session is reported as 0.

To me this implies that I DON'T receive credit for the second session. Could somebody clear this up for me? I've already run this scenario 2 additional times and applied the credit to future GM blobs so I'd like to know if I can keep applying the credit! Thanks.

Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scenario

4/5 Venture-Agent, Canada—Manitoba aka Emperor4Hire

Question: the final fight in high tier. I just want to check the order on this stuff

1) Laktharis asks the PCs to get the staff (charmed PCs obey)
2) Turns Valais on the PCs
3) Starts combat by Dominating Valais
4) Combat proceeds

My real question is; do the Dominate Person and the initial demonic influence of Laktharis over Valais, do both those effects work at the same time? Is he basically just really intent on controlling her and is doubling down on control magic?

Additionally, does the initial demonic influence effect on Valais break Laktharis' invisibility (I would guess not)

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If a beast's stat block is as follows:
Spell like abilities:
3/day - cause fear (dc 12), dimension door, invisibility (self only)
Does that mean it can use each one 3 times or that it can only use any combination of the three, three times?