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** spoiler omitted **

Thanks, Kvantum!

Sounds like this is going to be a useful book for my neck-deep-in-Korvosian-bastardry Martial Artist Monk.

Kvantum wrote:
They started shipping a lot earlier than I would have thought. I've got my PDF and time to kill. Fire away.

Any details on the new Vigilante archetype?

And thanks in advance.

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Between the reprinting of CotCT, and the Maidens getting a write up in the Adventurers Guide, who would we need to bribe to get another run of these?

technarken wrote:
The vigilante archetype changes the thematic of the vigilante identity from a voluntary costume swap to an involuntary debuff of sorts. It oozes flavor, and I love it.

Ohhh, is there anything else you can say about how that secret identity/"involuntary debuff" works? (While staying in the sneak preview realm of course.)

I'm playing a Grey Maiden in a campaign currently, and was planning on going Vigilante for a few levels, at next level, so I am really excited to get my hands on this.

Can you say anything about the Grey Maiden PrC and Vigilante Archetype? Thanks so much.