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I'd love to join. I can come up with a villager type front-liner. I'm thinking a grizzled veteran of some far off war (Lastwall, maybe) who retired in the village to take up farming, and after a few years is discovering he's bored to tears and is ready to take up the sword again.

And as I understand it, you mean that if I have Str 13+, BAB +1+ I have power attack without burning a feat on it? And so on for other feats.

In the City, where ever Garold is:

"Freak," a familiar voice calls out. It is Emilio, Garold's boss, nephew of the Sefeasa's procuratrix and charged with keeping the vermin off the streets. Though Garold is a necessary part of his staff, he makes no effort to hide his loathing of the bent and twisted creature. "Were you going to sit here and stare with that body on the street all day? Earn your pay for once in your wretched life and dispose of it."