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A shipment sent to Paizo for December 2016.

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Hey just wanted to let everyone know that we are running a best the bestiary 2 challenge here at Emerald Knights. In the challenge players make a 5th level character using the 20 point buy system, 10,500 gp, the core rulebook and advanced player's guide. they then have 30 minutes to try and defeat a cr 3, cr4, and cr 5 each in their natural habitats one after the other. So far we have had 5 contestants and 2 have managed to defeat all 3. They were a paladin and a monk. It has been really cool and we are running it through Sunday this Jan 9th.

Check out the event here.

Owner - Emerald Knights Comics and Games

hey everyone,

If you live in Southern California and you want to check out an awesome Pathfinder event then come to Emerald knights Comics and games for our Best the bestiary Challenge. Check out EK Bestiary Event for all of the info for the contest.

basically you make a 5th level Pathfinder character and we test your character versus 3 of the new monsters from the Bestiary 2. It's going to be a lot of fun and you should join us.

For more info check us out on Facebook, or call 818-588-3631, or check out Emerald Knights Comics and Games

Owner - Emerald Knights Comics and Games

Wow! Thanks for responding to our question in 2 minutes. You guys really are the best. My boss Julian says hi by the way. (He met you at Paizo Con where you signed a T-rex mini for me). So we are planning on doing mini playtest events for all your future pathfinder books. Our Pathfidner groups love whenever we do an extra store\-sponsored Pathfinder event in addition to our weekly Society games. If you ever get a chance we should do an event and have some of you Paizo guys come down to Burbank, CA to join in on the event.

if not then we'll see you at Paizo Con again this year.

Owner - Emerald Knights Comics and Games

Hey just thought I'd say on behalf of our store and our customers that we are very excited for this book. We're actually planning on doing a Best the Bestiary 2 event. We're letting customers make their best 5th level pathfinder character and then we're going to pick 3 monsters from the bestiary 2. Then each player has 15 minutes to defeat as many of the three monsters as they can. For each monster they defeat they get a raffle ticket for the raffle to win a bestiary 2. We are using the 20 point point buy system for character creation and allowing the core book and advanced player's guide. So far our customers are really psyched and many have already made multiple characters.

Just a question for the Paizo powers that be. Will there be monsters of all CRs in the book? I just want to know if our little event will suffer because there aren't three good monsters of the appropriate challenge rating. If I have to i will bump it up to 10th level.

Also when you design the monsters do you have a specific character creation technique you use for play testing? I went with 20 point buy because that's what the pathfinder society uses and those seem to be very well balanced, challenging but not impossible.

I understand if any of these questions are unanswerable and I'll improvise when i see the final book if I have to. Thanks for your help and the amazing products. We absolutely love Pathfinder. Keep up the great work.

Owner - Emerald Knights Comics and Games

Thanks guys, this is tough work but i guess thats why it's called RPG SUPERSTar and not RPG kinda interesting star.