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About Elsbeth Wright

Female human Cleric/Hidden Priest 9
CN medium humanoid (human)
Init +2 Senses Perception +10 Sense Motive +12
AC 21, touch 10, flat-footed 21 (+0dex)
HP 66 (1d8, +1 Con, +8 HP favored class)
Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +10
Defensive Abilities:
Speed 20ft
Melee Melee +9/4
+2 morningstar +12/6 (1d8+5; x2) weapon focus
Ranged Ranged +6/1
Str 16 Dex 10 Con 13 Int 14 Wis 20 Cha 14
BAB +6/1 CMB 9 CMD 19
Feats Weapon Focus (morningstar), Alignment Channel (evil outsiders), Eschew Materials, Selective Channeling, Stealthy
Traits Reactionary (+2 to initiative), Beacon of Faith
Appraise +6 (1rank, +3class skill, +2int)
Diplomacy +9 (4rank, +3class skill, +2cha)
Heal +9 (1rank, +3class skill, +5wis)
Knowledge(arcana) +7 (2rank, +3class skill, +2int)
Knowledge(history) +6 (1rank, +3class skill, +2int)
Knowledge(planes) +10 (5rank, +3class skill, +2int)
Knowledge(religion) +10 (5rank, +3class skill, +2int)
Linguistics +6 (1rank, +3class skill, +2int)
Perception +10 (5rank, +5wis)
Sense Motive +12 (4rank, +3class skill, +5wis)
Spellcraft +9 (4rank, +3class skill, +2int)
Stealth +2 (3rank, +0dex, -3armor penalty, +2stealthy)
Background Craft - carpentry +14 (9rank, +3class skill, +2int)
Languages Common, Infernal, ?
Gear Cleric's kit (Backpack, bedroll, silk rope, waterskin, belt pouch, candles(10), holy text, flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, soap, spell component pouch, torches(10), trail rations, holy symbol), MW Artisan's Tools, healing kit, chalk, bell, scrollcase, +2 morningstar, +2 breastplate, +1 light steel shield, +2 belt of giant's strength, +2 headband of mental Prowess, +1 amulet of natural armor, Sleeves of many garments; CMW potion (x2), Protection from evil (communal) scroll, Silence scroll, Invisibility potion, Darkvision potion, Stone Shape scroll (x2), CLW wand
Wealth 379gp
Special Abilities
Channel energy: 5d6, DC=16, 5x/day
Liberation Domain
Liberation (Su): For # rounds/day = level can move normally regardless of magical effects impeding movement as if affected by freedom of movement; rounds don't need to be consecutive
Protection Domain
Aura of Protection (Su): emit 30ft aura of protection for #rounds/day=cleric level, you and allies gain +1 deflection bonus to AC and resistance 5 against all elements; rounds don't need to be consecutive
False Arcanist: disguise divine spellcasting as arcane; make skill check DC=10+2xspell level to disguise casting and successfully cast (knowledge,arcana to appear as wizard). A hidden priest adds half his class level (minimum +1) on all Bluff skill checks to send secret messages about religious matters, and on all Sense Motive checks to recognize similar messages. He also adds this bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks relating to agents of the laws against his religion (including city guards in lands where these laws are in effect).
Unseen Devotion: At 8th level, a hidden priest can apply the Silent Spell and Still Spell feats to a spell he is about to cast. This does not alter the level of the spell or the casting time. He can use this ability once per day at 8th level and one additional time per day for every four additional cleric levels beyond 8th.
Spells Known
0 level = 4; DC=15
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Create Water
1 level = 5+1; DC=16
Enhance Water
Divine Favor
Desperate Weapon
Weapons against evil
Domain spell: Remove Fear
2 level = 5+1; DC=17
Protection from evil, communal
Spiritual Weapon
Restoration, lesser
Domain Spell: Remove Paralysis
3 level = 4+1; DC=18
Align weapon, communal
Holy Javelin
Searing Light
Domain spell: Remove Curse
4 level = 3+1; DC=19
Blessing of the Fervor
Hallucinogenic Smoke
Spiritual Ally
Domain Spell: Freedom of Movement
5 level = 2+1; DC=20

*Elsbeth is originally from Greengold in Kyonin
*Her father was a ship builder and she learned carpentry from him
*She married young and somewhat impulsively (naively believing in love at first sight and all) but her husband became abusive once the wooing period was over
*Abuse got so bad that she sought to escape the marriage; the group that helped her was a small group of Milianites which is how she was introduced to Milani
*Studied to become a cleric of Milani so that she could help others escape oppression/abuse
*Elsbeth is a germaphobe and she carries a flask of alcohol to sterilize things rather than drink
*Wears one red sock and one white sock
*Carries a small wooden mouse that she carved out of wood