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Not sure if I as a GM did something wrong or what. My players, after 14months of starting the kingdom are at: 15Hexes, E46, L27, S31.

We have done the first 'in town' event and they haven't explored since getting the kingdom.

They built the caster tower right out the gate and got lucky on magic item rolls (1 minor (m) and two moderate (M) that qualified for selling. I think two months went by when they couldn't sell anything. They've made all their checks.

They just built a waterfront in a second district and have refused to expand to a second city.

I had 'normalized' the costs of the buildings as they were inconsistent. The result was the issue of building spamming for the 'best' building no longer occurred as there no longer was a best as everything was consistent.

So at month 14 with 2 districts the players make about 32bp a turn minimum. I'm going to have to significantly adjust all the CRs to match the gear they all have if they start withdrawing.

When the came out of the sewers they felt blindsided by the "help us name our group" They took it VERY seriously, but because I didn't give them a week to think about it (with all those NPCs eyes on them) they went with "The Avengers" and then they decided to change to Oprah's Book Club.

After the hilarious conversation that followed they stuck with it. They then referred to The Avengers as being the name of the organization and Oprah's Book Club being its strong arm.

Seriously kids, it's ok to sleep at night, Oprah's Book Club is watching over you!

Tilquinith wrote:
What about the Campaign Setting book? There are some new weapons and armor in that, not sure about other equipment though.

You are correct, i didn't throw the rifles or anything, i believe i also missed the weapon they added in the dwarf book, gah

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I'm pretty sure this all could be considered spoilers to some extent so I'm sorry for making you click the button. This is primarily directed at other GMs.

How many Acolytes/Priests did you throw in there? I'm a baby GM and I'm pretty sure I borked it up pretty bad with
Priests: 14
Acolytes: 56 (priests x4)
Heralds: 6

The book is straightforward on the number of Heralds (3+Egrathis), but seems to be pretty open as the number of acolytes and priests.

Seems to me that 7 priests are on guard during the day, so x2 for replacements/priests being used for other things (like going out into town)
The acolytes were a x4 of the priests
And the number of heralds i used was as direct result of me counting herald rooms instead of reading well.

So yeah, that was the obscene amount of people I put in there, seems pretty off for 16 bunks, (48 max if they are being rotated every 8hrs). I'm running it again (with a different group) and I'm just wondering how many dudes other GM's have put in there.

If you care on the outcome:
1 guy didn't show up that night and they basically blew through it with pretty easily with 3 guys at level 3. (I've had many cases of the CR seeming to be very off for well made characters and experienced players). They did it smart, and burned the Armory beforehand and holed up in the hallway on the 1st floor, a LOT of dice rolling later, they won.

Outstanding! I've always loved Crystal's goblin avatar she uses on the blog, and the cover, I'm sure, speaks for what is inside. Also, there are four more sets on the way? I love this new approach and hope that Paizo decides to not only go forward with the paper minis but back. The Runelords was a good start and I hope they put another 3-4 with the Runelords and do the rest of the AP as well, and all the previous and future modules.

Love it!

Fixed the errors in the weapons and armor section, should be working fine now.

This is a document I made using Google Documents. It's a simple spreadsheet that calculates how much stuff costs and how much it weighs. I use it primarily for starting a new character, it saves a boatload of time.

You can add items to three places for the purposes of figuring out weight.
Player, Mount, Other. Of course you can change it to whatever you want but that was the intention.
I've included items from:
The Core Rule book
RotRL Players Guide
CotCT Players Guide
Pathfinder Society Seekers of Secrets
LoF Players Guide

I think I have them all. I was going for just non magical items. If I missed any let me know what book it's from and I'll look it up and add it. There are no descriptions so if you don't have the book... buy the book.

You'll have to save it to use it. RZQ0hoZGc&hl=en

Nameless wrote:

OOO, a new classification. I wonder what B is for?


Anyway, this sounds like a classic hook for a 1st level adventure, can't wait to see the final result!

I don't see a B anywhere. The OGL modules seemed to have it clearly printed on them but these new PFRPG modules don't appear to have it on them, after getting the book I couldn't find it in the book. Most people talking about the B appear to have been talking prior to release. Is this a new direction for the modules, less classifications? Or is it that I'm just bloody well blind and can't see where the new spot is on the PFRPG modules where the classification is given?

I'm curious as to how much overlap if any there is with this and the GM guide that's being made. It mentions stat blocks and tips for creating NPCs while this appears to be sample characters. Do I have that right? Or is there going to be a lot of the same in the two products?