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Strength 20
Dexterity 22
Constitution 18
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 24

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Basic Info:
Initiative+10, Senses Perception+16, low-light vision

AC 29(+6 Dex, +9 Natural, +7 deflection), Touch , Flat-Footed 28

HP 156 (12d8+60)

Fort+15, Ref+17, Will+16. DR 10/good and piercing. SR 25

Speed 30ft

Melee +16/+11 Shadowdeath[1d6+7+1d6(sonic)/14-20x2], and bite +14(1d8+8 + poison)/19-20)

Ranged +16/+11 Shadowsting[1d6+6+1d6(sonic)/x3]

Special Attacks Sneak Attack+5d6, Bleed 1d6, Poison(Bite) 1d6 Con 1d4 rounds(DC 23), Mind Thrust 3/day 10d6, 60ft, (DC 23)

Base Attack+9 CMB+14, CMD 30

Feats Critical Focus, Deadly Agility, Improved Initiative, Vital Strike, Weapon Finesse.

Skills Diplomacy+21, Knowledge(planes)+17, Perception+16, Sense Motive+16,

Sneak Attack-5AP
Inquisitor Spellcasting-5AP
Greater Invisibility- Base 4+At Will(2) /2 = 3
Bite-Base 0+1 size increase(2)+1.5str(1) +crit range increase(2)= 5AP
Multiweapon Mastery-Base 1+full attack(1)= 2AP
DR-Base 2/good and piercing+5(2)+10(2) = 4AP
All Around Vision- 1AP
Bleed-Base 2+1d6(1AP) = 3AP
Mind Thurst- Base 2+3/day(2)+60ft(1)= 5AP DC 20
Talsiman-Base 2+Keen(1)+1(1)+Thundering(1) =5AP
Poison- Base 2+1d6(1)+Con(1)+1rd4(2) =6 AP DC 22
Unholy Grace- 2AP

HD: 12
BAB: +9
Fort+4, Ref+4, Will+8
Natural Armor+9