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Slayer 2|HP 20 |AC 16/T 12/FF 14 | F+5/R+5/W+1 | CMB + 6 | CMD 18 |init + 2 | Perc + 9 | disable device + 9/+ 11







Special Abilities

low-light vision


chaotic good






common, elven

About Elek Kardforgató

Initiative: 2
Low -light vision
Speed: 20 ft.

Hit Points: 20 = 10 + 4 + 2( 2 + 1)

AC: 16 = 10 + 4 [armor] + 2 [dex]
Touch: 12
Flat-footed: 14

Fort: 5 = 3 [base] + 2 [constitution]
Ref: 5 = 3 [base] + 2 [dexterity]
Will: 1 = 0 [base] + 1 [wisdom]

Base Atk 2
CMB 6 = 2 [base] + 4 [strength]
CMD 18 = 10 + 2 [base] + 4 [strength] + 2 [dexterity]

Great Club + 6 [1d10+6, x2, B]
dagger + 6 [1d4+4, 19-20/x2, P or S]

dagger + 4 [1d4+419-20/x2, 10 ft. P or S]

Stats: Str. 18, Dex. 14, Con. 14, Int. 10, Wis. 12, Cha. 8,


Looking for Work
Although out of work, you aren’t particularly keen on the prospect of gambling away your last remaining coins simply for a chance at riches. That said, if the Gold Goblin’s fortunes reverse after this big gambling tournament, you’re relatively certain its owner, Saul Vancaskerkin, will be needing to hire on some new staff members. You’ve secured payment for the tournament, and intend on attending mostly to check the place out, to decide if it’s a place you’d want to work at (as a bouncer, bartender, croupier, server, entertainer, spotter, or cook), and hopefully get a chance to catch Saul’s eye and make an impression. You’ve long worked at honing your skills, and are quite accomplished and certain that you have something to offer.
Pick one of the following skills: Perception; You gain a +1 trait bonus in that skill, and that skill is always considered a class skill for you.
You spent your early life robbing and stealing to get by.
Benefits: Select one of the following skills: Disable Device, Intimidate, or Sleight of Hand. You gain a +1 trait bonus on that skill, and it is always a class skill for you.

First level:Power Attack
Slayer Talent: Two-weapon fighting

Race Traits: Half-Elf
Sophisticate: Half-elves who strive to embody the culture in which they live develop a keen instinct for the ebb and flow of fashions, fads, and political trends. They gain a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (local) checks and can use those skills untrained even for checks with a DC of 10 or more. This racial trait replaces elven immunities. Source PCS:ISR
Adaptability: Half-elves receive Skill Focus as a bonus feat at 1st level.
Keen Senses: Half-elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
Low-Light Vision: Half-elves can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
Elf Blood: Half-elves count as both elves and humans for any effect related to race.
Multitalented: Half-elves choose two favored classes at first level and gain +1 hit point or +1 skill point whenever they take a level in either one of those classes.

Class Traits: Slayer
Level One:
Studied Target:

Level Two:
Slayer talent: Ranger Combat Style: Two-weapon fighting

favored class bonus: + 1 HP


16 = 2( 6 [class skills] + 2 [background skills])
Acrobatics 0 = 2 [Dex] - 2 [armor]
Bluff -1 = -1 [Cha]
Climb 8 = 4 [Str] + 1 [Rank] + 3 [class skill] - 2 [armor]
Diplomacy -1 = -1 [Cha]
Disable Device 9/11 = 2 [Dex] + 2 [Rank] + 3 [class skill] + 3 [skill focus] +1 [trait] - 2 [armor]
Disguise -1 = -1 [Cha]
Escape Artist 0 = 2 [Dex] - 2 [armor]
Heal 1 = 1 [Wis]
Intimidate -1 = -1 [Cha]
Knowledge (dungeoneering) 4 = 0 [Int] + 1 [Rank] + 3 [class skill]
Knowledge (engineering) 5 = 0 [Int] + 2 [Rank] + 3 [background skill]
Knowledge (geography) 4 = 0 [Int] + 1 [Rank] + 3 [class skill]
Knowledge (History) 7 = 0 [Int] + 2 [Rank] + 3 [background skill] + 2 [racial trait]
Knowledge (Local) 6 = 0 [Int] + 1 [Rank] + 3 [class skill] + 2 [racial trait]
Perception 9 = 1 [Wis] + 2 [Rank] + 3 [class skill] + 2 [half-elf] + 1 [trait]
Ride 4 = 2 [Dex] + 1 [Rank] + 3 [class skill] - 2 [armor]
Sense Motive 1 = 1 [Wis]
Stealth 4 = 2 [Dex] + 1 [Rank] + 3 [class skill] - 2 [armor]
Survival 5 = 1 [Wis] + 1 [Rank] + 3 [class skill]
Swim 6 = 4 [Str] + 1 [Rank] + 3 [class skill] - 2 [armor]


Beginning Gear
Greatclub 5 gp. 8 lbs.
Daggers @ 3 6 gp. 3 lbs.
Armored Coat 50 gp. 20 lbs.
silk scarf @ 2 2 gp 1 lbs.
crowbar 2 gp. 5 lbs.
Outfit, Burglar’s n/a: n/a: This outfit consists of fitted pants, a shirt, a hooded reversible cloak, soft leather boots, and a face mask, all in dark or neutral colors. The outfit’s few buttons and rivets are wrapped in dull, dark cloth to avoid jingling or reflecting light. A number of loops and shallow pockets are also worked into the outfit, providing ample spaces for stashing small tools or weapons.
Kit, Rogue’s 50 gp. 37 lbs. This kit includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, caltrops, chalk (10), a flint and steel, a grappling hook, an iron pot, a mess kit, a mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, thieves’ tools, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.


acquied gear

Purchased items:

Magical Items:

Total weight of all gear: 74 lbs.

175 gp. beginning wealth - 115 gp. Beginning expenditure = 60 gp. Remaining + 115 gp. = 175 gp. remaining

Carry Capacity
Light load: 100 lb. or less
Medium load: 101-200 lb.
Heavy load: 201-300 lb.
Lift over head: 300 lb.
Lift off ground: 600 lb.
Push or drag: 1500 lb.


Elek was born and raised in Riddleport and proud to call the city home.

His mother is a lovely half-elf named Lialda Narcinal, who is a priestess at The House of the Silken Veil which is the temple and bawdy house dedicated to the deity Calistria in Riddleport. She is now the overseer to new initiates. But she was not always so.

When she was younger she was a silk scarf dancer, combining her Varisian mother’s exotic dancing style with her elfin father’s grace. She was very popular with the Varisian Sczarni, eventually catching the eye of a Sczarni gangster. A certain Zandu Kardforgató.

Zandu started life as a Sczarni smuggler. When he came to the attention of one Captain Cromarcky. When Cromarcky was just a Captain, Kardforgató would transport his wears north and sell them in the Velashu Uplands. When Captain Cromarcky became Overlord Cromarcky, Zandu Kardforgató become responsible for overseeing all goods shipped by land to the northern Uplands.

So when Zandu, now in his middle ages, noticed Lialda dancing, she quickly became Kardforgató’s Mistress and a major source of information for Shorafa Pamodae.

Lialda’s and Zandu’s relationship lasted for several years. When Zandu’s wife passed away the dancer even moved in with him. Soon bearing him a son, Elek. There was no misunderstanding between the two. Elek would not inherit much more than his name from Zandu, everything he had would go to his eldest son, Eugeni. But Zandu loved Elek and Lialda and they brought much joy to him late in life. In Varisian style the Kardforgató family took in the half-elves as their own.

Embracing the Sczarni lifestyle, Elek learned much from his father and other relatives. From his Father he learned about Geography and smuggling. With his ‘cousin’ Zeldana he joined an adolescent gang called the ‘Silkblades’ which specialized in ‘second-story’ work. There focus, climbing in windows and stealing jewelry. With his cousins help he learned about architecture and what types of buildings were easiest to break into. He enjoyed living with the Kardforgató’s and was devastated at fifteen when his father died.

After the funeral he and his mother moved back to the Silken Veil. She, to become the overseer to new initiates. He, to began his training at ‘the school.’ There is no other name for it. In the temple of Calistria there are two types of ‘worshipers’ those with the personality or disposition to entertain guests. Or those who are trained for grimmer work. Many are trained for both. Neither Elek’s personality or disposition were given to ‘entertaining’ so he began training as a ‘tough’ a ‘strongarm’ for the temple.

Elek enjoyed the physicality of the training. He took well to the weapons and the exercise. He enjoyed the classwork about the city and the underground. He didn’t mind removing difficult customers. But one event would change everything.

Elek was sent out with another student, a half-orc named Ausk. There was a pimp named Sumak, running a brothel in The Rotgut District. It was said that he wasn't paying the proper 'tax' to the temple and Mistress Pamodae wanted him ‘spoken to.’ The morning Sumak was to bring his payment Elek and Ausk waited outside his brothel, a place called ‘little heaven.’ When Sumak exited, the two escorted him back in the building and ‘insisted’ on counting the till. The Mistress was right, the amount the halfling was bringing was short. As instructed they gathered the entire amount of the ‘profits’ as an example. Then it went south.

Ausk decided that the halfling needed his arms broken as an example. Elek was shocked. A fight ensued between the two. Elek struggled with the larger half-orc, yelling at the pimp, ”Run you stupid Peck!” As Elek turned to see if the halfling was fleeing, his fellow student hit him square in the jaw. Knocking him out cold. When Elek came to, he was alone in the office, money, peck and half orc gone.

When Elek returned to the Silken Veil he was immediately sent to Mistress Pamodae’s office: where the Mistress and his mother was waiting. The Mistress sitting behind the large mahogany desk, his mother standing dutifully beside her. Elek stood for a moment, shifting from one foot to the other. After what seemed like an eternity he began to blurt out. ”He was going to…” The mistress raised a gloved hand at the same moment his mother gave a look that would freeze a winter wolf. Elek closed his mouth. The Mistress cleared her throat, then spoke. ”The goddess, cannot appear to be of a double mind.” She looked from Elek to his mother. ”It’s not good for business.” Elek began to sweat.

The Mistress, lowered her hand, then looked from Elek to his mother then back. ”I am not questioning your love for Calistria young man, I am questioning your ability to do what is necessary. After speaking with your mother I think it would be good if you found another form of employment.” She look back to his mother, ”Outside of the Leeward District of course.” She then looked down at some paper work on her desk, looking back up. ”Your dismissed.”

Lialda gave Elek a quick glance so he would know to keep his mouth shut till they exited the office. Once outside the door she rolled her eyes at him asking ”What were you thinking starting a fight in front of that little pimp? Oh never mind, you heart was never in that kind of work anyway. Give me a hug and gather your stuff. It’s time you cut the apron strings anyway. Do you have any ideas or do I need to make a few contacts?” Elek thought for a moment and shrugging answered. ”’Cousin’ Zeldana, and her husband Ionacu own a cheap grog shop near the docks. I’ll see if they have a bunk. Maybe find a job near there if they don’t need any help.”

Soon after Elek found himself headed to the ‘Goldin Goblin’ to see if they might need a bouncer.


Though half elf, with his olive skin, large expressive violet eyes, lithe body with long limbs, and jet black hair: It’s easy to see Elek’s Varisian heritage on his fathers side. Which he is very proud of. He emphasizes this by wearing multiple scarves with his coat and displaying several ‘varisian style’ tattoos on his arms.

still working on ideas for the tattoos, the one on his right forearm would be Calistra's holy symbol, the one on his left forearm would be the emblem of the 'silkblades. A bark blue square, (representing a window: code for 'second story work) with a dagger wrapped in an orange scarf, displayed in it.


Elek’s personality is a study in contradictions. He embraces the lifestyle of his parents. Happy to be involved in smuggling, gambling, burglary or any of many illegal or illicit occupations. But at heart he is hardworking, loyal and generous. Giving his time and energy to supporting his friends and family willing to share what he has with others and loathing to bully the underdog.
On the Myers Briggs scale Elek is an ISFJ Personality (“The Defender”) ISFJs are true altruists, meeting kindness with kindness-in-excess and engaging the work and people they believe in with enthusiasm and generosity.