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Doomlounge wrote:
Anyone else have any favorite alterate histories?

A new comic called Storming Paradise has just come out, which is an alternate history of World War II wherein the Manhattan bomb is to big and wipes out the scientists who built it. Truman then orders Olympic and the land invasion of Japan is on!

Really looking forward to this one, even if it doesn't have superheroes...

A question has come up as my group are making PRPG characters to playtest through Entombed With The Pharaohs: Leadership in the D&D PHB has a prerequisite of 6th level. Since Pathfinder characters don't get a feat at 6th, should such characters get it at 5th (which would be the third feat availavle) or at 7th (which would be the next feat after 6th).

E. Rax

DMcCoy1693 wrote:
Hunter's cry - Strike Fear or Fear Strike or Intimidating Cry "When she gets mad, just stay away from her, unless you desire your heart strickened with fear." vs "When she gets mad, she will use her hunter's cry." If the second was in a movie, it would be followed up by some exposition to explain what it is.

Hunter's Cry - Rebel Yell. Woo!