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Hello I have got 2 questions.

Can you please explain location armory when closing? summon and acquire random weapon. This does mean, that I should succeed on check to acquire it and keep weapon for myself, or I will get a weapon and location is closed.

Marketplace: how does when at this location work. This + 1 is increasing difficulty of check to acquire boon, or does this +1 help me and it is added to my roll?

Sorry but wording is unclear to me.

Thank you for your answers. But I must ask. Is it really such a problem to create a PDF for each PACK version from already existing content? It does not need to be super long. Perhaps 15 pages or so, with before adventure read this/ after adventure read this would make such a difference. You can sell it on your page for some normal price. I do not believe that I am the only one, who would buy such a product.
You can improve your/our game so much.
You created errata cards, make another step to be best.
I am looking forward for explanation why is it absolutely not possible. Can someone from Paizo please answer this?

Hawkmoon you are a miracle worker. Thanks for all your advices. I will put them to good use.
One more question, if I would like to know more about story, will I find my answers in books released by Paizo? By other words, how much story is inside WOTR books?

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And thank you for answer Hawkmoon269:-) Sorry I miss first sentence of you post, that you are not a Paizo employee.

Hello Paizo
Thank you for your answers. I appreciate your way of communication with customers.
I didn't knew, that you made a reprint for errated cards. I must say, that it is really a great thing. I hope, that reprint for skulls and shackles will come soon.
I live in Germany and I did not find any shop, where it is possible to buy errated cards. Sadly same goes for custom boxes. It is extremely overpriced to get some of your products to Europe. Is there a chance for this to improve?
As I mentioned before, I encountered problems with different card backs in whole skull and shackles and it was not only in base set but also in adventures. I guess I am not the only one.
Based on your answers I have decided to buy WOTR. You really take responsibility for your product and there was great improvement in number of FAQs. You are on the best way to become my favourite company. Also I appreciate increase of difficulty. It makes game more challenging and so much better. I hope that WOTR will be even greater challenge.
For the future I hope, that you became so good, that there will be no reason for ERRATA, FAQ and of course back colour problems.
Keep up the good work! And perhaps one day we will see Pathfinder boxes with stories.

Hello Paizo

I would like to ask few questions. Till now I have bought all of your card games product. But I have got complaints. I would like to ask if I will encounter same problems in WOTR as I encountered in Rise of the Runelords and Skulls and Shackles:

1.Main problem is different background colours on backs of the cards. Will they have in WOTR finally same color? This is really a serious problem for me. This is first card game where I encounter such a problem. No matter what we do, we simply know, where villain is cause of wrong back color shades. And please do not answer me, that I may buy colored sleeves. This is simply not all right when you sell it like this.

2.You started to sell other products for your card games, what is great. Will you also make bigger boxes, so the sleeved cards will fit in? And I mean all 6 adventures not just first 3.

3.Did you changed your wording so there wont be so much errata?

4. Will you release reprinted cards in some pack?

5.Will you add more story to the game? Perhaps one A4 paper per box would make huge difference and it will for sure not cost you much to do it.

You can make your games better and you can be better as other companies there. I love your games and this is the reason, why I am writing this to you.

Thanks for replies.

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Hello All
Usually I do not post on forums and I do not know if this is a right place to post this topic. Perhaps, someone else asked this question before, but I did not find it. I love games, as others here I guess, I own a lot of board games and I own also Pathfinder adventure card game. You know, idea that you can play RPG without a dungeon master is fantastic, but purpose of the dungeon master is, to make a story, to make an interaction. Your game has dice rolling a lot of and that is great, but it does not have a story, it does not have a reason why to roll a dice. I know that you write a story on those small cards, but this is not enough. Perhaps those stories are elsewhere, written in your other book or products, but as I understand it, this is stand-alone product and as such I want to buy it. I want to have a reason, why to roll a dice, I want to know, who my enemies are and I want to have a reason, to roll dice against them in righteous fury.
My favourite game so far, is Lord of the rings LCG. In every pack what they create, they are providing a story. They did not do it from beginning, but after they start with it, they improve game so much. I am not writing this, because I want to compare or something. I am writing this, because I love your game and perhaps, this is a way, how to make it better. For those, who do not need this, they are not force to read it, so it will not hurt them and for those other (I hope I am not only one) it will be great improvement of game. So do you plan in the future to put stories in your games? By my opinion, this is the last thing this game is missing to really replace a dungeon master.