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Eirikur Tostain




Reaper/Magister 6 | V: 50 W: 53 / MP: 5/5 | D 17 TAC 17 DR 6/- Resist Fire, NE, Cold, Electricity 10 | INIT +7, F +10 / R +9 / W +8 | P: +12, DV 60', LLV

About Eirikur, Angel of Death

Eirikur, Angel of Death:

Eirikur "The Angel of Death"
Sublime Changeling Reaper (Machine Cultist, Magekiller) 6 / Magister (Youxia, Weapon Master) 6 & Archmage / Trickster (Adaptable Hero Archetype)
CN Medium humanoid (Changeling, Orc, Human)
Init +7 ; Perception +12 Senses: DV 60', LLV
STR 18 (20/16), DEX 18 (12/24), CON 20 (20/20), INT 17 (15/19), WIS 17 (17/17), CHA 25 (25/25)
BAB +6; CMB +11; CMD + 21
Stamina points: 11 points
Mythic Power: 5
Mythic Surge: 1d6

Feats: Natural Telekinetic, Curnodgon Smash, Muscular Reflexes, Harrowing Team, Coven Caster, Mixed Blood (Orc), Martial Training I, Martial Training II, Dimensional Agility, Familiar Concentration, Battle Magic
Traits: Fate's Favored (Faith), Friends for Fools (Region), Mixed Blood (Human) Meticulous Drawback: -2 with untrained skills

Common Skills (Ranks): Acrobatics + 11 (1), Bluff +11 (1), Craft:Alchemy +11 (6 from Sphere), Craft: Blacksmithing +6 (1), Craft: +8 (1), Diplomacy+12 (1), Disable Device +12 (5), Disguise +17 (5), Handle Animal +13 (BG), Intimidate +16 (6 from Sphere), K Local +13 (5), Linguistics +13 (BG), Perception +12 (6), Ride +13 (6 from sphere), Sense Motive +11 (5), Spellcraft +11 (6), Stealth +18 (5), UMD +12 (2)

Remaining Trained Skills (Ranks): Appraise +2 (0), Autohypnosis +7 (1), Climb +7 (1), Escape Artist +5 (1), Heal +7 (1), K Arcana +8 (1), K Dungeoneering +8 (1), K Engineering +5 (1), K Geography +5 (1), K History +5 (1), K Nature +8 (1), K Nobility +5 (1), K Planes +8 (1), K Religion +8 (1), Sleight of Hand +5 (1), Survival +9 (1), Swim +7 (1)

Languages: Read Lips*, Sign Language*, Common*, Elven*, Orc*, Giant*, Dwarven*, Draconic*, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Aklo, Shoanti, Varisian (*Racial)

Equipment: None.

Defense: 17
Touch AC: 17
DR: 6 / -
Vigor: 50
Wound Points: 53, 20 Threshold
Fast Healing 7
Fort +10, Ref +9, Will +8 (+2 vs death effects, Fort saves to remove negative levels, and negative energy)
Immune to Disease, Magical Aging
Resist: 10 vs Negative Energy, Electricity, and Cold
Resist 10 Fire
No ASF in Light Armor

-2 AC to gain 9 THP; renews every round

Salve: 5 doses, 30 minutes to create 2 at a time. 3d8+7 HP healed. Can treat one character up to 10 times per day.
Speed 40 ft.
AoO: 5 per round, +1 reaction
Melee Attack (Nodachi) : +12 (1d10 +8 ) 18-20/x2

Special Attacks
Melee Attack (Nodachi, PA) : +10 (1d10 +8 +6 ) 18-20/x2
Melee Attack (Nodachi, CE, PA) : +8 (1d10 +8 +6) 18-20/x2 + 2 dodge to AC
Advancing Carnage: Take a -2 penalty, simple action attack and free action attack on adjacent, can continue until miss or run out of adjacent
Challenge: issue a challenge vs enemy, take -2 AC vs all others. Add 6 damage to every attack. Gain +2 morale to attacks if you have encountered that race in the last 24 hours.
+2 points of bleed on AoO and single action attacks.

Vs Favored Enemies (Monstrous Humanoids), Dragons, Constructs, and Creatures who can cast spells or use Spheres:
+4 attack and damage; also +4 to Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks vs them.

Maneuvers: 4 known, 2 readied. Initiatior Level is 10. 7 Power Points to spend.
* Readied: Call the Soul's Blade: Boost, for rounds per level summon a MW melee weapon you are proficient with. Treated as Magic for overcoming DR
* Readied: Ego Wounding Strike: DC 20 standard action to inflict -2 Attacks, Saves, and Skills for 1 round. Each hit on enemy while suffering extends it for one round. Expend focus for no save.
* Adamant Will: Counter, gives a +4 insight to AC vs triggering attack.
* Mind Revealing Strike: DC 21 standard action to deal +1d6 + read surface thoughts. Can augment 1 PP to add 1d6; for every 2d6, increase DC by 1. Expend focus for no save.

* Unbroken Stride: Can ignore difficult terrain, spider climb with full use of hands, and fly at land speed with good maneuverability; cannot hover. Can walk on liquids and unfirm surfaces. Gives 10 ranks in fly; Fly modifier is 10 + 7 = 17.

Spells and Spell Like Abilities
Far Hand: Can lift 35 lbs and move up to 30' as a standard action, within 55'. At will.
1/day SLA: Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Pass without Trace, Dancing Lights

Ki Pool: 7 points

Spell Points: 20
Sphere Concentration Bonus: +13 (+17 with Warp)
Sphere Drawbacks: (5) Painful Magic, Somatic Casting, Emotional Casting, Mental Focus, Focus Casting (Ring of Stone)
Must make a DC 15 Fort save, and DC 22 concentration check to cast without focus or focus item. Cannot cast if under a fear or charm effect.
Defensively: +15 (+19 Warp) vs DC 18
Sphere Effects:
* Warp Sphere: 30' standard action teleport at will
* Creation: requires shadow stuff, cannot alter things; can make something as a full round action to lower spell point cost by 1; can spend 1 spell point to make it last hours/level
* Dark + Meld into Dark + Clearsight: Can see in any magical darkness with darkvision.

Magister Concentration Bonus: +13 (+17 with teleportation effects)
Defensively: +13 (+17 teleportation) vs DCs of 16, 17, 19, and 21.
Metamagic Pool: 6

Cantrips (6+4): Create Water, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Mending, Message, Oath of Anonymity, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Purify Food and Drink
First Level (3+3 known, 9 spells/day): Animal Vision, Shield Companion, Heightened Awareness, Disguise Self, Unseen Servant,
Second Level (2+1 known, 7 spells/day): Dire Form, Magic Fang, Invisibility
Third Level (1 known, 5 spells/day): (Haste, Divine Favor, Shield; from Battle Mage feat)
Special Abilities
FCB: additional spell known at least one level lower than highest slot. Selected 6 times
Combat Stamina: BAB + Con mod pts (Free feat from Character generation)
Meticulous: Drawback, -2 to untrained skill checks
Friends For Fools, Region: Increase any aid another bonus given or received by 1
Fate's Favored: Faith, Increase luck bonuses by 1
Mixed Blood (Human) Race trait: +1 K Local and can select human FCB
Prehensile Tail - swift action to retrieve small item
Order of Vengeance (VMC, Feat 12/12): Challenge as level - 2 cavelier.
Mutable Appearance (Mythic Archetype Adaptable Hero): At will Disguise Self on self and equipment as a transmutation effect, rather than an illusion. Attempts to dispel take a penalty equal to tier.
Channel Energy (Sublime): 10/day, can channel energy as a single action to create a 30' radius of darkness
Strong Life Force (Sublime): Add CHA Mod to Vigor points and Wound Points (modified from original)
Hag Magic: Increase DC of any enchantment spells by 1
Arcane Hunter (Ex): At 1st level, a magekiller may always treat any creature capable of casting spells or using magical sphere effects as their favoured prey.
Sense Magic (Su): At 5th level, a magekiller can constantly detect magical auras as if using the divine ability of the Divination sphere, treating their class level as their caster level
Positive Energy Affinity (Sublime): Heal twice as much from positive energy. Maybe applies to Salve?
Strike Fear (Combat Talent 1/5 ): Full round action to 30' intimidate. Counts as Dazzling Display. Expends Martial Focus.
Uncowed (Bonus Combat Talent): +1/2 ranks of Intimidate to DC to be demoralized. +1 morale to saves vs fear. (Gladiator Sphere drawback)
Extend Spell (Bonus Magister): Double duration by increasing spell level by 1; Metamagic
Favored Weapon (Weapon Master): Polearms; Any weapon specific feats apply to all favored weapons
Weapon Advantage (Weapon Master): Selected additional weapon at 2nd, 4th, and 6th: Longbow, Longsword, and dagger.
Weapon Dominance (Weapon Master): +1 attack and damage
Invention (Machine Cultist): Glove, improved with Auto retrieval (single action to retrieve items, does not provoke) and Webbing (add half level to Swim checks).
Martial Tradition: Master of Fear, Defensive Slice, Magic Armor, alchemy (salve)
Defensive Slice (Martial Tradition): Expend an AoO to attempt to deflect a ranged attack vs self or ally in reach. If attack roll is higher than opponent, is deflected.
Magic Armor (Martial Tradition): +deflection to AC equal to Enhancement bonus to armor.
Master of Fear (Martial Tradition): No longer needs to expend focus to Strike fear, and can do so as a single action rather than a full round action.
Combat Focus (Youxia): Wushu weapon is a nodachi. Add 1/2 level to CMD when armed with it. Has Improved Unarmed Strike for Pre-requisites
Ki Pool (Youxia): 1/2 level + WIS Mod. Replenishes after 8 hours.
Ki Talents: 3 known:
Arcane Arts: 1 Ki as a swift, increase CL of a spell by 4
Healing Chi: Gain Lay on Hands as a Paladin, with mercies. Must spend 1 ki to use. Heals 3d6 and removes Fatigue, and any magical effects harming a single ability score. Single action for self or for others.
Dance of Sixteen Fists: 1 ki as a swift, creating a max of 3 mirror images for rd/level
Natural Telekinetic (Feat 1/12): Far Hand as Psi-like ability, weight is 5+5 lbs per HD.
Wild Arcana: Expend 1 mythic power to cast any spell from you class list at +2 CL
Fleet Charge: Expend 1 mythic power to move at speed and make one attack as a single action
Archmage Path: Crafting Mastery
Trickster Path: Unwavering Skill: can take 10 or 20 on class skills, even when it would not normally be possible due to hazards.
Toughness (Bonus Sublime): + HD Wound Points
Empowered (Magister Bonus): Gains Empowered Spell metamagic as bonus fear
Cornugeon Smash (Feat 2/12): Free action intimidate on power attack
Muscular Reflexes (Feat 3/12): Use STR to determine attacks of opportunity available
Harrowing Team: (Feat 4/12) : Self and ally always treated as flanking while one is riding the other
Coven Caster (Feat 5/12): Can aid another to increase CL of adjacent caster by 1 (2 with trait)
Mixed Blood (Orc) (Feat 6/12): +1 racial to melee attacks and damage
Martial Training I: (Feat 7/12): Choose two maneuvers and can ready 1. Initiator level is Half Level + CHA. Autohypnosis becomes a class skill
Martial Training II: (Feat 8/12): Choose two maneuvers and one stance. Can ready additional maneuver.
Dimensional Agility: (Feat 9/12): can complete actions after teleporting
The Flesh is Weak (Machine Cultist): Gain DR 2/Adamantine
Familiar Concentration (Feat 10/12): familiar can take on concentration on one effect; they must remain within 5' the entire time.
Blooded Strike (Bonus Combat Talent): Can inflict 2 points of bleed on every attack. Works even vs those whom are immune.
Long Cuts: (Bonus Combat Talent, drawback) Takes a DC 25 heal check or 10 points of healing to stop the bleeding
Magister's Companion (Bonus Magister Feat): Gain an animal companion of level -4.
Dragon Hunter (Reaper Cult): Dragons are always considered favored Prey
Reaper Trophy (Reaper): With one hour of work can create a trophy from a dead opponent. Can change favored prey to this type with 1 minute of meditation.
Resistant Scales (Reaper Cult): Resistance 12 vs Fire, selectable at will after 8 hours meditation. +2 NA
Reaper Technique (Reaper, 1/3): Familiar: Valet Snark (+3 stealth to master)
Favored Prey: (Monstrous Humanoid) +4 to attacks, damage, Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive and Survival
Reaper Technique (Reaper, 2/3): Extra-Dimensional Storage at full CL, giving 60 lbs of storage space accessible via full round action, or a swift by spending a spell point
Reaper Technique (Reaper, 3/3): Tricky (Jaunters Hop) 9 motes of movement; can spend one for 40' teleportation. Can only take 100 lbs + Self. No AoO. Non action 1/round can expend a point to roll a reflex save vs a critical hit or an effect that would bring you to 0 HP or less; Add CHA instead of dex, for +11 to the save. DC is 10 + 1/2 the attack bonus, or the spell DC
Battle Magic (Feat 11/12): Add 6 spells to list (Stabilize, Virtue, Shield, Command, Divine Favor, Haste), and know three of them as one 3rd level slot. Can free action cast by expending battle mark. Gain battle marks by succeeding on a weapon attack without spell bonuses to attack (GMW, True Strike, Heroism, etc). Lose Battle marks by missing an attack, or when resting for the day.
Berserker (Combat Talent 2/5): Can choose as a free action to take -2 to AC to gain 3+BAB THP for 1 round
Sanguine Invigoration (Bonus Combat Talent): when defeating an enemy of CR = 1/2 level or higher, gain BAB THP for 1 round.
Advancing Carnage (Combat Talent 3/5): can choose to take a -2 to attacks; may free action attack an adjacent enemy to first enemy that is also within reach. May continue until out of targets or a miss
Beastmastery Sphere (Ride, Combat Talent 4/5): Can make a Ride check to let mount avoid attack, using an attack of opportunity. Counts as mounted combat.
Animal Companion (Combat Talent 5/5): Increase animal companion effective druid level by 4; AC gets light armor proficiency.


Wolf Animal Companion, Buraq Archetype
N Medium Animal
Init +3; Perception +7, Senses LLV, Scent 30'
Defense: 13
DR: 6 / Magic
Vigor 42
Wound: 30
Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +3 (+4 vs charm / compulsion)
Resist Acid 5
Fast Healing 2
Speed 80 ft. , Ignores Difficult Terrain and can walk on liquids
Bite +7 (1d8 +6 + Trip)
Power Attack: -2 attack for +4/6 damage
Combat Expertise: -2 attack for +2 Dodge to Defense
STR: 15, DEX: 17, CON: 15, INT: 3, WIS: 12, CHA: 6
Base Atk +7 ; CMB +7; CMD 15 (17 vs trip)
Feats: Weapon Focus: Bite, Essence of the Immortal, Mixed Blood (Ooze), Overflowing Life, Improved Natural Attack, Blind Fight, Mighty Blow, Truly Loyal, Enhanced Capacity, Dirty Fighting, Improved Trip, Shape Veil (Bonus Feat)
Skills (Ranks): Fly +7 (1) , Intimidate +3 (5), Perception +7 (3), Stealth +8 (2)
Languages: Common (understands, 1 rank in Linguistics)

Tricks (12 total): Attack x 2, Intimidate, Work, Flank, Break Out, Come, Deliver, Detect, Down, Guard, Activate Veil, Invest Essence

Essence: 3
Veil Shaped: Boatmans Ferry, 3 points invested. +30' movement, ignore difficult terrain and can walk on liquids.
Veil Shaped: Gorget of the Wyrm. Standard action 1d4 acid damage in a 15' cone
Special Abilities
Link: +4 circumstance to Handle Animal Checks by master
Share Spells: Is a valid target for spells that normally can only target the master
Power Attack: -2 attack for +4/6 damage
Combat Expertise: -2 attack for +2 Dodge to Defense
Essence: A Buraq has an Essence Pool of half it's masters' level
Essence of the Immortal: Counts as Toughness. +1 Vigor point per essence
Mixed Blood (Ooze): Acid Resistance 5
Overflowing Life: Fast Healing 2
Weapon Focus (Bite): +1 to attacks with Bite
Improved Natural Attack (Bite): Bite damage die step goes up by 1. ( 1d6 -> 1d8 -> 2d6 -> 3d6)
Mighty Blow: Deal 3x Strength damage on your attack, rather than 1.5x. Increase critical threat range by 1.
Truly Loyal: Whenever you are handled to perform a trick, gain a +1 morale to attack/CMB for every 5 the handle animal check exceeds the DC, or +2 competence to a required check for every 5.
Enhanced Capacity: +1 essence capacity to the Boatmans Ferry
Cunning: +1 skill point per HD
Dirty Fighting: Do not provoke AoO for using combat maneuvers, and counts as INT 13 for combat maneuver feats. +4 to CMB for maneuvers when flanking.
Improved Trip: +2 to trip attempts. +2 CMD vs trip attempts.
Shape Veil: Boatmans Ferry, can walk on liquids and ignores difficult terrain. +10' movement per point invested.