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Kalindlara wrote:

As someone who actually has the original, I'm curious to know if this will include new content, and to what degree. I don't mean updated stats and systems for more modern editions - that goes without saying, under the circumstances - but new flavor, story content, that sort of thing.

In any case, I support this project. Even if I'd rather have a fully updated and improved Second Darkness. ^_^

I would absolutely LOVE to have SD updated. sure it didn't get reviewed well, but it seems pretty important to Golarion lore.

I'm about to run it for my group in a few months.

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They're looking for our input on what more they can do with Kingmaker.

Seems like a lot of people would like to see a 1e hardcover for this. Here's hoping it's heard!

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This was fantastic! The only bard I've played was more comedic than musical, so I could see parts of this happening for my party.

Love the male harpies. And the silly fighter failing that will save...