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Posting: I expect everyone to post at least once per weekday, and once over the weekend. More is always appreciated. Once we get going, things will move at a good clip, and not posting for several days in a row causes the game to stall. If this happens, it will result in your character being skipped. Make sure you’re OK with the time commitment this entails.

Mistakes: If you notice a mistake, problem, or have a concern, please let me know in any way you’re comfortable (discussion thread/pm) and we can discuss and find a solution.

RP: I’m a big fan of RP. That said, I’m also a big believer in keeping things moving. Interspersing description, dialogue, and action can seem like a chore, but it makes the game richer and more immersive for everyone. Doing all that while pushing things forward is the ideal for me. And don’t forget to interact with your fellow teammates, too, as well as the NPCs! It's much more enjoyable when interaction occurs, rather than just playing in proximity with other players. Be part of a team!