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HammerJack wrote:
Not being colorblind myself I haven't tried this, but have you tried printing them greyscale (possibly to a PDF printer if you want to use laptops, tablets, etc.)? The red text might be a lighter grey, but hopefully not too light for the GM in question to read.

They've printed in grey scale before but we spend so much money travelling to a print shop then on the printing it's kind of ridiculous.

However if it's possible to print to PDF in grey scale so it just converts it to be used digitally that would be awesome, I did not think of that. Thanks.


Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone else is finding it very hard to read some of the Starfinder content due to color blindness?
I'm the VA for my local gaming store and I have had some complaints/issues with not only color blind players but one of our regular GMs is color blind and can not read certain text when running scenarios due to the fact they use red text on a white background. I'm wondering if others are finding it hard too? We've only just started running Starfinder in conjunction with our regular Pathfinder sessions. Does anyone have any advice?