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I know this is probably pointless for a digital purchase, but do you guys give refunds or exchanges on pdf purchases? I bought the starfinder rulebook and none of the classes are really interesting me. All it did was make me want to get more pathfinder stuff and stick to that. I totally understand if all purchases are final, but I thought I would check.

So I have a few pfs characters. I started playing pathfinder in the last couple weeks and I'm still learning. I have 3 sessions applied to one of my characters. The site says I can change that characters name until I post 10 times as him. Am I still allowed to change the characters name and keep the sessions applied to him? The pfs number is right for the individual character and everything. I haven't even decided what class I want the guy. I've just played as pregens the whole time.

So I was in a pfs focused group online and there was a guy that wanted to gm a pfs game for the new players. So I talk with the guy and he's cool with me making a certain character because of what everyone else was bringing. He knew I was new and all that.
One of the people in the group that clearly knows more, apparently got frustrated and went on about all these rules for new people to pfs, like you should know what you're going to do before it's your turn. But then he went on about how you really shouldn't take longer than 6 seconds per turn in real time (I was under the impression a turn in combat was like 6 seconds of in-game time passing). And how even as a new player, you should know your race and class inside and out beforehand. Then he mentioned how every player should have all these macros for their character set up before a game so it only takes a couple minutes to get started.
As a new player, this is ridiculous. I understand etiquette in general. I get that part, but I don't see how you can even know your race and class super amazing starting off (I've read some of the arguments online over a single feat, let alone a whole class). This game has an overwhelming amount of options. That's awesome to have available, but it seems unrealistic to expect new people to actually know everything.

Is this commonplace to happen, or is this what's really expected of new players to pathfinder and pfs?