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The Survivor always manages to pull through, no matter the odds. The Survivor’s utter refusal to accept defeat often makes the difference between success and failure. Regain a point of Willpower whenever you survive a threatening situatation.


Arabic, Avar, Latin, Turkish, Venetian

About Durdona Checheg

Durdona Checheg (Avar: "Pearl Flower")
Nature Survivor
Demeanor Rebel
Generation 8th
Clan Assamite (Warrior caste)
Concept Warrior Princess

XP Earned 0

Character Development (XP Spent):
Freebie Points Spent Charisma 4 (Commanding) (5), Efficient Digestion (3), Inoffensive to Animals (1), Literacy (1), Multilingual (2), and 3 additional points of Willpower (3).

XP Spent 23 - Obfuscate ••• (10), Alertness •• (2), Awareness (3), Empathy •• (2), Leadership •• (2), Melee •• (2), Subterfuge •• (2), - 3/18/17

Physical (3)
Strength ••
Dexterity ••
Stamina ••

Social (7)
Charisma (Commanding) ••••
Manipulation (Cunning) ••••
Appearance •••

Mental (5)
Perception ••
Intelligence •••
Wits •••

Talents (9)
Alertness ••
Athletics ••
Empathy ••
Intimidation ••
Leadership ••
Subterfuge ••

Skills (13)
Animal Ken ••
Archery ••
Etiquette ••
Melee ••
Ride ••

Knowledge (5)
Hearth Wisdom

Disciplines (4)
Celerity ••
Obfuscate ••


Celerity moves a vampire with unholy rapidity and grace. Characters with Celerity move nigh-unseen in bursts of inhuman speed. This allows for remarkable performances, frightening quick assassinations, and travel unlike any in the Dark Medieval World.

Characters add their Celerity rating to their Dexterity-based dice pools, including their Initiative ratings. Add her Celerity rating to the number of yards or meters she moves in a turn.

Additionally, they may reflexively spend one point of blood to ignore difficulty penalties for multiple actions up to their Celerity dots for the turn. For example, a character with Celerity 3 makes three actions before suffering +1 difficulty for multiple actions. This does not mitigate the dice pool reduction, however. A number of these additional actions equal to half their Celerity (round up) may be attack actions. See p. 322 for rules on multiple actions.

Lastly, by spending one blood point, she may multiply her movement speed by 1 plus her Celerity dots. In combat, this lasts one turn. Otherwise, it lasts the scene.

To many common men and women living in the 13th century, the Devil lurks in every shadow and hides behind every corner. Evil is ever-present and a threat that can rarely be seen with your eyes. In the case of those Cainites who have mastered Obfuscate, this paranoia is justified. While evil may be debatable, Obfuscate makes it so that a gifted vampire could be lurking in the darkness ready to strike or flee at any time. The monster must be close at hand to accomplish this, no more than five meters per dots of Wits +
Stealth from their would-be victims.

Most mortals, even those trained in Awareness, cannot pierce the monsters’ deception. Some unique individuals may be able to see straight through these lies; children, horses, dogs, some cats, and very few religious visionaries are unaffected by Obfuscate, but this is all at Storyteller discretion.

Cainite with the Discipline of Auspex may be able to pierce a Cainite’s Obfuscate. For more, see Auspex on p. 195.

Most Obfuscate powers last a scene once activated, unless willed away by the Cainite. They take no particular concentration to uphold once raised.

Obfuscate The Silence of Death
At this rudimentary understanding, the Cainite can make things around them fade to silence, although sounds from beyond the vicinity filter through, anything in the immediate area fades into nothingness. In most cases, this nimbus moves with the Silence of Death.

System: There is no roll. The power creates a zone of absolute silence around the character, with a maximum radius of 7 meters. No sound occurs inside this zone, though sounds originating outside the area of effect may be heard by anyone in it. Additionally, if the player spends two blood points and the character spends five turns in concentration in a room or enclosure, the silence remains in it after the character leaves the room and lasts until she wills it to end. A character can’t create more than one zone of silence, so if she wishes to use Silence of Death on herself (or curse another room), the zone in the first room fades automatically.

Obfuscate •• Unseen Presence
At this point, the Cainite can now move about unseen.

Shadows cling to her, and kine and Cainite alike look away, their minds not allowing them to see the shadowy monster that lurks in their periphery. While the Discipline protects her from being seen or heard in casual progress, any direct interaction with the world shatters the illusion. Kine will step aside, unknowing, to let an Obfuscated Cainite pass them, but should the Cainite crush a bed of roses, kick a sleeping hound, or pull on a tapestry by passing too close to it, she is outed.

System: There is no roll necessary to conjure an Unseen Presence. Should a Cainite draw attention to herself by sneak attack, blunder, or speech, accidental attention will call for a Wits + Stealth from 5 to 9, based on the amount of noise or calamity the Cainite has caused. Willful attempts to violate the secrecy of Unseen Presence while still maintaining it may call for a high difficulty and multiple successes. For example, whispering to an enemy without giving away her location would require three or so successes at a difficulty of 7.

Even when seen or unseen, a secondary use of this power allows a Cainite to conceal small items already on her person, or with a successful Manipulation + Subterfuge from 5 to 9, based on the amount of observation she can grasp and conceal an easily moved item.

The signature power of Clan Assamite actually comprises two distinct Disciplines, both known colloquially as Quietus by not only those practicing the arts, but by those merely aware of them. Scholars of Alamut recite that their founder Haqim developed the twin Disciplines of Quietus to harmoniously compliment one another when he first divided the Warriors and Viziers and assigned them duties within the tripartite society of his clan. Though traditional Assamites generally prefer to utilize the original Phoenician name of “Abed Dume” or “destroy blood,” its Latin name “Quietus,” or “settling of debts” (especially as relates to death) is most common in discussion – in no doubt due to the epithet evoked by coupling the name with either of its branches.

The children of Haqim have ever seen themselves as pure and fierce judges of the righteous use of blood, separate from Caine’s other get. The Warrior Discipline Cruscitus (translated from the Phoenician “Hikmat Dume” or “blood wisdom,” defined in Latin as “the science of murder through blood”) revolves largely around the use of blood poisoning to kill. Whereas, the Vizier Discipline Hematus (translated from the Phoenician “Minhit Dume” or “blood offering,” defined in Latin as “an offering of blood”) makes use of subtle ways to manipulate vitae in aid to the tasks of mystic exploration and governance. When paired with their parent name, both Disciplines delineate their respective craft: Quietus Cruscitus as “the settling of debts by the science of murder through blood” and Quietus Hematus as “the settling of debts by an offering of blood.”

If your character already has one form of Quietus, the other type costs new rating x 4 XP to learn. It requires a teacher with that style of the power.

Quietus (Cruscitus) Blood Essence
This power provides definitive proof of a vanquished foe. Terrifying to behold, Blood Essence demonstrates one of the most frightening aspects of this Discipline: the ability to distill the essence of what Cainites refer to as the “heart’s blood,” the holy or unholy life force that contains a being’s soul.

System: Functioning even on mortals, the character must exsanguinate his victim of all but one blood point (or drain all blood points entirely if the victim is a Cainite). He then pricks his finger and marks the victim’s bare chest, near the heart, with a speck of his vitae. The player spends one blood point, spurring the speck of vitae to seep into the target’s skin. Then make an extended Willpower roll (difficulty 9) imposing a level of unsoakable aggravated damage to the victim per success. As in diablerie, if the victim remains alert during process, she can fight back.

Should a vampire fail on the roll, he must pause, but can continue again next turn. With a botched roll, the effort fails (however, the vampire can still attempt traditional diablerie if the victim is a Cainite).

Once all health levels have been exhausted, the vampire tears open the victim’s breast, moving past the rib cage to extract the heart. The vampire’s own blood has calcified the heart into a semi-translucent grayish-white flask known as a “Debitum.” The Debitum enshrouds the spiritual essence (the “heart’s-blood”) of the victim – which, if examined in detail, can be seen encased within, swimming in despair. Heart’s-blood preserved in this way endures indefinitely. If vampiric fangs pierce it, the heart reanimates, pumping a cupful of celadon-colored, aqueous, non-burning flame vaguely resembling the victim into the vampire’s maw. If the victim is a Cainite, upon devouring the essence, the vampire reaps all benefits and potential pitfalls of successfully diablerizing the victim, without risking the blood oath. A Debitum crumbles to ash if left vulnerable to fire or sunlight, or when emptied of its contents.

Backgrounds (5)
Allies (fellow young rebellious female dilettante--akin to Lucy from the movie Brom Stoker's Dracula)
Generation •••••
Resources •••

Virtues (7)
Conscience ••
Self-Control •••
Courage ••••

Blood Pool ••••• ••••• ••••o
Humanity •••••
Willpower ••••••o

Merits Efficient Digestion (3), Inoffensive to Animals (1), Literacy (1), Multilingual (Arabic, Avar, Latin (passing familiarity from Academics), Turkish, Venetian) (2)

Clan Weakness Warriors are marked with their tradition of diablerie. Warrior Assamites always confirm as positive for diablerie whenever scrutinized with supernatural powers, even if the character has never tasted the blood of another Cainite.

In addition, an Assamite's skin will begin to darken with time.

Efficient Digestion (3 points) Your internal vampiric systems work faster and more effectively than most, granting you more a greater yield from feeding. Gain an additional blood point for every two you consume.

Inoffensive to Animals (1 point) Not all of the curses of unlife have fallen upon you. Your presence does not disturb natural animals; instead, they treat you as they would any ordinary mortal.

Literacy (1 point) You are a learned scholar, able to both read and write. The Merit assumes that you can read and write with fluency in your native tongue, as well as Latin and any languages you may have gained through the Multi-Lingual Merit.

Multi-Lingual (2 points) Through patience, study, and/or immersion, you are able to speak another language or languages with native fluency. This represents a full command over the language. For each dot of Intelligence your character possesses, you may know one other language. You may also use this Merit to reflect secret codes, cants, jargon, or sign language as well. Additional languages increase the cost of this Merit by one point per language.

Development Notes:

Freebie point allocation: Charisma 4 (Commanding) (5), Efficient Digestion (3), Inoffensive to Animals (1), Literacy (1), Multilingual (2), and 3 additional points of Willpower (3).

GM Gift: Generation (5)

Future Buys
Raise Str, Dex, Sta, Per to ••• each - 8 xp/stat. Total 32xp.

Obtain Animalism, Auspex, and Dominate - 10xp/first dot. Total 30xp.
(Secondary discipline possibilities include: Fortitude, Potence and Presence)

Increase Celerity (10xp for ••), Obfuscate (10xp for •••). Total 20xp.

Ability pick ups: animal ken (4xp for •••), intimidation (4xp for •••), survival (2xp for ••), leadership (2xp for ••), subterfuge (2xp for ••), performance (3xp for ), stealth (2xp for ••), empathy (2xp for ••), alertness (2xp for ••), awareness (3xp for ), brawl (3xp for ), archery (4xp for •••), and melee (2xp for ••). Total 35xp.

Disciplines (and the abilities needed to use them):
Animalism ••• (charisma, manipulation, animal ken, intimidation, survival)

Auspex •• (perception, empathy)

Celerity* •• (more as necessary)

Dominate ••• (manipulation, wits, intimidation, leadership, subterfuge)

Fortitude (as necessary)

Obfuscate* •• maybe •••• (manipulation, wits, performance, stealth)

Potence (as necessary, 1st choice over Fortitude)

Presence ••• (appearance, charisma, manipulation, empathy, intimidation, performance)

Quietus (Cruscitus)* •• (willpower)

Blood Apocrypha (Auspex , Obfuscate ) 7 pts.

Retain the Quick Blood (Celerity •••, Quietus (Cruscitus) ••) 21 pts.

At fifteen Durdona is a bit of an old maid but those days are near an end.

She is the daughter of the proud and ruthless Avar steppe warlord Yabghul III the Greater. Alas political infighting has left her an orphan. Her dishonorable uncle Mehmut though has connived an escape from the the steppes. He has taken his family and Durdona into the West. Along with them he has brought his elder brother's accumulated wealth and a shadow of his political power. Though the marriage of his harridan niece he hopes to stabilize his own family's political situation and eventually rise in stature once more.

Durdona was raised on the steppes as a child and can handle herself upon a horse and with a bow. Eventually her tomboyishness forced her otherwise doting father (at the insistence of her jealous uncle) to send her away to Constantinople to study the art of courtly womancraft as a girl-in-waiting. In part this was to break Durdona of her wild spirit but the experience had the opposite effect. While Durdona practiced poetry and needle craft. She also learned to read and became acquainted with a range of philosophy and science. She learned to conceal her rebellions behind a veneer of polite but often pointed discourse and the occasional stomach-disquieting garden herb used as a dinner spice.

Durdona stands 5'2" but seems to loom larger. Her spirit is that of an furious valkyrie. She has dark brown hair and an olive complexion reflecting the multiculturalism of the region she was born into.

Characters of Note
Yabghul III the Greater - Warlord/Father (deceased)
Checheg - Concubine/Mother (deceased)
Mehmut the Lesser - Conniving uncle
Arzu - Greedy aunt
Fidan - "evil step-sister"
Al-Wali - Mehmut's chief mercenary
Suitor - ???
Lucia "Lucy" - A young, equally rebellious friend/partner-in-crime. (Rebel/Celebrant)

Concept notes: Cinderella, Éowyn (LotR), secret witches, rebellious teenage girls, daddy's girl, young version of Arthur's Morgana. She is strong-willed, haughty, temperamental and sly.