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I has always bothered me that characters at other locations could play cards on your turn. Not realistic could be miles away out of site etc. Has anyone thought about what rule changes we could use to only let someone at your location play cards on your turn. 1. Change to 40 blessings 2.Allow accompanying character at yout location play 2 cards on your turn. Any other play balance ideas ?

I use a dice tower but I think it is defective. Bad rolls

What about an adventure generator

Create and adventure path based on rol
Use the dice to determine the reward
Create 5-6 adventures use dice to determine rewards
Select locations based on dice rolls.
use dice to determine special rules if any on the 2 above

In fact you could recreate as many of these as you like.

The only thing missing would be the narrative. You would create charts on each of the attributes above using you imagination and randomly select them. rewards special rules etc

I play by myself with 2 to 3 characters and I don't think I ever see all the locations