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It was confirmed on the last twitch stream that they already have this spell written and it will be included in the final release

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Dire Ursus wrote:
How many uncommon things is one player going to request? Not even close to as many things that a DM will need to vet and decide to restrict in their games.

This is true, which is why a built in rarity system is nice, we don't have to make that list if we don't want.

And if you don't like the list in the book, ignore it and tell your players to run everything by you first.

But if you're super dedicated and want a custom list from the start, more power to ya.

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Vic Ferrari wrote:
Envall wrote:
Ok but what does scaling feats look in practice?
Cat Fall, is a good start.

I feel that is a key distinction, that "scaling" be related to proficiency and not to level.

Whats the point of starting out with a feat that is just a bunch of feats built in and as you level they unlock? Just grab the individual feats as you level.

Some characters prefer to organically grow themselves over the course of a campaign, picking up feats related to how they are playing the character, which may change as game progresses, and not be locked down starting at level 1.

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I really like this but I wouldn't want it replacing the current ease of the system.
However I always encourage my players to to take pride in crafting their background and this is a great guideline.
I could definitely see this format included in full release for a "make your own" method while still giving options for those who find exactly what they want quickly from the list.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Common - 100% player agency
Uncommon - 50% player/50% GM agency
Rare - 100% GM agency

Yes! I feel that to most folk, this is what it came off as, which is perfect

Jason Bulmahn wrote:

While that works for you, it has been identified as a huge problem for many GMs and something that a simple tool like this might do wonders to help fix. If you don't need it, just like any other rule in the game, you can ignore it, but this is one that I feel very strongly about including the in game.

I will take this back to the team and see what we cook up.

Thank you! I'm glad to see this. I understand (maybe?) why some are very vocally against it but this feels very much like a non-issue, but your extended consideration to such things is always appreciated