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Full Name



Human / Ivory Tribeman


Seasoned [20xp]



About Dubaku


Agility [D8]
Smarts [D6]
Spirit [D8]
Strength [D6]
Vigor [D6]

Pace [4"]
Charisma [+0]
Parry [5] (6 with 2H spear)
Toughness [6]
Power Points [N/A]

HINDRANCES: Lame (D4 running, -2 Pace), Wanted (by Imperial slavecatchers after he fled the Arena with Mojoji), Pacifist (fights only in self defence, but only against animals)

EDGES: Beast Master (travels with Mojoji, the ape he liberated from the Imperial Arena), Two Fisted (no multi-action penalty), Ambidextrous (no off-hand penalty), Beast Bond (can spend bennies on Mojoji)

Fighting [D8]
Healing [D6]
Knowledge: Animal Care [D6]
Notice [D4]
Persuasion [D6]
Repair [D4]
Riding [D6]
Stealth [D4]
Survival [D4]
Tracking [D6]

GEAR (50 Moons)

Whip (STR+1 / allows tricks at range+2)
Spear (STR+D6 / 1H: allows tricks at range+1, 2H: +1 Parry)
Dagger (STR+D4)
Light Armour (AV+1)
Healers Kit

Dubaku always has an affinity with animals. When a horse or hound became wild, the villagers would send for Dubaku to calm the creature. His skill with animals made him a valued member of the tribe, despite his disability - as a child, Dubaku was wounded in a hunting accident and a spear impaled his leg, damaging the tendons and making him lame (hindrance). When Imperial soldiers came to his village and enslaved his people, Dubaku was sold to the owner of a gladiatorial arena, where he was made responsible for caring for the exotic beasts that were housed there - up until they were slaughtered by gladiators for the entertainment of the bloodthirsty crowds that would cheer uproariously as the blood of each noble beast stained the sand. After several years of slavery, Dubaku met the ape Mojoji, whom his master had bought for a low cost as the monkey was weak and sickly. Dubaku nursed the ape back to health, then learnt that his master intended to showcase the ape in a 'comedy act', by dressing him up as a gladiator and pitting him against some of the more ferocious beasts in the arena. Dubaku was not prepared to see his friend sacrificed in this manner and hatched a plan for he and Mojoji to escape. They were hounded through the city, but eventually evaded their pursuers and made it into the wilds.

MOJOJI (used stats for a monkape from 50 Fathoms)

Agility [D10]
Smarts [D8A]
Spirit [D8]
Strength [D6]
Vigor [D6]

Pace [4]
Parry [5]
Toughness [5]

Climbing [D10]
Fighting [D6]
Notice [D6]
Swimming [D6]
Throwing [D10]

Bite (STR+D4)
Climbing (Pace 8, +2 to Climbing rolls)
Hurl (STR+D4 if above victim, STR only if thrown with no height advantage)