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So I've had the boon for awhile and I keep jumping from one idea to a next without settling on something. Below is decisions I've made and then backed off of for whatever reason;

1) Undine Adept - aquatic and water subtype summons aren't terribly good in most environments

2) Zen Archer - really strong, still not terribly certain this won't be the way I go, but it kind of feels meh on the whole (it shoots things, like great, but that's kind of it)

3) Musketmaster - Similar to the Zen Archer, I just haven't played any gunslingers

4) Water Singer - looks cool, but not sure how much I'm really going to opt to use it's special abilities rather than just buff

5) Unchained Monk/Rogue build - I picked the book up because I'm planning on using my Ifrit boon for Summoner and I got to looking at the other stuff in the book. Monk looks like a departure from what I'm used to from the class, but I think I like the direction. Rogue was to get Dex to Damage for Unarmed and also get Debilitating Injury. I figured with that and Style Strike I'd be able to kick my AC against a single opponent to stratospheric levels, which struck me as interesting. This is where I'm currently leaning, but I'm not sold on it. Since Unchained is so new, I'm not sure what thoughts are on certain abilities. I'm also worried because this takes like 9 levels to come online, which is less than ideal.

So this is kind of where I'm at and I'm hoping a bit of input from folks will help me out. I've got the full 4 elemental boons, so I could make a Suli, but I'm just not feeling anything I'd like to build with that race and I've largely decided what I'd be interested in for my other three boons (Ifrit Summoner, Oread Reach Cleric, and Sylph Magus).

So I'm a ways off from this encounter, but I'm struggling with how to set it's CR to ensure my players are at the appropriate level before reaching that point.

I really like the Dark Folk race and the Hag Coven abilities, so I'm thinking of combining the 2. For a combination of story and power level desires, I'm making certain decisions about templates added to these creatures. Anyways, the coven is made up of these proposed characters:

-An Advanced Witchfire
-An Advanced, Shadowfire Blood Hag
-A Dark Caller with ~11 levels of Shaman and the Coven Hex

So what's the CR? 17?

I'm about to start playing in a Carrion Crown game and I got the idea of a Richter Belmont-esque character stuck in my head. So whip mastery feats and Quick Draw for throwing weapons as my primary ranged attacks. As I mulled over the idea, I figured that a Lore Warden build focused on Trip, Dirty Trick (including the feat to make it an attack action rather than a standard) and Disarm would be a cool way to do it. My only concern is how viable it would be to play throughout the AP. Since I'm not going for the 2-HANDPOWERATTACKDESTROYALLTHETHINGS, I want to ensure that Trip and Dirty Trick are a viable tactic (ie the AP doesn't wind up pitting you against 6 legged huge monsters). I understand that combat manuevers are best against humanoid oponents at lower levels and tend to level out in effectiveness at higher levels, but I'd hate to start an AP and then at the end of it be a completely useless build.

I sketched it out rather hastily and with my planned feat progression I was at a +24 CMB (+28 for Trip, Dirty Trick & Disarm) at level 11.

TLDR; Would a Lore Warden Combat Manuever Fighter be suitable for a Carrion Crown character or should I scrap it and make something else?

Are there any chronicle sheet boons that grant skill specializations? I'm specifically looking for linguistics and disable device, but I'd be curious about any chances to expand my skill list as a rage prophet.