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Titan, I MADE an account simply to tell you how amazingly epic your plot alterations here are.

One change I am going to make when I run this, since my PCs already have developed backstories-

is to have Kendra be the daughter of Count Galdana from when he was young- she was born out of wedlock, and secreted away, forgotten by everyone (including Galdana) until Petros uncovered the truth of her ancestry and took her in to protect her. This way, I can keep the rescuing Galdana part of Renchurch (which I love) intact, while having the danger of the Whispering Tyrant's return remain real (Adivion takes Kendra to Gallowspire) until just before the final battle- to make it truly evident how much of a last ditch effort Adivion drinking the elixir is.

Even then, I may have him, on the verge of madness, rant about how the proximity of his and Galdana's counties may mean there was some blood intermingling, and that perhaps he, Adivion, was also descended from the Tyrant.

Clearly, he wasn't, but it is entirely possible, especially as last-ditch effort reasoning.

So thanks for the inspiration!