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2 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


We aren't doing the Demon Babies bit then...

No one tells me anything!

PannicAtack wrote:
I share a decent chunk of the blame on this one, given I'm the one who raised a stink. But let's say that there was a somewhat serious disagreement on whether or not the party's Backfire Adept feeding a captive Dretch to a called Bebilith was an evil act or not.

Oh come on man! Don't be like that!

Feed it Baby Kermit instead! He's way more annoying.

Or, and this is just between us, if something were to happen to Baby Fozzie, who would care?

Just saying, not saying it has to go anywhere.

But here, take this shiv anyway, you know, just in case. *exaggerated wink*