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Rezdave wrote:
Do you have access to a collection of old Dungeon mags?


Hi guys,
Do any of you know if there are any good adventures series out there that deal with shipping and smuggling? My players and I want to do a smuggling trading shipping game (fantasy or sci-fi - pathfinder or space fantasy) but I need a good source to use for us. any sugestions?
thanks for the help guys

Hi guys

I'm looking for a little advise, I'm playing running a group of 6 players through the kingmaker adventure path and 2 of them are ranged specialist (scout and ranger) and I want to know if anyone has any good advice on how to deal with ranged players. During fights they are always as far away from the battle as they can and while the rest of the group is taking the licks from the baddies they shoot comfortably from a distance. They also feel the instant anything even gets remotely close to them. Anyone have any encounter ideas that would negate the bows or bring the fight to them? They never worry during fights just arrows from 100+ft away and if it gets close run so that the other one can shot it and i would like to put a little fear into them.

I got one of them during the night watch with a worg once but now they insist on being on hose back during the night watch...

hi guys,
i was wondering if u though there was anychance of a devine caster varient of the summoner? i have a fire priest that is close to a summoner and was hopeing to convert over.

also do u think it would unbalance the class to change the spells to devine and add in a single domain?

thanks much guys

Hi hi,
Why kill it when you can build a viable living city around a captured live one? One of my favorite ideas about the Terrasque was one I found on another message board a few years ago about a Terrasque that had been captures and stuck in place. They harvested his ever regenerating meat for food, his bones for tools and used his blood to water there crops or something... it’s an idea that just makes me smile. :) My players didn’t want anything to do with that city but if u guys want to check out the ideas ill drop the link here.


Its a bit of a intensely disturbing thing, the idea of an entire city grown up around the torture and dismemberment of an immortal being.

hope you guys find this as cool as i did.

IMHO I don’t like PrCs because a lot of times the character doesn’t get to level high enough to do anything cool either cause the DM does very slow progression and doesn’t like to get high level play or the game doesn’t last long enough.

Alchemist – (A) if it play out more like a polymorph/wild shape/transmutation guy it sounds great and I cat wait to see it. On the other had it he is going to be more of a special crafter I would like to see an artificer created.

Cavalier – (C) I’m hoping this is going to work out something like the dnd 4e warlord.

Oracle – (C) sounds interesting but I kind of want to see how its going to come out and be different than the divine classes that are available now.

Summoner – (A) can’t wait for this one, from my interpretation of the description its going to be more like a creature handler/beast lord type of class that focuses on the player controlling a monster of somekind.

Always wanted to make a Halfling with a troll pet

Who run Bartertown? Who... run... Bartertown?
...You know who.
Master Blaster.
Say loud!
Master Blaster.
Master Blaster runs Bartertown!

Hi guys,

sorry about this but, id like to see something like in the MMORPG I play, AA (alternate advancement) to where you wouldn’t level past level 20 but you would gain AA points to where you could buy abilities or enhancements for your character.

It would be like continuing to level but it would be a little faster as you would need to spend multiple points to get some of the better things. Characters would be ably to buy things such as more hit points a higher attack bonus heightened magical ability or even greater resists. This allows for greater character customization and a way for characters to continue adventuring even after reaching level 20.

If I were to create the system, once characters reach level 20 (or even sooner) they would start gaining AA points as if they were a lower level (something like level 15) so they would gain AA somewhat quickly but abilities would get more expensive the more you buy into them,

An example would be something like an extra hit die, where the first level would be only 1 AA point but the second level/tier would be 2 AA and then 3 AA points. Abilities would have AA level/caps on them so a character couldent buy an unlimited number of certain abilities, but IMHO if a character really wants to spend something like 100 AA points to receive 1 extra hit die that is there choice.

Once again sorry about suggesting something from an MMORPG but one of the reasons I like this system is that it doesn’t just add more and more levels onto a character, it adds a lot more customization and the ability for more people to come up with cool abilities for there own campaign and it should decrease the amount of math involved as once you reach level 20 you stay level 20 and start adding special abilities onto the character. In the MMO it actually starts before the end level and the more basic AA are available sooner but the better and more powerful AA require a higher levels.

As far a legal things goes I don’t think it will be much of an issue as it works like a point buy system. The dev team would just be adding a point buy system on the class based system to allow for added customization, and the name could be EE for Extended Experience.

add craft undead feat chain