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Excelent Dungeon Crawl Adventure


Jacob's Tower delivers exactly what it promises - 13 levels of interesting dungeon crawl that uses most of the skills and abilities set out in the Pathfinder Rules - at least those that were available at the time of the modules publishing.

Be aware, if you are looking for immersion, character development or in-depth story this is not the module for you. Jacob's Tower does not claim this, so you should not be expecting it. Customization is recommended to make it more engaging if needed.

The Tower is set out like a hybrid Tabletop RPG and videogame. It provides an interesting 'safe zone' that the characters return to after each level of the tower, complete with comforts designed specifically for them. They may rest, recuperate and sell loot they have acquired. Characters then set forth in a linear dungeon crawl from level 1 to level 13, with commensurate challenges are rewards at each level to match their growth. The final challenge is a very ‘video game’ boss, complete with multiple ‘forms’ to defeat to claim victory.

The tower challenges are diverse, meaning that all character types and classes should have their moment to shine. There are interesting encounters and quirks – just enough to keep players interested and the content becoming stale or ‘samey’ (a flaw found in a lot of dungeon crawls).

The formatting is clean and easy to follow. There are no significant typos or glitches that I could see. The module is peppered with nice (but generic) black and white art, and the maps are functional (though not pretty)though there are color maps available online for download.