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I was not sure where to post this, but if the community doesn't know about this video it is a must see. All I can say is it is one of the best DnD spoof songs/video's ever made. If I posted it in the wrong forum feel free to speak up and tell me where it needs to land. Good stuff, the video crew deserves a kudo's for this. Check it out Here

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Metal & Myth LLC.
Dredan Website

Good Morning!

Metal & Myth LLC is pleased to announce that we are starting to ramp up for the summer season and the first 3 of many maps are for sale in PDF form here at Paizo and DriveThruRPG. These PDF's are high resolution maps of a single world. Each map includes:

1) An exact scale of the world size compared to earth
2) Popular cities in the world as well as known landmarks
3) 1 page PDF (average size 9"x 5")
4) High resolution 600 dpi with zooming capabilities of 600% showing the small details
5) Each world is referenced in the Dredan Campaign setting but can be used for any world.
6) System independant (d20, Pathfinder, Traveller), these are world maps, nothing else, implement them in your game.

To celebrate the launch of the Dredan Cartography series of maps, the first 10 people to contact me ( will receive a free map of their choice. The only thing we ask is that you write a review of the maps because your honest opinion is what we are looking for.

You can find the new PDF's HERE.

Whats new this summer:

The first Dredan Campaign Setting Errata (2 years of playtest), some things will be changing

The first Dredan stand-alone adventure featuring a single world (Humog), "The Mind of the Mine".

Thanks to the wonderful community we have here, I hope someone will be able to put our materials to use and be happy with it. In the end we all just want to play the game.

Best Regards,
The Metal & Myth Team

Is Alchemy (Su) or (Sp), and do the extracts behave just like potions? If so then they are subject to mage's disjunction.

I have been looking for a while and thought I would post it here, does anyone here know of any good figure/model companies? Much like the WOTC figures, guargantuine dragon, were are looking at getting some of the two legged vehicles, figures and starships from Dredan represented for our setting. Anyone attempted to do this or have contacts for companies that can do fantasy/Sci-Fi models? I have been talking with different local companies at the con's and realize this is a very costly endeavor but we are weighing all of our options and any ideas and or contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Putting this out there to all the PPP publishers and their compatible products. No where in the Pathfinder Core rulebook do I find anything about level adjustment. Did they do away with it? Anyone have a discussion thread about this? Do you know what page in the book discusses this aspect? IMO, they don't touch it, but doesn't mean it can't be done. I haven't read the rulebook cover to cover, just what I need and the well known stuff (IE classes, races, skills, feats, mechanics and such), but nowhere can I find anything about LA. Comments?

We are pleased to announce that we are putting out 25 different PDF's of all of the Dredan Worlds. In these PDF's there will be maps of all of the 75 worlds (planets) in the Dredan Realm. What we are looking for is Talented Sci-Fi artists who can do full page depictions of Space stations. My partner and full time artist is currently creating all of the to scale maps for these PDF's. However, there are a few planets in these systems that aren't really planets at all. These specific areas are known as gas giants that the ships use for re-fuelling stations. Since we won't need maps for these gas giants, we would like to showcase the talent of artists and allow them to create images of the space-stations and star-ports that are orbiting these gas giants.

All images submitted if used for the Dredan Cartography PDF's will be property of Metal & Myth LLC once submitted. However, your name will be on the cover of the PDF as illustrator, and you will be given space on the second page to add a personal website for your work and any comments you would like to make. Plus you will be used on further books set to publish in 2010, such as the Dredan Bestiary "Creatures of Metal & Myth".

If your interested please email

Dredan PFRPG:
Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth can be purchased Here

Dredan wrote:
To bring in the New Year, Metal & Myth LLC is happy to offer to the first 25 participants of our book review a free coupon to download our 233 page campaign setting valid @ DrivethruRPG, RPGnow and ENWorld. To participate in this offer all you have to do is send an email to and agree to download, review and post your thoughts of the setting and any comments as a review of our book here.

This offer is valid for the first 25 people to email their interest. I will be awarding the coupons on a first come first serve basis.

For those that have purchased our campaign setting already, if you write a review of your thoughts I will send you a free coupon for the first series of our Dredan Cartography maps. Send me an email with your Paizo order number to verify your purchase and when we publish the first PDF in the series (KAI system) you will receive the PDF for free.

Happy Holidays
The Metal & Myth Team

Please reply to this email thread if you have any questions and reply when you have received your free copy

We will be introducing Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth Campaign specific character sheets for each of the prestige classes introduced in the campaign setting. The following new races were introduced in this campaign setting:

  • BLU
  • Felonian
  • Mandorian
  • VOID

The following new prestige classes were introduced in the campaign setting:

  • Legacy Synpiot
  • Life Protector
  • Mandorian VOID Hunter
  • VOID Creature Reaver
  • VOID Crommandant
  • VOID Dredan Knight

The Life Protector character sheet will be the first.

Dredan PFRPG:
Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth Campaign setting for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game can be purchased Here

Dredan Bestiary:
Dredan Creatures of Metal & Myth for Pathfinder coming soon

In the next few weeks we will be publishing the first of our many system maps for all of the worlds in the Dredan Realm. What does each PDF entail?

Dredan has over 70+ planets within its 25 systems. Each system PDF will have a detailed map to scale of each of the worlds (planets) in each system. All of these systems are described in the Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth campaign setting (Chapter 10) for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These maps depict noteable landmarks and major cities for each planet and are set to scale perfectly for quick reference for any GM. There is also a comparison of each planet in size as compared to Earth so you can have an accurate representation of the size of each world.

We will be producing a system every couple of weeks and it will be available at Paizo and Drivethru. The first system we will be showcasing is the KAI system followed by the gigantic system and planet of HUMOG.

FYI these maps are for the Campaign setting but could be used for any Campaign because they will only have names and labels. They could be incorporated into any campaign if you need a map.

Interested in the campaign setting of Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth

Dredan PFRPG:
Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth can be purchased Here

Dredan Bestiary:
Dredan Creatures of Metal & Myth for Pathfinder coming soon

Happy Holidays

Good luck to all of the contestants. May the new year bring you to the top 32!

Best wishes to all who is involved in Superstar 2010.

DREDAN is an RPG Campaign Setting that crashes Science Fiction and Fantasy together in a concise volume for DMs and Players alike. A detailed rule set mixing ancient and futuristic play within 28 planetary systems encompassing 74 planets. You are no longer limited to one world within a material plane. This is not a small supplement book. Dredan is a full campaign setting with 235 pages, over 100+ illustrations and a complete listing of all planets and systems in the realm each with a descriptions and other useful information for a DM to run a campaign anywhere on this material plane.
DREDAN campaign sourcebook uses a mixture of the futuristic rules from the popular Traveller T20 system combined in conjunction with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. DREDAN provides a complete set of rules allowing these two game systems to work together and create a world that has anything you may be looking for in your campaign.

DREDAN offers:
4 new player races
5 new prestige classes
2 new sorcerer bloodlines
2 new religious domains
3 new Deities
New spells
New rules combining Sci-Fi and Fantasy
New items and equipment useable by fantasy or futuristic characters

A system chart of the DREDAN Realm in full color showing the layout of this material plane
A new way of using spells and energy from the Positive and Negative Energy Planes
A new type of magic/scientific system utilizing Syntenetics
This sourcebook is a must have for players or DM's that wish to provide a "new" flavor to their new or existing campaigns.
To pre-order the soft cover campaign setting book, please visit our website at Not only is your campaign no longer limited to a region/country/city, you now have over 75 planets complete with cities and descriptions of what races you may encounter on any one of these planets. If you do not play Sci-Fi, thats ok, Dredan has new twists on the arcane and divine to give a whole new material plane for your party to explore.

The PDF can be purchased from the Paizo store here.

We still are accepting artist to create images for our upcoming Pathfinder compatible "Creatures of Metal & Myth" sourcebook for use with the "Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth" campaign setting. This manual will be compatible with the Pathfinder series and can be used for your Pathfinder game or the Dredan Campaign setting. Please contact me if your interested in submitting your artwork to get published.

Creatures of Metal & Myth is due to be published first quarter 2010.

Visit our website: Metal & Myth LLC to order Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth softcover.

Download Dredan PDF

Happy Gaming!
The Metal & Myth Team

Dredan wrote:


Just to let you all know, Dredan Realm of Metal & Myth has been released for the 3.5 system and is currently being re-worked for The Pathfinder Role Playing Game. I am expecting to have it out in November.

Dredan mixes Sci-Fi and Fantasy in one campaign setting. Dredan uses the OGL content from the Traveller (T20) system with the OGL from the 3.5 system to combine and have a setting that mixes fantasy and Sci-Fi.

This is not a Modern or Futuristic campaign setting,

This is not a fantasy setting,

It is both rolled into one material plane. Rules, conversions, ships, spells, new races, new prestige classes and items (magic and technology based).

Published by Metal & Myth LLC

Expected release end of October - mid November. PDF or perfect bound softcopy will be available.

The 3.5 version PDF is available now through Paizo's website along with a color 8.5 x 11 PDF of the Dredan Realm Star Chart. The Dredan Campaign Setting for Pathfinder is complete and will be showing up on Paizo's website in the next few weeks.

Go to Dredan 3.5 Download.
Publisher Website