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Tigari wrote:
I will agree with we need more assassin types. It's hard to gauge how many there are though. Most assassins want to stay in the shadows, not letting people know they are assassins :(. Only myself and a few others have actually left the safety of the Shadows and stepped into the light to announce our true identities.

I applied for Golgotha and I plan on being an Assassin. Although, now I will probably have to choose a different name for him to keep his identity secret. :\

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Is Golgotha still recruiting? If so, to whom should I send a PM if I'm interested in getting involved with the settlement? Thank you in advance.

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AvenaOats wrote:
Thanks for the vlog Stephen and Lee. Different presentations always good in my book. The influence and reference to TT definitely inspires the promise of tactical combat that already exists in the TT, so I hope you guys are finding success with this approach, it seems to resonate with the players of the TT (TT games in general) here already, which is perhaps the most important group of players for PFO??

I second the sentiment about the desire for tactical combat, although I've not played TT Pathfinder. I've seen many comments on other message boards with players lamenting the fact that PFO is going with a tab targeting system.

I'm fine with a tab targeting system if it forces a player to choose from different tactics. I would prefer to let die the system where all you do is press hotkeys 1 through 5 over and over in the same sequence, because there is no reason not to use your best skills ad nauseum. However, if you have to make a choice between the costly, high-damage attack or several smaller attacks or a utility skill that may tip the scales of the fight as well, then that's a battle worth fighting.

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I love the idea, but I wonder how feasible it is to implement such a system, with regard to server resources and bandwidth concerns. Also, they would have to classify just about every action, item, location, etc. in the game as belonging to certain knowledge areas/leads, which surely adds to the database size and query times.

Constant checks/dice rolls for leads in just about every aspect of the game would have to push a lot more information per player character over the network, I would think. With hundreds or thousands of players constantly roaming around having checks made all the time, that's a lot more network packets moving around, eating up bandwidth.

Again, I love the idea, but it may have to be put on a back burner until such time that all of the technical aspects could be worked out and guaranteed that it won't negatively impact the performance of the game.

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I created this second account and signed up for a Pioneer account using Firefox. I received the confirmation email for this account, but never received one for my original account. Should I be concerned?