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Aircraft Refueling, though went to school to be a aircraft Mech. The whole 911 thing kind of switched things up.

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In my eberron version of the AOW's, we are playing through the encounter at blackwall keep. I've allowed the Faceless One (a changeling) to live, and he has taken the form of Marzena (who the PC's don't know is already dead.) Marzena/faceless one meet with the PC's before they arrived at the lizard folk lair, claiming to have escaped with some of her gear. She has given each of the group a ring of protection and potions of cure moderate wounds and asked them to go rescue the other soldiers and destroy the dragon egg inside (releasing the worms). Of course the rings are really slave rings with the faceless one haveing the master ring, and the potions contain slow worms. And they still don't know marzena is the Faceless One. I havn't yet decided when to spring it on them, I'm thinking about the time they arrive in the Lizard Kings lair, they can see the real Marzena already dead and part of an ongoing feast.

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The group meets up the next morning and Dendrock leads the way to the Whispering Cairn. They travel a hour north and arrive at a side road leading to the old abandoned mine near the cairn. The group takes the road, which leads pass an abandoned mine house. Ten minuets later dendrock leads them to the Cairn entrance, a gaping opening supported by three cyclopean stones. The entrance is severly overgrown with vines and impassable.

Balin steps forward and envokes a spell, causing the vines to part, forming a path to the entrence.

The group enters the darkened entrance, noticing many geometric designs on the walls. A strange whispering sound resinates around them. The group doen't go far before discovering an alcove with an old bedroll laying on the ground. Looking at the walls they can see graffetti covering the geometric patterns here.

"The kids of Hollow Hills dare each other to spend a night in the cairn. Those who last the night win a bet wagered on their behalf." mentions Dendrock as he rubs his chin thinking on his own experience sleeping in the entrance.

"Did you win the bet?" ask Moren.

Dendrock looks up at the shifter while holding a torch up to the graffetti, "I got my money," he smiles, "but not from surviving the night."

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Session I, The Whispering Cairn

The campaign starts with our two shifters, Balin and Moren. They have been in town a couple of days searching for information about the strange undead. They have learned from a group of local kids about a Cairn laying to the north of Hollow Hills. The kids say they saw some spooky green glowing light in the Cairn that scared them. They claim it was a ghost. The shifter's decide they need to investigate these rumors, but need a guide.

The game starts with the two shifters entering into the Feral Dog tavern searching for the halfling Dendrock, who has come highly recommended as a guide. They enter into a cacophony of noise; drunken miners, squeeling ladies, and barking dogs. The shifters are very uncomfortable in this urban setting, but cautiously carry on. The see a lone halfling siping away at an ale, and approach him.

"Are you Dendrock?" is asked of the halfling. He peers up over his mug at the two out of town strangers, all the more strange for being shifters. "Depends on who's asking." is his short reply.

The shifter's are taken aback by the reply, but carry on. "You come highly recommended as a guide."

Dendrock looks them over."Depends on who's asking." he sips his ale.

Moren drops a bag of coins on the table, "We seek a guide to the place you call the Whispering Cairn. We will pay you well for your services."

The halfling picks up the bag and weight's it. "It's going to take more than that, let's say twice the amount."

The shifter's look at each other and nod. "Perhaps we can find another guide." Moren reaches over and lifts the bag of coins form Dendrocks hand.

"You wont find another guide of my caliber in this hole of a town." the halfling quickly says while watching the coin bag disappear into Moren's robe.

"Perhaps your right, but I'm sure they'll be less greedy."

"Fine, I'll take what's in the bag, but I get to keep anything we find of value." Dendrock quickly retrieves the coin bag again as Moren throw's it back on the table.

"We start first thing in the moring." says Balin.

The group parts way's for the night. Dendrock goes to his small shack that he calls home, while the shifter's camp outside within view of the halfling's home.

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Hello all. I'm not new to the forums here, but my past has always been as a lurker. Today that all changes. What will follow is the progress of my current Age of Worms campaign set in Eberron. As of the current time, we are close to finishing up the Whispering Cairn. My campaign follows some of Keith's conversions notes, but it is also mixed with my own conversions.

First let's introduce the Cast of Characters:

Balin (male shifter druid) Balin and his close friend Moren are members of the Shadows of the Forest, based in the Kings Forest. Balin has a tatoo around his eye and extending up to his forhead. This same tatoo is shared with Moren. Balin inspires to be a moonspeaker and apprentices to a well known Moonspeaker of the Kings Forest. This moonspeaker has asked Balin and his friend Moren to investigate mysterious undead that have been seen in the King's Forest. Rumor's persist of the town of Hollow Hills (my name for Diamond Lake) being the source of more sightings of these strange undead.

Moren (male shifter ranger): Moren has grown up with Balin and they have become close friends. He is also a member of the Shadows of the Forest. Where Balin goes, he goes.

Dendrock (male halfling rogue): Dendrock is a current citizen of Hollow Hills. He try's to keep out of the mines as much as possible, and takes odd jobs throughout the community. Two shifters from out of town have asked him to act as a guide to a local cairn. He has come highly recommended by certain members of the community.

Ailil (male human barbarian): Ailil is the newest member of the party and doesn't come into the game until session IV. He is a wondering barbarian searching for his past. He can remember nothing about his past. He knows only that he awoke among members of a slain party of fellow warriors. He his very forgetful.

My next post will start with Session I.