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Jail House Rock wrote:

If [...]

What did I do wrong?

If this is your strategy, how did you end up with letters beyond the letter T?

I think you need to apply your strat again and be very careful about labelling.

OK, from the answer, I just reverse engineered how to get to the letters needed for the solution.

So, for those who might be stuck on them, I will say this:

This is a *very* language dependant puzzle. It relies the on the roman alphabet (the one we use).

I'll say no more.

Thanks, Jade!

Someone did help me out with explaining the puzzle, so thanks all. Although I still don't 'get' where the letters came from, but regardless, I can sleep peacefully now.

... readily.


And if you don't mind, I am throwing in the cards. So if someone has solved it, feel free to send me a walkthrough of how it was solved.


dracorat at ya who dot com.

Wasn't the Red-Box written by Tom Moldvay and published by Tactical Studies Rules (TSR)?

And for the record, even with all these hints, I still got nothin. Number of stones - means nothing to me. Distance, spacing, relative position - all nothing.

It seems to me that once you figure out what each stone and its relative position represents, then the colors indicate how to re-order the pieces of that puzzle in to proper order. The color itself isn't important other than the fact that they need to be reordered to ROYGBIV order, taking their representative parts with them.