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Small even for a goblin, Briney the Younger carries around a Heavy Crossbow on his back, barely managing it's weight. A "goblin's goblin", he wears typical garb and carries a dogslicer at his side, flitting about like a squirrel, taking in his scenery without missing a beat.
Left Unchecked, he will talk your ear off as his mental dialogue is given a physical voice for an indeterminate amount of time. You may wonder if he ever sleeps...

Society Profile:

Envoy's Alliance
School Training: Field-Comissioned Agent
Downtime: Crafter's Workshop + "Briney's Special"

Perception (*) +6 or +8 drakeheart w/ +1 vs Lead w/ Darkvision
Battle Planner (~) Warfare Lore for Initiative w/ indication of number, position, and identities of foes
Languages: Common; Draconic, Gnoll, Goblin, Halfling, Orcish

AC 17 or 22 drakeheart; HP 40
Fortitude (*) +7, Reflex (**) +9 or +8 drakeheart, Will (**) +6 or +5 drakeheart
Goblin Scuttle (↺) When ally ends move adjacent, Briney may Step

Investigator Class DC 19
Speed 25; Bulk 0.0 / 5.0

Dogslicing, Rub Rubs, Boom Booms, and Gun Gun:

Devise a Stratagem (◆/◇) Pre-roll Strike targeting Foe; if applied, may use INT instead of ST / DX
Strategic Strike (~) Add +1d6 precision to INT-applied Strike w/ agile, finesse, ranged or sap
Quick Tincture (◆) Expend one Versatile Vial to produce an Elixir or Tool
Load Alchemical Crossbow (◆) with held lesser bomb that deals acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic
Accidental Shot (◆◆/fortune/1-day) Roll attack and damage twice for ranged Strike ignoring concealment and hidden

Melee Weapons ("Dogslicing")
Dogslicer (1h) +7/+3 or +9 strategy @ 1d6 slashing or 1d6+1 backstabber + 1d6 strategy

Tinctures ("Rub Rubs")
Drakeheart Mutagen (◆) may Final Surge (◆) to Stride twice and end mutagen
Elixir of Life (◆) heal 1d6 and +1 vs disease and poison for 10 minutes
Focus Cathartic (◆) +6 Counteract Level Two vs Confused or Stupefied
Forensic Dye (◆) May brush onto object / area to determine exact match between two substances
Olfactory Obfuscator (◆) Imprecise Scent fail Detect (must Seek); Concealed vs Precise Scent; +4 to Stealth DC vs Scent-only
Sinew-Shock Serum (◆) +6 Counteract Level Two vs Clumsy or Enfeebled

Bombs ("Boom Booms")
"Burn Burn" Alchemist Fire (1h) +6 or +8 strategy @ 1d8 fire + 1 splash + 1 persistent + 1d6 strategy
"Buzz Buzz" Bottled Lighting (1h) +6 or +8 strategy @ 1d6 electricity + 1 splash + flat-footed to next turn start + 1d6 strategy
"Choke Choke" Blight Bomb (1h) +6 or +8 strategy @ 1d6 poison + 1 splash + 1d4 persistent + 1d6 strategy
"Dum Dum" Dread Ampoule (1h) +6 or +8 strategy @ 1d6 mental + 1 splash + frightened 1 or 2 + 1d6 strategy
"Icy Boom Slow" Frost Vial (1h) +6 or +8 strategy @ 1d6 cold + 1 splash + -5 speed + 1d6 strategy
"Scary Boom Weak" (1h) +6 or +8 strategy @ 1d8 positive + 1 splash + enfeebled til turn start + 1d6 strategy
"Sticky Boom Stuck" Tanglefoot Bag (1h) +6 or +8 strategy @ -10 speed 1-min unless Escape or Interact (◆◆◆); critical immobilize 1-rnd
"Briney Surprise" Acid Flask (1h) +6 or +8 strategy @ 1 acid + 1 splash + 1d6 persistent + 1d6 strategy
"Briney Big Surprise" Acid Flask (1h) +7 or +9 strategy @ 2 acid + 1 splash + 2d6 persistent + 1d6 strategy

Ranged Weapon ("Gun Gun")
Potent Alchemical Crossbow, Standard (2h/30-ft/1r) +7 or +9 strategy @ 1d8 piercing + 1d6 strategy
Potent Alchemical Crossbow, Custom (2h/30-ft/1r) +7 or +9 strategy @ 1d8 piercing + 1d6 energy + 1d6 strategy

Pouring the elixir into his own throat, Briney's skin begins to Sparkle, little scales spontaneously developing along the backside of his forearms, the front side of his shins, along his shoulders, head, and brow. His eyes narrow into reddish slits, and his nostrils widen into tranguloid ovals. He flexes his tiny body under the mutation, breathing in and out through lungs that increase the temperature of his breath. His voice has a slightly lower pitch.

Formula Coloring Book:

Formula Table

Self-Discovery Formulas (free w/ level)
Bombs (lesser) > Acid Flask (1), Blight Bomb (1), Dread Ampoule (1), Ghost Charge (1)
Elixirs (minor) > Elixir of Life (1)
Elixirs (lesser) > Sinew-Shock Serum (2)
Mutagens (lesser) > Drakeheart Mutagen (1)
Mutagens (moderate) > Drakeheart Mutagen (3)
Tools > Forensic Dye (1), Sunrod (1), Tinderwig (1)
Tools (lesser) > Smokestick (1)

Team-Discovery Formulas (free w/ collaboration)
Elixirs (lesser) > Antiplague (1), Antitoxin (1)
Bombs (lesser) > Alchemist Fire (1), Bottled Lightning (1), Frost Vial (1), Tanglefoot Bag (1)

Market-Discovery Formulas (paid out of pocket)
Bombs (moderate) > Acid Flask (3)
Elixirs (lesser) > Focus Cathartic (2), Olfactory Obfuscator (3)


Pursue a Lead (◆) +1 to Perception and INT, WIS, and CHA skills vs Lead; May retain two Leads
Clue In (↺) Ally may benefit from the circumstance bonus to Follow a Lead for related check
Keen Recollection (~) +3 (or +4 vs Lead) plus ability modifier to Recall Knowledge on any subject

Athletics (*) +5
Acrobatics (*) +7 w/ Steady Balance (no flat, S > CS, Grab an Edge)
Crafting (**) +11 or +12 at Home w/ Lab for Downtime
Deception (*) +7
Diplomacy (*) +7
Intimidation (*) +7
Keen Recollection w/ Intelligence +7 (but -1 drakeheart)
Lore: Absalom (*) +9
Lore: Engineering (*) +9
Lore: Warfare (**) +11 w/ Battle Planner
Performance (*) +7
Stealth (*) +7
Thievery (*) +7

Pursue a Lead:

Frequency > once per 10 minutes

You spend 1 minute examining the details of one potential clue, designating the subject related to that clue as the target of your active investigation. This subject is typically a single creature, item, or small location (such as a room or corridor), but the GM might allow a different scope for your investigation. You don't need to know the identity, purpose, or nature of the subject, but you do need to be aware of its existence. For instance, finding a footprint is enough to investigate the creature that left it, and seeing a hasty sketch of an item or location can be enough to start your investigation of that subject.

Whenever you attempt a Perception or skill check to investigate a designated subject, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to the check. The exact checks this applies to depend on the actions you use to investigate and are determined by the GM, but checks to investigate are typically Perception checks or skill checks that use Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.

You can maintain two active investigations at a time. If you Pursue another Lead after that, the subject must be different from any of your current investigations (or rather, they must be different as far as you know), and you give up on a current subject of your choice. Once you've given up pursuit of a subject, you can't Pursue that Lead again until after the next time you make your daily preparations.


Worn (1.9)
Ordinary Clothing (-); Alchemist Tools (B), Basic Crafter's Book (L), Bolts (L), Bombs x6 (6L), Dogslicer (L)

Held (1.0)
Alchemical Crossbow (B)

Stowed (2.0)
Adventurer's Pack (B), Crayons and Paper (-), Repair Kit (B)

Expanded Alchemist's Lab (6B)

20 gold, 5 silver, 8 copper


Adventurer's Pack (1.50), Alchemical Crossbow (25.00), Alchemist Tools (3.00), Basic Crafter's Book (0.10), Bolts (0.10), Dogslicer (0.10), Expanded Alchemist's Lab (55.00), Ordinary Clothing (0.10), Repair Kit (2.0)

Purchased Formulas
Acid Flask - Moderate (3.00), Focus Cathartic (2.00), Olfactory Obfuscator (3.00)

Raw Materials
Acid Flask - Moderate - Batch (20.00)

Spent Subtotal: 114.90
Accumulated Gold: 135.48

Character Progression:

(Ancestry) Unbreakable, Goblin Weapon Familiarity
(Background) Steady Balance
(Class 1) Methodology > Alchemical Sciences, That's Odd
(Class 2) Unexpected Sharpshooter, Additional Lore
(Class 3) Keen Recollection; Craft > Expert, Battle Planner, Ancestral Paragon > Goblin Scuttle
(Class 4, planned) Triangulate
(Class 6, planned) Expert Alchemy
(Class 12, planned) Master Alchemy
(Item 4, planned) Alchemist Goggles
(School 5, planned) Unmistakable Lore
(Class Feats, planned) Quick Alchemy (4), Expert Alchemy (6), Suspect of Opportunity (10), Master Alchemy (12)


(#B-01): "The Whitefang Wyrm" (1xp, 4.00gp) @ 8/1/20
(#1-14): "Lions of Katapesh" (4xp, 14.08gp) @ 9/25/20
(#1-06): "Lost of Spirit Road" (4xp, 14.40gp) @ 10/6/20
(#B-05): "Witch's Winter Holiday" (1xp, 4.00gp) @ 1/9/21
(#B-04): "Cat's Cradle" (1xp, 4.00gp) @ 1/22/21
(#Box-02): "Menace Under Otari: Lower Level" (4xp, 14.00gp) @ 1/26/20 > (LV2.25) & (54.48gp)
(#AP-FOP): "Fall of Plaguestone" (12xp, 66.00gp) @ 3/7/2021 > (LV3.25) & (66.00gp)
(#EA): "Crafter's Workshop" @ Moderate Acid Flask Batch (Task 3, Raw Materials 20.00gp, 1 Day Preparation)
(#1-10): "Tarnbreaker's Trail" (4xp, 38.00gp, Crafter's Workshop 8.80) @ 6/6/2021
(#Q-04): "Port Peril Pub Crawl" (planned) (Crafter's Workshop 2.20)
(#ACP): "World Traveler: Shackles" @ 11/21/2021