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If UV light (from 10nm to 400nm) is blocked (absorbed) by both glass and polycarb plastic, are UV coatings on eyeglasses a scam? Aren't all glasses, even the cheap Disney $5 pairs at Walgreen's good enough?

yellowdingo wrote:
Any thought to using the sound of the big bang to propel a spaceship from within the atmosphere of one planet to another?

Put the doobie down, sounds associated with TBB.

OK calculus this set of formula descriptions...
1. Time is a consequence of continuous change in possibility.
2. The Singularity is the moment of change in possibility.
3. The Universe is Debris of Change in possibility.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
You've given me no boundary conditions. Am I supposed to pick them at random?
yellowdingo wrote:
Everything you need is there...

Awesome and sneaky! Indeed, everything is there. The formula is one simple equation that requires over a hundred pages of math. Susskind has a two hour lecture on this in his cosmology course. It's also in his textbook on entropy.

I've got a shitty tv special all about that! It's full of science so f$&&ed it's not even wrong!

yellowdingo wrote:
...Thats why they were desperate to prevent the Smoke Monster from leaving the Island - he would have been able to achieve Superposition to an event...

That part's actually very interesting...

yellowdingo wrote:
<beats head against wall>Must not think bad thoughts about the writers of Lost despite it being all about string theory - meaning every decision by the Passengers was the wrong one and every conclusion a false positive.</headache>

You know, YD, Strings actually harmonize the universe, unifying relativity with quantum mechanics.