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Mudscale wrote:
Did people get what they wanted? That filled up all right away. Hopefully more are added I got in the 00 for 8pm-1am. Even the 2am-7am slots filled up. Hype.

I hope more are added as well. I didn't get in any starfinder at all, and I was really looking forward to it. I guess i will lurk around and see if a seat or two opens up!

I do wish they would consider giving some better feedback in the download system. Quietly failing is... a fail. When I click the link, nothing happens. Is it my browser ? Is it the system still being hammered by humble bumble?

I am certainly glad that there are many folks who might now give Pathfinder a try (awesome job on the twitch stream btw!) but I fear that this download system failure will make Paizo look bad to all these new customers, who may go away soured.

The thing with Roll20, the reason IMHO that it has been so successful, is that it is SO super easy for players to use. Go to the web site and play. That's all you have to do. The lack of complicated features is a feature in this case.

Also, integration with google hangouts is ++.