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American Doctor of Medicine | HP 11/11

About Dr Brent Sanders

Occupation: Doctor of Medicine
Residence: Boston
Birthplace: Littleton, MA

Strength: 45/22/9
Constitution: 60/30/12
Size: 55/27/11
Dexterity: 35/17/7
Appearance: 55/27/11
Education: 69/34/13
Intelligence: 65/32/13
Power: 30/15/6
Move Rate: 7
Luck: 80
HP: 11
Damage Bonus: 0
Build: 0

Accounting: 5/2/1
Anthrpology: 1/0/0
Appraise: 5/2/1
Archaeology: 10/5/2
Art/Craft: 5/2/1
Charm: 42/21/8
Climb: 20/10/4
Credit Rating: 40/20/8
Cthulhu Mythos: 0/0/0
Disguise: 5/2/1
Dodge: 33/16/6
Drive Auto: 30/15/6
Electrical Repair: 10/5/2
Fast Talk: 15/7/3
Fighting (Brawl): 25/12/5
Firearms (Handgun): 30/15/6
Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun): 35/17/7
First Aid: 70/35/14
History: 10/5/2
Intimidate: 15/7/3
Jump: 20/10/4
Language (Latin): 20/10/4
Language (English): 69/34/13
Law: 10/5/2
Library Use: 30/15/6
Listen: 30/15/6
Locksmith: 1/0/0
Mechanical Repair: 10/5/2
Medicine: 61/30/12
Natural World: 20/10/4
Navigate: 10/5/2
Occult: 5/2/1
Operate Heavy Machine: 1/0/0
Persuade: 25/12/5
Pilot: 1/0/0
Psychology: 40/20/8
Psychoanalysis: 1/0/0
Ride: 5/2/1
Science (Biology): 31/15/6
Science (Pharmacy): 31/15/6
Sleight of Hand: 10/5/2
Spot Hidden: 35/17/7
Stealth: 20/10/4
Survival: 10/5/2
Swim: 20/10/4
Throw: 20/10/4
Track: 10/5/2

Weapons ($20.95) : .32 Revolver, 100 .32 Spec.
Doctors Bag ($25.01): 48 Aspirin, 1lb Epsom Salts, 4 Nausea tabs, 2 Laxatives, forceps, 2 scalpel, 10yd gauze, thermometer, 1/2gal ethanol, 5 syringe, 2 plaster
Clothing ($24.25): Corduroy Norfolk Suit, Outdoor Coat, Hiking Boots, 3 Percale Shirts, Leather belt
Other ($21.27): Men's Toilet Set, Pen Light, Batteries, Wristwatch, 2 Mechanical Pencils, Sketchpad, Umbrella

Cash and Assets:
Spending Level: $10
Cash: $80
Assets: $2000

Personal Description: Brent Sanders is a good looking young man with neat brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He wears round glasses.
Beliefs: Brent believes in the natural world. He is a christian but more by habit than anything else.
Significant People: Brent's parents, Peter and Christina. Brent's mentor, Dr David Cooper. Brent's best friend from medical school, Dr Harry Smith.
Meaningful Locations: Brent's parents farm where he grew up. The Boston Medical School where he trained.
Treasured Possessions: His doctor's bag and stethoscope given to him at his graduation ceremony. The stethoscope is inscribed with his name. His revolver given to him by his dad when he left for Boston.
Traits: Brent is a risk-taker. Unsatisfied with both city and practice, he has taken up with the expedition to find adventure, much to his parents' displeasure.
Scars: Scar on his right thigh from a horse-riding accident in his youth.

Brent grew up on his parents farm near Littleton, MA. He had a typical upbringing as a child of a successful farmer, helping out around the farm and learning some practical skills, including firearms use. His parents recognised the boy's precocious intelligence and ensured that he focused on his education, which eventually saw his accepted to the prestigious Boston Medical School. He had an unremarkable college journey save for the inevitable hijinks, before graduating to find that practicing medicine both in Boston and back home in Littleton were, frankly, boring. When he saw that an advertisement in the paper for this expedition, he applied to get a taste of adventure that had been lacking in his life.