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Full Name

Dob Frilko


Gnome (Fey Touched) Fighter 3


HP 41/41 AC 2019 F18 R 18 W15 Perc +7 25 feet Cl DC 18 Sp DC 18










Pathfinder Agent, Warrior

Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Dob Frilko

Perception +7
AC 19 HP 30 F +8 R +8 W +5
Speed 25 feet
Class DC 18

Gnome Flickmace (gnome, reach) +10 Damage 1d8+3 B
Gnome Hooked Hammer (gnome, trip, two-handed d10, versatile P) +10 Damage 1d6+3 B
Katana (deadly d8, two-handed d10, versatile) +10 Damage 1d6+3 S

+1 Composite Longbow (deadly d10, propulsive, volley 30 ft) +9 Damage 1d8+2 P

Sorcerer Spells Spell Attack +8 DC 18
Cantrips Shield, Telekinetic Projectile

Innate Spells Spell Attack +8 DC 18
Cantrips Fey-Touched Gnome--select one daily from Primal Spell List First World Magic- Electric Arc

Skills Acrobatics +6 T, Arcana +6 T, Athletics +8 T, Diplomacy +8 T, Intimidation +10 E,Lore Scouting +6 T, Lore Warfare +6 T, Medicine +5 T, Society +6 T, Stealth +6 T

Feat Ancestral Paragon G3 (First World Magic), Gnome Weapon Familiarity A1, Hefty Hauler S2, Intimidating Glare SB, Power Attack C1, Sorcerer Dedication C2

Features Attack of Opportunity, Shield Block

PFS Training Spells 1, Swords 2

Equipment Adventurer's Pack, Arrows (20), Breastplate, +1 Composite Longbow, Gnome Flickmace with attached potency crystal, Gnome hooked hammer, Healer's Tools, Katana , Minor elixir of life (3), 32 gp, 13 SP

Event 2694468 GenCon 2019
1-L702 Escaping the Grave (GM Credit)
2-S9H6 Origin of the Open Road (GM Credit)
3-Z1R4 The Absalom Initiation (GM PFS#120701)--> Level Up
Online Game Event 37456 GM Pirate
4-R2M5 Along the Spirit Road (GM PFS#757)
Online Game Event 243297 GM Rinaldo -->
5-M6T2 The Mosquito Witch (GM PFS#50090)
6-Madscientistworking Blooming Catastrophe --> Level Up
7-U3Y5 Tarnbreaker's Trail PaizoCon2020 GM Emil Ujcik
8-A2D6 The Perenial Crown PT 1 PaizoCon2020 GM Eric Sklavos
8.5-Quest 5 The Dragon Who Stole Evoking Day GM Credit
9- The Perenial Crown PT 2 PaizoCon2020 --> Level Up Pending Play

Dob is a gnome, tall for his kind at nearly 4 feet tall, with pale skin telling the tale of a brush with the bleaching, His hair is an almost black shade of blue. He wears serviceable functionary clothing with several pockets and belts, and a red gem adorns his forehead and a well-mended but oft-used breastplate covering his chest. Practically bristling with weapons, his demeanor is disturbingly solemn and business-like, making some doubt his gnomish heritage.