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So, my current order was placed on my old credit card. However, due to a recent instance where I found a case of fraud on my card (i.e. two days ago), I had to cancel it as soon as humanly possible and get a new ard issued. However, this means that the order is now linked to a credit card that is currently blocked. Is there any way to change what card it is linked to? I don't want to have to cancel and re-order, since the order was during a sale, which is why I'm curious if there's a way to merely change the payment method for the order.

This looks awesome. So the operative seems to be the catch-all bounty hunter/rogue/assassin from sci-fi? Whelp, guess I have a new main class.

I was recently denied service by one of your representatives- the man refused to provide me with either the information for the product I was after, nor was I provided with any alternative. Your energy batteries are top notch, and I was seeking for advice with how to use their energy to create home-made wormholes and/or black holes. Do you have a way I could speak to a higher-up or more-adept representative?

As a dragon, I would hate to think that your representative had turned me down due to preexisting images about my species.

Space warlord is planning on finding a way to literally kill the AI God and the internet. Introduce a virus into whatever he's connected to, then kill the AI God and bring down a lot of internet communication and various other sci-fi benefits. Then launch an all out assault. PCs have to stop him before the warlord's agents can A) find the location of the Motherboard (placeholder name till I can come up with a better name for it), and B) get their hands on a virus strong enough to do that. If they're too late, they may have to do everything out of the loop from the rest of the universe.

Out of curiosity, what's your favorite character archetype to play? Not classwise, but backstory/gameplay wise? Are you partial to any specific style of character common in fiction, or do you just try something new every time you play?

I will look forward to this with excitement and trepidation in my heart. I read Wheel of Time when I was younger and in love with epic fantasy, so it'll be good to see a favorite in TV form.

The Dragon Reborn is still one of my favorite works of literature, and I'll eagerly await its adaptation.

And now I want to see Kenneth Branagh as Demandred. One over-the-top Shakespearean actor playing an over-the-top Shakespearean villain? Please? Or am I the only one who wants this? >_>

If anyone's willing to answer the question for me, what're the Wild Hunt like?

Same issue here- can't access my downloads or anything similar. If I had to make a wild guess, I'd wager it has something to do with the HumbleBundle deal going on for Pathfinder stuff.