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I don't think I could add any accolades that Wolfgang Baur hasn't already covered in his initial and succinct response.

This entry was tightly written, professionally organized, internally consistent, contained compelling adventure fodder and fired up my imagination.

That's pretty much hitting all criteria for my vote there, folks.

Also, did I read that right? This is a society ruled by a cult of mage chicks? Really?

While that doesn't quite have me roasting weenies at the OMGWTFBBQ, it did come from far enough left field and was inserted in such an understated fashion that it made me quirk an eyebrow and make a puppy-dog face in pleasant surprise.

Anyhow, yeah... you've got one of my votes.


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I'm inclined to agree that the florid speech gets a bit excessive and gets in the way more than it contributes. Also, some of the descriptions provide open threads that feel less like they support a fully realized and internally consistent nation and more like they're the notes you've hit in an effort to crank the controller to "starpower".

However, the overall concept of an oppressed state w/ a struggling populace of freedom fighters and adventurers fighting a hopeless holding action while monolithic evil armies duke it out for control over their once-precious homeland...

That's a compelling g~!$$+n premise.

I'm not sure where the "Anime" criticisms are coming from. Sure, "Tiger Princes" sounds Anime-esque but it could just as easily lend itself to a Middle Eastern theme or an Eastern European theme at the whim of a crafty DM. Hell, with five Princes available there could be cultural variances galore. This is not a bad thing and I'm reluctant to pigeon-hole your "Tiger-Princes" under an Anime banner. I see nothing to suggest that I'm supposed to be thinking that and that just seems like a lazy assumption to make.

That said, I'm a sucker for an evil-oppressive empire and good PCs being the little guys with an impossible struggle ahead of them.

You've got my vote this round.


Dirk "Darkblade" Stabbity Stab-Stab McStabberson

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My first impression is that this submission manages to be intensely creative without falling into the trap of becoming self-indulgent. There are plot-hooks aplenty available throughout the submission. It raised a lot of unanswered questions without losing a sense of internal consistency and, as such, it thoroughly captured my imagination as a DM.

The notion of the covert struggle between the god-head and a theocracy reluctant to give up their power is solid. Having that struggle reflected in the whole country's overt turmoil is nothing short of brilliant. This cuts a swath of potential intrigue & mystery across the whole fictional society and provides fertile ground for player involvement at all levels.

Well done.

This country gets my vote.


Dirk "Darkblade" Stabbity Stab-Stab McStabberson

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