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First time GM here, wanted to pose this scenario to the Collective to get your thoughts....

A rogue is being chased through the forest by a fighter. The rogue comes to an area where the canopy is thicker (ie, 'dim light') and there are many rock formations. He thinks it looks like a great place to hide. He rolls a decent Stealth check and waits.

The fighter comes through and fails her perception check to beat the rogue's stealth. But in true fighter fashion, decides to keep walking forward looking for him anyway (move action). The fighter walks right into the rogue's square.

A) in this scenario, would the fighter still be able to use her standard action to make an attack? She was truly unaware of her opponent right up until the moment they bumped into each other. Is it still a normal round or some weird surprise round type situation within the normal flow of combat?

B) if the fighter had walked near the rogue's square and the rogue took an AOO, does the fighter now have the chance to finish their move action and make an attack on the rogue?

Thank in advance for the assistance!


sorry, cold weather camping with the Boy Scouts .... Will get a post up either late Sun or Mon morning

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came across this game by accident, saw enough familiar names that I stuck around to read a bit.......impressive and entertaining stuff!!

In my youth I described LE as "a person who respects and obeys the laws....but he wants them to be HIS laws and he'll do whatever it takes to make that happen."

Vader wants order and is part of a military where he respects and honors the chain of command. But unlike the LG general who reprimands or coaches an underling who made an error, hoping that underling will do better next time, LE Vader just reaches out and chokes the guy for failing as a message to the NEXT guy to do better. No hesitation if it betters his position and his version of the law.

Unlike the knight who believes that his ruler has a right to rule, Vader is ready to overthrow Palpatine because he believes HIS version of order is the better one, he should be ruling.

Welfare of the commoner? No thanks. Fair and just treatment of all so you can be remembered as honorable and having respect? No way. None of that is as good as ruling by fear.

"Fear will keep the territories in line. Fear of this battle station....."

My Melee Inquisitor of Pharasma has been a blast to play in CC. we're in the middle of the final book and Im going to be sad to see him retire...

My concept started as him being a spy for the temple posing as a normal guard employed by the Professor, so the Fighter dip gave me the weapons and armor proficiencies I needed to pull that off (and who doesnt like 2 bonus feats?). Judgment Surge and Extra Bane helped soften the pain of those non-Inq levels. I took the Heresy Inquisition so I could better dump CHA without impacting Intimidate etc...although with all the undead I think I can count on one hand the # of times that high Intimidate actually helped me. I had been focused on Falchion originally but the game steered me in very different directions along the way.

Have fun with your new character - you wont be disappointed!

Theres the Stabbing Shot feat if youre an elf. Or the Bowstaff spell if youre the right class.

Hey, Ed, valdric here. Not sure how I missed this but I'd love to throw an archeologist lore warden into the mix - I've had him in two games but both have fizzled out. I'll convert him to gestalt within the next day or so.

Here's the original profile for a sneak preview until I can complete the conversion.


Also dot

Congrats to all who made the cut!

scout camping event this weekend, now the snow-pocalypse here in the northeast.......i'll be hunkered down for the storm tonight working on my character crunch!

GM Sarpadian wrote:
Deylinarr wrote:

Yeah, I had the ACP part in the original post and then left it out when I "fixed" the feat. My bad. As for your "silly question," it's not really all that silly. I think the answer is yes, but I have this sweet bonus feat to help with that...

You could also drop one of your traits for Armor Expert, or take Additional Traits instead of Improved Initiative. That's not "advice," pun intended.

Updated alias here. I noted the bonus feat and dropped to Studded Leather - net loss of 1 to AC, which would be the same if I kept the chainshirt and lost the WIS bonus to AC. Here's hoping we find a Mithral mine soon cuz he will certainly need a better AC in the future without losing that ability!!!

^ found my old character sheet (half elf cleric/wizard) when I found my 2E players handbook, and it still has "micha coins" listed in the equipment section ..... good times!

@ Thron - scene added to Rockne's background. Also, halflings get another +1 to hit because they are wee.

so +1 race size, +3 Str, +1 BAB, +1 Weapon Focus, +1 Trait, -2 Size = +5

then another +1 if the enemy is Medium or larger.....you know, just about everybody else!

srd wrote:
Size: Halflings are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Nuts- missed the "penalty must be 0" part. Looks like I've got to switch out that MW chainshirt for MW studded leather instead. On my phone now, will make the change later.

Silly question: sensei advice replaces fast movement and flurry .... So if I'm in armor do I lose advice too?

Rockne Coonak is crunched and ready for review (dang, 15pt buy is HARD!)

As for an invitation.......he made his way to Brevoy, as former-slave Chelish halflings are wont to do, and on his first day in Restov he got into a barfight. Not just ANY barfight: a group of four swordsmen were mocking his size and he attacked them. Got a good thumping of course, but he got in quite a few good shots of his own. His refusal to back down and his display of courage and skill caught the attention of a minor Rostland officer. While not truly a 'benefactor' the officer did put Rockne's name in front of enough of the right people to garner the Halfling an invitation.

Im definitely going to try for a Jaguar Knight.......Otzali is a Maztican member of the lodge who never really distinguished himself through deed or word. When the newcomers came he learned their language with other youths in the village as a way to gain recognition by trying to bridge the gap, but still he was barely noticed by the other jaguars. When the elders came looking for a volunteer to travel with folk from the Realms he eagerly asked for the the honor. Only later did he realize the vast responsibility that the assignment came with as it became his role to not only guide these newcomers but also to attempt to preserve the Maztican way of life.

its been a LONG time since I built a 2E character so the crunch might take some time, but might as well get started. Im not familiar with that option book but if I read that right.......

STR: 5d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 6, 3, 3) = 22 so 16+1 race = 17
DEX: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 3, 6) = 17 15
CON: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 3) = 12 12
INT: 5d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 1, 6, 5) = 18 14 +1 race = 15
WIS: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 6, 1) = 17 16 -1 race = 15
CHA: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 1) = 6 6

I'll start working on crunch and hopefully have something in a few days.

still have to flesh out the backstory, but crunch for Talthon Waraxe should be ready for review.

Short version, he's the son of one of the mountain's decorated general and has been trained since he was very young to take on the role of a leader. Thing is, the mantle of leadership doesn't rest comfortably on his shoulders just yet, and when the call goes out for him to join the quest he is (potentially) one of the youngest members of the group which adds to his hesitations. He'll get the job done though: he might not think of himself as a great leader yet but he is fiercely loyal to his friends and the clan.......

thanks again to nate for the idea and letting me run with it!

concept is coming along nicely, wacky question about a teamwork feat... wanted to get your thoughts on a dwarven cavalier taking THIS feat?

Remiandiv/Zeltresh here......definitely dotting for interest. Two off-the-cuff ideas that i'll be fleshing out over the next few days:

- a cleric of Abadar excited to get in on the 'ground floor' of a rising new kingdom (with maybe a little bard mixed in)
- or modifying this guy to meet the generation rules: a Halfling who wields larger-than-him weapons with an even bigger chip on his shoulder.

will think both through and come up with a single submission shortly.

I haven't even started, and I certainly don't want to bogart the only idea youre excited about......I'll come up with something else.

nate lange wrote:
I had a sensei/standard bearer who took the battle herald PrC- he was a fun character, and no mount :)

was reading that archetype/prestige class combo last night.....exactly what I was looking for, and nice to have some first hand knowledge that it works! Off to build......

I dug through the basement until I found my 2E players handbook so Im going to dust it off and start figuring out what character to submit.

Being a little familiar with the setting Id be willing/interested in playing a local.....when I first got back into gaming 2yrs ago I found the Maztica book to download, cant remember the site but I'll start reading through and see what I can come up with.

I had a thought for a sensei cavalier combo ..... how would a mount fit into the campaign? IE, is it lots of dungeon crawling or anything like that which would make difficulties for a mount??


I played Maztica back when I was a teen also, ironically with a GM named Edwin........

I've been playing only Pathfinder for the last 2 yrs, and I was on a 10+ year hiatus from gaming prior to that, but for nostalgia's sake I'd love to give this a try.

Are there any links to materials/rulesets you can point me to?

another vote for Keep Watch if its legal, a great spell.

Litany of Sloth might also help with the GTFO strategy.

PM sent and fingers crossed!

is there still time to make a submission? I was lurking in Mug's thread for ages, and Im kicking myself a little bit for missing this recruitment thread.......

I hope to have a character up within the next day or so, if that's too late I certainly understand, but I will be trying!

Magical Knack to help your CL after all those sniper levels.

Backstabber for some extra sneak damage.

Shadow caster for casting those shadow spells if you select that bloodline

thought that might be the case.......making a +1 weapon that also casts spells BUT can only be in one specific shape in a world where I can literally stop time doesn't make much sense to me personally, but Ive never been a fan of the "only belts can give you STR" type rules anyway. (Maybe Im just nostalgic for my Gauntlets of Ogre Power)

thanks for the quick response, guess I'll see what the GM thinks about homebrewing it.........

Consider the Staff of Dark Flame...for 47,000gp you get:

Description wrote:

Made from bleached bones that have been fused together, the head of this staff burns with an unholy fire. This staff can be used as a +1 flaming quarterstaff (only one end of the staff bears magical enhancement), and it retains this property even if all its charges are drained. This staff can cast the following spells:

•False life (1 charge)
•Ray of enfeeblement (1 charge)
•Scorching ray (1 charge)
•Fireball (2 charges)
•Animate dead (3 charges)

A +1 weapon that also functions as a staff for spellcasting purposes. Pretty sweet. Other than the general rule about certain magics only allowable in certain slots (ie, no DEX gloves or INT belts), is there any mechanical reason why you cannot instead make a Bow of Dark Flame?

Made from bleached bones that have been fused together, this +1 flaming longbow glows with an unholy light, and it retains this property even if all its charges are drained. This bow can cast the following spells:
•Abundant Ammunition (1 charge)
•Gravity Bow (1 charge)
•Arrow Eruption (1 charge)
•Versatile Weapon(2 charges)
•Windwall (3 charges)

One could argue that a longbow is a more useful weapon than a quarterstaff but that's certainly a matter of player (and character) opinion. Spell levels are almost the same (Abundant is actually a level lower) so from an enchantment perspective it should match up to the 27,133 crafting cross of the staff.

But is it allowed? The crafting requirements for the staff are both feats (staff and weapon) so is it really that different to create a +1 weapon of a different type that functions like a +1 quarterstaff??? Or would something like this have to go the spell storing route?

decanter of endless water + geyser ability + held at the back of the boat = outboard motor

wait a minute......I thought there was a rule somewhere that a weapon could NOT do multiple element damage? are we saying that if I fire a flaming arrow from my corrosive bow the target takes 1d6 acid and 1d6 fire damage?

and if so, can anyone quote the rule b/c I certainly cant find it

tlotig wrote:

Dwarf Inquisitor archer,

Favoured Fort and will, high ref from dex.
Take glory of old for +3 vs spells
add shake it off with solo tactics
Judge for saves, you should be sufficiently immune to magic to survive what they throw

don't forget the Spellbreaker archetype and the Spellkiller Inquisition.

and also make sure that dwarf has the Magic Resistant alternate racial trait so they gets SR.

Maybe theres something that can help in Syndrome's motivation in The Incredibles. He was rejected by his hero and decided "when everyone is super, no one will be". Combine that with some of Lex Luthor's "I hate the alien because I represent the pinnacle of humanity".......

So your villain tried their hand at magic and were completely inept, and now hates the world's dependence on magic and feels it is making people soft and dependent. Probably leads him/her down the path of technology (with some "the old world is ending" elements from the second Kung Fu Panda movie) and you've got someone who wants people to avoid the trap of magic making things too easy, and strives to eliminate people/things that are enforcing that weakness / reliance. "We will all be better when none of THEM are left to drag us back into weakness".........

Correct one of the domains /inquisitions has to be the same for both classes. but the levels stack for both I believe ..... So my lvl7 inquisitor takes a level of cleric and gets the 8th level powers of both.

I made this priest of Nethys for a pbp.....idea was he looked and acted like a mage, and while I had no plans to ever go MT he had a 1 level sorcerer dip which was a lot about flavor (he was a tiefling with the Empyreal bloodline) and a little for function (I loved the idea of heavenly fire for Nethys, plus a few Magic Missiles are nice to have at low level).

For him the archetype is a perfect fit - certainly not optimized but it fits very well with the notion of spell versatility, and Mage Armor isn't 'wearing armor' so works for the character as well.

He'd never survive 2 rounds against any of Ravingdork's awesome builds but he's been fun to play so far.

Slightly off topic question but its related to hybrid classes.......can they use items specific to one of their parent classes?

Certain abilities like the warpriest's bonus feats specifically call out that warpriest levels count as fighter levels. Makes sense because fighter is one of the parent classes.

BUT can a warpriest of Pharasma get the same benefits a cleric would if wielding Ravens Head

Has there been an FAQ or anything that says the universal monster rule you're quoting applies to SLAs of someone with class levels? Makes sense to have a default for classless monsters but I'm not following the logic of why that would be the same for abilities granted by a class?

Why would the DC be Cha based for a class that uses Wis as it's casting stat?

Kysune wrote:
Trying to think of some ranged concept that isn't the standard route everyone goes and if I could get a high Int or plenty of skill points that'd be great.

Lore Warden fighter archetype might fit the bill - smart fighter, more skill points than the average smasher type, free Combat Expertise....

Im currently playing one at low levels (not society play) but eventually he will two weapon fight with handaxes so we can either melee w finesse or throw, with things like the Strong Arm, Supple Wrist trait, Charging Hurler as you mentioned, and my personal favorite Sliding Axe Throw for tripping at distances. Wielding two of the same weapon allows you to maximize those Focus and Specialization feats too.

I imagine that typical movie action hero striding across the room, smacking two guys, throwing something at a third, drawing another weapon to smack a fourth.......sounds fun, but I haven't gotten to high enough level to tell you if it truly works well.

Swashbuckler seems perfectly fit to build cool-fighting-style warriors, and while the Obediences can be pretty wacky, taking levels as a Sentinel of Pharasma makes dagger throwing so good its silly.

And theres way too many books to keep up, so Im a huge fan of all the online resources out there to help us poor gamers so check out those links!

^ This. Ive always seen this as the distinction between a Cleric and an Inquisitor: the cleric HAS to say yes, the Inquisitor has to pause and consider the big picture before answering.

mdt wrote:
ZanThrax wrote:

Second level arcane:

Gnome Pyromaniac

Invalid, only 1st level spells on that list, doesn't qualify for MT.

This may be a silly question but if my gnome is cleric1/sorcerer1, why is Produce Flame considered a lvl1 spell? Im not a druid so to my character it's a lvl2 spell......

Im pretty sure I know the answer but the rules wording makes me wonder....Im trying to build a better pyromancer so Ive been reading up on sorcerer bloodlines and wizard arcane schools.

Some things are very straightforward, like the Evocation school's Intense Spell ability:

srd wrote:
Whenever you cast an evocation spell that deals hit point damage, add 1/2 your wizard level to the damage (minimum +1). This bonus only applies once to a spell, not once per missile or ray, and cannot be split between multiple missiles or rays.

Easy enough to understand. But here's the question: if an Evocation wizard ever takes a few cleric levels, does this ability affect ALL evocation spells cast? Obviously it would only add 1/2 the wizard level but if he casts Admonishing Ray in a divine slot does he still add that 1/2 wizard level?

And what about the Elemental Bloodline Arcana:

srd wrote:
Whenever you cast a spell that deals energy damage, you can change the type of damage to match the type of your bloodline. This also changes the spell's type to match the type of your bloodline.

This one doesn't mention the word "sorcerer" at all.....are they just streamlining the language, or can my sorcerer/cleric cast Ice Strike instead of Flame Strike? Or more specifically, does a 1 level sorcerer dip give my wizard the ability to manipulate energy on his wizard spells also?

oh, I get the difference in how the rules are written.....I don't understand WHY they are written differently! FAQ already hit!!

looking at the templates online makes me laugh every time.....

if the spell is a 5' burst the template assumes Im standing on an intersection. I know things like "burst from you" are only flavor text but it never made much sense to me that I could send out a 5' burst that did not affect someone directly adjacent to me.

Assume a silly combat where Im completely surrounded by enemies:

x x x
x M x
x x x

I couldn't hit everyone with that 5' burst since Id need to pick a square so MAYBE could affect a few of them (in bold)

x x x
x M x
x x x

BUT if I had Whirlwind Attack in the same scenario they are all in reach so I could hit every one of them. Seems silly, I know, but in a game that uses squares and grids Im surprised that "5' radius spread from you" isn't the same as your 5' threat range with a melee weapon:

x x x
x M x
x x x

curious about what the Inquisitor adds to your concept that Investigator doesn't give you? If its just Discern Lies there might be easier ways to get that.....

You also might want to look at either the Heresy or Conversion inquisitions that allow you to use your WIS instead of your CHA for those social skills. your attributes are already pretty awesome but picking one of those your build will require a lower CHA and let you spread those points elsewhere.

my RL group uses d20pro also and overall its pretty great....our biggest issue is that the players cannot modify their own characters and that admin work falls 100% on the GMs shoulders. He also found that the herolab import was not as reliable as he wanted so he's now doing that admin work manually.....

but I enjoy using it as a player, and the GM has definitely been able to do some on the fly stuff as a result of the power the thing has.

The alternate gnome trait give you Produce Flame, which is a level 1 Druid spell but a level 2 fire domain spell .... If I want to turn my gnome sorcerer into a theurge, can it be used for early entry if I take a cleric level (and no Druid levels)?

cartmanbeck wrote:
Okay, so I absolutely love the Harrow Handbook, because I can finally REALLY play as Gambit.

Here's my first wacky attempt to make a gambit-like character for a Ruins of Pathfinder game.....he's starting at lvl 2 so he's got quite a way to go yet, but Im thinking this wacky combination of charged cards at range and charged (elemental) fist for melee will let me get the flavor of gambit's acrobatic fighting style. Aiming to grab Close Quarter Thrower as soon as possible to throw while threatened, but it'll be a few levels before I get Weapon Focus to qualify for it......

Havent started playing him yet, really looking forward to trying it out!

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